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From: (Andrew Bell)
Subject: Re: The RuneQuest Daily, Tue, 09 Feb 1993
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Date: 10 Feb 93 20:02:30 GMT

> From: (Dicks M)
>  The way I've always treated the block is that it acts just like normal
> truestone (stores magic, compulsion to cast if you touch it, etc), but that 
> it's just too big to become set.

It might also make sense that it would be harder to get out the spells
from the Block than from a smaller stone.  Or, for GMs who like evil
chuckles, the Block could drain more than a normal truestone, draining
knowledge and memory as well as just spells from the unprepared.

> From: dustin@ocf.Berkeley.EDU (Dustin Tranberg)
> Subject: non-Glorantha supplements
> First, I do think that there are
> more people than myself who love RQ, but aren't so fond of Glorantha.

There are also folks like myself who enjoy Glorantha immensely, but
want a change sometimes.  However...

> I think that there are excellent reasons for producing non-Glorantha
> supplements.

To me, it's a question of resources.  The slow output of supplements
of RQ stuff, esp. Gloranthan stuff, almost killed RQ.  Glorantha is
the bread and butter for the system, and there's plenty of room for
more material.  Until they come close to saturating the market, it's
probably not wise to divert any of Chaosium & Friend's output from
Glorantha and core rules work.

If some outside group can put together an quality RQ-based world, then
there's a chance AH will consider giving it a look-see.  However, the
failure of "Daughter of Darkness" and "Eldarad" has AH "once bitten,
twice shy."

> From: STEVEG@ARC.UG.EDS.COM (Entropy needs no maintenance)
> Subject: The Fall of the Red Empire, GodLearners, Metals, Heresy

> >Yelorna: are we going to get a revised/reprinted write-up for RQ3?

> I don't know, but here's one for AD&D2 + Complete Priest's Handbook

Heresy!  Hmmph, never would have gotten AD&D in the Digest when *I*
was editor...:-) :-)

  Andrew Bell

[That's the point of these daily's.  I only check for misrouted
 stuff.  I don't consider contents, as long as it RQ/Glorantha -HL]


From: (Joerg Baumgartner)
Subject: Reply to some articles: Rune metals & alchemy
Message-ID: <>
Date: 10 Feb 93 22:17:02 GMT

Subject: Re: RQ: Settings  
Rob Mace writes (5 Feb 93):

>So until we reach a time when non-Gloranthan supplements would not
>reduce the number of Gloranthan supplements published I don't want to
>see them done.

I don't know about you other folk out ther, but IMHO the Vikings-Box
is one of the best RQ-publications available (it was what got me
hooked), and Land of Ninja is essential for Vormain on Glorantha.

As to how well they fit, Vikings has been the centerpiece for my
fantasy-campaign, so no wonder it fits. But I managed also to include
Gloranthan material into my world, as well as Grffin Island and (don't
boo!)  after some five pages of altering most of the background,
Eldarad. Land of Ninja and the part about Kralorela in the
Glorantha-box form the rules-background for the far-east art of my

For me Glorantha is mostly a world to read about, but then I haven't
got access yet to the essential material that makes playing on
Glorantha fun - I mean the Big Rubble, Borderlands, the 2nd ed
Companion, not even the freshly released River of Cradles. Maybe after
I read that I might change my attitude, but even then my own world
will have priority in my GMing efforts.


Subject: Re: Everything Greg Stafford says is wrong
> ... (all of it)

That's why I prefer playing on my own world, leaving Glorantha as one
place where Heroquests take place...

Subject: Re: Skill increases

Ghost Dancer writes:

> It was generally felt by all of us that the idea of skill increases only 

> occuring after an adventure is somewhat hard to explain in real terms. 
> ...

I agree. But from my own experiences in field archery I have to warn,
though: A lot of skill checks can be "fumbled", i.e. you deteriorate
your actual skill. Has anybody ever thought about less fixed values in
skills?  >From my experience at archery I know that sometimes I need a
warm-up-phase to reach my "real skill level". Then there are those
"mondays" - days you feel like someone cursed you. And last not least
there's the point oof using a skill after a long break, after letting
this skill get rusty. (I experienced this with my knowledge in foreign

So here come some revolutionary thoughts maybe leading me to the

Any skill can vary in a certain interval without actually changing the
value on the character sheet, say about 10 %-points in both
directions.  I'd suggest that dependent on first luck in any given
skill a daily adjustment of 1d6-3 points is made. Checks are marked as
usual. Whenever there is a short time for recollection, the character
can try an experience roll (eg. when the enemies' ambush has been
fought off, the wounds have been taken care of, and the group starts
planning their next steps). If this succeeds, the actual skill score
is readjusted by say 1d8-3 or 1d10-4. One might also deal out negative
skill checks for spectacular failures (not necessarily fumbles).

When after approx. one week the actual skill differs more than 15
points from the value on the character sheet, some more permanent
change was made. Adjust the value on the character sheet to the actual
value minus (or in cases of bad luck, plus) 10.

I'd like to comment that I prefer GMing or playing characters in the
50 to 80%-skill range. I can't stand running bloody greenhorns for
long, so they better learn quickly to a reasonable value, and then
have difficulties to reach full mastery.

I do see some difficulties with the 90%-clause for Runelords, but then
by this system there ought to be some changes before the freshly
qualifying candidate reaches his temple. So either the candidate has
achieved a safe margin for his (or her) entry examination, or he
relies on luck and daily form (as most students today do). There ought
to be something like short term memory for passing examinations, too.
Or do you remember everything you knew for say your driver's license
examination right now? So have your characters bite themselves through
hard exercise before the examination, when motivation is high, and
then let them relax afterwards and deteriorate this peak knowledge
back to daily exercise values.

As to motivation for training (mentioned a bit earlier in the digest),
the above ought to work out as well. And like doing ski gymnastics
before going onto your ski holiday, the charakters can prepare for
dangers known beforehand, and will be surprised by and unprepared for
unforeseen skill uses, they will have to do with their rusty skills.

This was written as a reaction on the forementioned article and has
not (yet) been playtested. Comments and criticism is welcome!


Subject: Quicksilver and  Rune Metals/Alchemy

(Sorry for this, I'm chemist and can't hold my big mouth shut)

In historical alchemy the main topics were NOT the production of
potions (the first chemist to live on this business was Glauber, as I
recall in the 17th century), but the transmution from lesser metals
(as lead) to gold, and maybe to find the elixir of youth. In early
renaissance Italy this was augmented by a thriving poison brewing
business (just think of the fame of Lucretia Borgia).  Actual outcome
form these experiments were porcelain, the Paracelsus poison lore, and
black powder.

Main reagents for alchemy in historical sense were quicksilver and
sulphur. Quicksilver because its ability to solve/alloy any known
metal with the notable exception of iron, sulphur partly because it
was part of the metal ores.

Quicksilver alloys are called amalgams, best known for what dentists
put into hoes in your teeth. If you take an amalgam and heat it, you
can distill the mercury off, and the solved metal remains. As far as
this concerns the known metals (or mint metals), no big surprise,
although a nice ploy for sleight of hand to transmute lead to gold.
(By the way, in Glorantha this process miight be called "to clean the
metal off darkness, and fill it with Aether". In this case,
phophsorous (greek: fire-bearer) is an essential reagent.)

But concerning aluminium (German spelling, and I think also british),
this metal was historically not known before the introduction of
electrolysis.  In our fantasy world, this need not be so. First of
all, mercury has the wonderful ability to radically change the
chemical potentials of metals inamalgam. I don't want to stray into
real world thermodynamics, but I'd like at least to mention that
mercury is used for sodium electrolysis out of water solutions (carry
in mind what happens if you throw Na into water!). So take our fantasy
alchemist, let him mix up mercury, some clay (containing aluminium
oxides and alumosilicates), some mystically relevant components and
energies, and voila! he managed to produce some aluminium amalgam.
Suppose he manages to distill off most of the mercury, so what he gets
is some hard "amalgam", a new metal with new abilities. Enchant it
further, and you get a very light but durable metal, suitable for
armor for swimming. As to the colour, who knows, how much copper was
in the mixture.

Other today metals might be obtained by similar procedures, e.g.
Sodium.  That is a way to explain the well known sodium statue form
the dry room behind the waterfall...

A note on mithril:

Mithril was "invented" by Tolkien before 1954 (when the last part of
the Lord of the Rings appeared). It matches roughly the description of
Titanium, a metal which was produced in kilogramm scale first in the
late fifties. In my gameworld, Mithril is kind of mineral titanium
metal, to be found in certain geological abnormities and naturally
happily dug out by dwarves.

(This is only part of a longer article I've written about rune metals
and alchemy for my own gameworld in German language. If there is
interest, I might translate it or some of the other articles...)

Joerg Baumgartner
					Free INT - the German RQ-Zine

Stefan Matthias Aust           \\  Institut fuer Informatik II
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Germany (somewhere in Europe)  \\


From: (John Dallman)
Subject: Comments...
Date: 10 Feb 93 19:56:00 GMT

>Has anyone ever seen a write-up on Yinkin (Shadow Cat), brother of Orlanth?
>If so, where can I find a copy?

We had to write our own cult; the campaign includes a newly-made
Priestess of Yinkin. I won't be able to get it into electronic form
easily (I don't have a copy).

> ...some information regarding what a shadow cat is and can do

RQ2, page 86:

Shadow Cats

Varying in size from housecat to jaguar, usually of dark colour, these
beasties are very quick and quiet. Also known as shimmer cats because
they have a natural defense of 20%, they are extremely hard to hit.
[Sounds like Arduin Grimoire language.. We have met Snow Cats, with
very similar stats, which are interfertile]

They rarely attack anything larger than themselves. They are givin
credit for keeping down the population of rubble runners. However,
when cornered or threatened, they will attack, jumping onto a foe and
holding with the forefeet while biting and ripping with both hind legs
at once.

STR     2D6             Move 10
CON     2D6+6           Defense 20%
SIZ     1D6             Armour None
POW     2D6+12
DEX     2D6+12

Weapon  SR      Attack  Damage
Bite    8       40%     1D6
Rip     8       80%     2D6

Move Quietly 60%, Hide in Cover 50%

Our priestess has had the same shadowcat companion (a SIZ 6 one) for
many years. "Ghost" started as a familiar, but got promoted to Alied
Spirit. Not all shadowcats are suitable for familiars; some are only
"ordinary" large cats.

John Dallman


From: STEVEG@ARC.UG.EDS.COM (Entropy needs no maintenance)
Subject: predestination, cats, ancestors, rules,
Date: 9 Feb 93 16:52:07 GMT

> The problem I see with doing non-Gloranthan supplements is that
> they will not generally fit into ones non-Gloranthan world.  I don't
> want to see a bunch of non-Gloranthan supplements that don't fit
> in a world I use.  Just look at the ones that have been done.

Actually, the converse has always intrigued me.

Many of the players in my gaming circle don't care for the "die-roll
for experience" mechanism, and the brittle nature of moderately
skilled characters (Sudden death on crits & impales) that have always
been a part of the system; others (myself amongst them) don't care for
the RQ3 changes (ENC minuses on spells, complexifying the ENC system -
to the point we had a troubador type who carried his own bed-roll &
such being more highly encumbered than the armoured warriors who left
everything but their armour & main weapon on their ox).

Has anyone out there tried a non-RQ Gloranthan campaign?  Pendragon is
the obvious simple-transition (as in _Tales of the Reaching Moon_ #7
or there-abouts) for most things, though converting magic is a

GURPS Glorantha seems an obvious change for those who like that
system; or Fantasy Hero (though in that one at least, there are
problems with trying to maintain the operation and flavour of the
magic in a bland nuts'n'bolts system).  Given the posting in 5th Feb's
edition, the concept of an Ars Magica translation seems plausible.
And, while there would be some differences, the idea of a AD&D2
version strikes me as an interesting project, not least for the number
of purists whome it would annoy.

> the unfortunately dull but informative "King of Sartar"

Too true!

> "You mean," my quickest player replied, "that events in Glorantha are
> predestined to occur?"

> I nodded slightly, unsure of a proper answer.

> "And," continued the player, "our heroes have no real chance to become true
> Gloranthan heroes and have their names hailed by future generations."

So what's new - it's been open knowledge since 1978 that Argrath
Dragon(spear|tooth|friend) would free Sartar (probably around 1640ST,
according to the earliest references I have) - not Kathreda of the
Three Earths (my own favourite Gloranthan PC), or Thane Duntris of the
Brenholme clan (the notional leader of that PC group).

This sort of thing - the fact that the PCs are inevitably moving in
the shadows of greater figures - is one of the other reasons (beside
players dissatisifed with RQ as mentioned above) that all the
Glorantha campaigns I've been in have been short lived.

> a non-zero possibility that the Lunar Empire doesn't get destroyed?"

Perestroika aside, I've read in recent (but pre KoS) issues of
_Alarums & Excursions_ some other alternatives - one posting by Steve
Marsh listed 8 possible paths by which the White Moon would arise;
another by Rob Heinsoo suggested a real turn-up from the books in a
mutual abdication by Orlanth and the Red Goddess (leaving a _very_
strange white moon that appears occasionally in the sky, with no-one
ever noticing its arrival); or my own proposal of a mutual
annihilation as the Red Moon moved to battle in the heart of the
Orlanth storm pinwheel (following the Dwarf prophecy in the
Glorantha/Genertela book).

> Argrath could have been several people.  After all, he did live for an
> extraordinary long time - a few hundred years or so.

I recall at least one reference (in respect to Jar-Eel) of the having
obtained "the HeroQuester's goal of avoiding age"

> "You mean then," said the Storm Bull player, "that there is a non-zero
> chance that I could be the Argrath-person who defeats the Lunar empire?"

Just drop Garrath Sharpsword (the well known anagram) from your
version on Pavis.

> Has anyone ever seen a write-up on Yinkin (Shadow Cat), brother of Orlanth?

No, but one could hazard a guess based on the Hykim cult (and
derivatives such as Gorakiki, Aranea).  Expect the three spells to
transform head, limbs and body, and a master spell to combine all
three into a shapechange; and perhaps something like DarkWalk borrowed
from Orlanth.  Cult spirit magic would include Shimmer.

> but is Raus a shaman?

Certainly not in the RQ2 material.  The big cult thing has made it
difficult for RQ to support things like the Chinese style of ancestor
worship.  As I recall, at RQ2, Daka Fal initiation was essentially
part of being mortal, and there was something about initiates
presiding for lack of any others qualified.


I've seen some discussion of trying an approach of handing out
automatic 1% increments "like candy", especially after criticals, but
never a report on how it worked in practise.  I've also heard tell of
negative-karma RQ where one has to fail a skill roll to get a check in
it (but again no after action report).

1% changes have psychological value, but the variation expected over
the average gaming evening is such that it won't on average really
make a significant difference to the outcome.

> Are there any references to Lunar penal battalions?

Not that I've seen.  In the Pavis area, the salt mines seem more popular


From: (johnjmedway)
Subject: Re: 'good guys' and the Red Empire
Message-ID: <>
Date: 10 Feb 93 21:34:05 GMT

>>  From: STEVEG@ARC.UG.EDS.COM (Entropy needs no maintenance)
>>  Subject: The Fall of the Red Empire, GodLearners, Metals, Heresy
>>  And to think back in summer '90 Greg was still claiming he didn't know how thw
>>  Hero Wars turned out (when it was plain since '78 that the good guys would win
>>  against the creeping Red Menace).

What? You're calling thhe great unwashed, illiterate, ungoverned and
ungovernable peoples of the hills and wilderness the good guys?

What of the openminded, law-abiding, literate society and culture of
the great Lunar Empire?

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From: (Tom Zunder)
Subject: Priests, POW, KoS, Tin etc.
Date: 10 Feb 93 21:33:00 GMT

I think that the 18 POW requirement in RQ2 was too hard. I like the
current rules. No priest would reduce his POW that low, it would allow
too much chance of spiritual defeat and would screw his spirit magic.
Also they can't sacrifice POW that quickly, it takes a week a spell
and priests are busy. I don't think that 18POW is fair because it
means that priests are restricted in their opportunities to get divine
nmagic lest that drop them below 18 and their chance of a POW gain
roll ias really low. If power gamers play in your campaign, then one
should limit them in ways which don't adversely affect NPCs and good

Metals, let's not get too hot under the collar here. I like a bit of
looseness in Glorantha. I would say that devout people will be very
concious of cult metals and avoid non-cult metal. Pillagers, looters
and so on (ie Harrek) would be less concerned. But looters and so on
are OUTSIDERS and as such are unlikely to be easily accepted or
trusted. A cult can always add conditions to cult enchantments. I
would expect some cults add spirits to attack ene my cultists who use
their weapons.

KoS: I thought Starbrow was a man for some time too. I hope it's far
more loose inn future too.

Rules: Could we have more chat and fewer rules?


From: (David Gadbois)
Subject: RQ: Reaching Moon Megacorp is now On-line!
Message-ID: <19930210225810.3.GADBOIS@CLIO.MCC.COM>
Date: 10 Feb 93 10:58:00 GMT

David Hall, publisher of Tales of the Reaching Moon and keeper of the
RuneQuest flame, has finally caught up with the modern world and has
gotten himself an account on CompuServe.  His email address there is

--David Gadbois


From: (Rob Mace)
Subject: DunDraCon RQ (Calling all husbands of Ernalda)
Message-ID: <>
Date: 10 Feb 93 09:43:15 GMT

If you are not going to be at DunDraCon (SanRamone, CA) you can ignore
this message.

Calling all husbands/protectors of Ernalda.  Ernalda needs your help.
The followers of Ernalda in the Kingdon of Jonatela need protectors.
Your god has asked you to help out.

Time: Sat the 13th at 12 noon.
Place: The open gaming room.  Sorry I can't be more precice.  I will
       post sign in what ever obvious places I can find.  Both the GM
       and I have red hair and beards, maybe that will help.
System: RQ2+ (RQ3 characters are generally fine.  Just apply spell
	stacking limits).
Characters: Orlanthi, Yelmalions, any other husband/protector of
	    Ernalda.  Sorry but ZZ did not marry Ernalda.
	    Sorcerers need not apply, they are doing the oppressing.
Level: tough Initiate(75+) to minor Hero.
GM: Steve Maurer

This run is part of a long running (11+ years) RQ/Hero Quest campaign.
Most of the players have been playing for 10+ years, although not all
of that time in this campaign.

If you plan to play or run RQ at the Con come on by, even if you are
not going to play in this game.  We plan to plan out when several RQ
games will be run at the Con.  This is a chance for us to meet.

Hope to see you at the Con,

Rob Mace


From: (Faust)
Subject: HIGH FANTASY vs LOW FANTASY in RuneQuest
Message-ID: <>
Date: 10 Feb 93 15:23:49 GMT

Clay's posting got me thinking about styles of play and wondering on
what level of power most RQ-Gloranthan campaigns are running.  How
powerful in terms of the setting are the PCs in your campaign?  Are
they major figures in world history e.g. kings, princes, high priests,
powerful sorcerors, mighty warriors; or are they minor figures e.g.
common thieves, mercenaries, merchant-adventurers, apprentice
sorcerors, initiates or priests?  Are they the mere footsoldiers in
the Hero Wars or are they leading the armies?

What kind of impact do the actions of your PCs have on the world --
very little or a great deal?  Do your PCs struggle to survive against
a pack of hungry wolves or do they effortlessly brush off legions of
Lunar hoplites?  Do broo strike fear into their hearts or do they sigh
and wonder when the Crimson Bat is going to show up so they can have a
*real* fight?

Clay's players seemed to prefer the High Fantasy style of play where
their characters have the possibility of changing the world's
background in a major way.  Being relegated to the role of mere
supporting characters in the history of the world was therefore
insulting to them.  Is this a common point of view or an unusual one
amongst RQ-Glorantha players?

And to add some contention: which style of play do you think is
superior and why is it superior?

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From: ade@insignia.UUCP (Adrian Brownlow)
Subject: Allsorts
Message-ID: <>
Date: 11 Feb 93 02:49:15 GMT

> My friend Mike McGloin is working on a Lunar Army supplement right now.
> Penal battalions included.

Truly Excelent. What's it called - so I can get my order in down the
olde games shoppe? Or is it going to be a far flung release?

What happens when a character accidentally gets a chaos feature? Say
he's an initiate of Yelmalio? What about an initiate of the Storm Bull
or Zorak Zoran?  Would it be bad for his cult progression ;-n ?

What sort of retribution would occur if this character (who'd accepted
a gift from Yelmalio) tried to leave the cult? Something nasty? - no
surprises if it is. A quick suspear up his a**e?

How did that Broo get cleansed again - drowned himself in Zola Fel or
something? Where are my drowning rules?

>My players are physically close to Sor-Eel at the momentd they cannot
>decide if this man is a complete imbecile or if he *plays* at being a
>complete imbecile.  To perform him, I affect a cross between Claude Rains
>and John Hurt.

I use more a kind of Dudley Moors (Arthur) come Danny DeVito with a
good touch of Sadam Hussain thrown in for the fun of it. Gas those

The way I see it is that this poor bloke has been sent from a nice
safe cosy place in the heartland of the empire to a rather dodgy town
in the middle of nowhere populated by abusive, stupid barbarians who
are more trouble than they're worth. I'd be a bit p*ssed off. He's
probably half smashed all the time - I certainly would be given the

Motive wise he'll either be some kind of zealot doing his best for the
empire or some sort of burocrat who is just trying to keep his own
head off the block.  Or is he a very astute politian. In my campaign
he's turning into a drunk through the strain. This is fun because it
makes him unpredictable. (A powerful man is dangerous, an
unpredicatable powerful man is like really dangerous, man).



From: (Dan Mazina)
Subject: Sorry, no PC generator
Message-ID: <>
Date: 11 Feb 93 02:32:53 GMT

Well, I found out that trying to send over 100k to the mailing list
won't do which is what the RQ PC generator source and executable
takes.  I did get a location to dump ftp files to; the only problem is
my current employer does not allow 'ftp'ing into or out of our systems
due to some perceived security issue. I can only email things. So!
Right! Where were we? Ah, Yes! The source 'tar'ed, 'compress'ed and
'uuencode'ed takes up 33k while the DOS executable takes 93k. If you
positively know your mailer can handle this sent me another email
specifing which you want. I better solution would be if one person
would volunteer to collect this and 'ftp' it for me.
		Dan Mazina


Subject: Yinkin/Shadow Cat
Message-ID: <930211092352.292b@CPDFO1.TAMU.EDU>
Date: 11 Feb 93 03:23:51 GMT

This isn't much, but it's all I could find on short notice.

From Wyrm's Footnotes, Issue 13:

	"Yinkin the Cat:  Yinkin is the god of shadow cats.  He is
	an old friend and half-brother of Orlanth and they appear
	often in adventures, especially during Orlanth's youth.
	The Yinkin cult is associated with that of Orlanth, and
	cultists raise and train the special animals used by
	Orlanthi everywhere.  Many families trace their ancestry
	to Yinkin."

Hope this helps.
Bob Penman		Penman@CPDFO1.Tamu.Edu


From: (James Andrews, User Support)
Subject: Yinkin / shadow cats
Message-ID: <>
Date: 11 Feb 93 09:48:22 GMT

> >Has anyone ever seen a write-up on Yinkin (Shadow Cat), brother of Orlanth?
> >If so, where can I find a copy?  Perhaps it is a dead cult, but it sounded
> >interesting in the related literature (e.g., Orlanth background in
> >"River of Cradles").  Thanks.

There are some details on Yinkin in the huge Orlanth write up in Wyrms
footnotes, no. 13 or 14.  BTW if anyone would be prepared to give me
copies of Wyrms footnotes apart from nos 13 & 14 I'd be well
interested- I'll swap for techno tapes, beer ( if you come to London )
or indeed anything suitable.  Shadow Cats are slightly described in
the RQII book as shimmer cats, I seem to remember.


From: (Thom Baguley)
Subject: Re: Greg is Wrong
Message-ID: <9302111859.AB16507@Sun.COM>
Date: 11 Feb 93 04:23:27 GMT

>"Of course.  You could all do something as Argrath-person which later
>becomes Argrath-Myth."

Nice idea.

>"Everything Stafford says is wrong then, isn't it?" said the Quick Player.

A bit unfair. As I understand Stafford has been trying to avoid giving
a one-true-path Glorantha. I haven't read KoS but I gather it is meant
to be contradictory and inconsistent. I think they are all possible
paths that players may shape or take part in.


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