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Subject: RQ character generator
Message-ID: <>
Date: 14 Feb 93 04:20:00 GMT

Carl Fink says:
>   Dan Mazina wonders about where to upload his RQ character generator. 
> Folks, I haven't checked lately - is the grass-server at Wharton still up? 
> That's, a mail-server that holds lots 
> and lots of gaming-related files.  At least, it did about a year ago,
> I haven't used it since.  Should I write Loren Miller, its proprietor,
> and ask him if he wants some new business?

You don't have to write me. I read the RQ digest and daily. Though I'm
getting pickier about the files I'll keep in the archive I'd be happy
to receive a RQ character generator and store it in uuencoded zoo
format, or in some other compressed format.

RUMOR: The once efficient Sor-eel's twin grand-daughters were stolen
by Pentian bandits twelve years ago, and he has been extorted by them
ever since. This has made him into a drunk and a hazia addict.

RUMOR: Prince Argrath's companion, Rakim, was arrested by the Lunars
for smuggling Hazia into Tarsh. He was caught by drug-sniffing Telmori
at the gates to Bagnot.

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From: (Tim Leask)
Subject: Non-Glorantha RQ heresy
Message-ID: <>
Date: 15 Feb 93 15:22:48 GMT

Just to make it clear from the outset I'm an RQ purist. I hold fond
memories of the RQ2 era and consider RQ3 to be the era of the Lesser
Darkness. I play RQ2.5 . All this talk of non-Glorathan RQ has me
flabbergasted. Are you all blind ? Can you not see ?

	Runequest = Glorantha
	Non-Glorantha = Basic Role-Playing System, Ringworld, Stormbringer,

If you want to play non-Glorantha why play BRPS why not GURPS there's
plenty more material available. The thing that distinguish RQ from all
the other systems is Glorantha, not the BRPS. As others have said the
thing that nearly killed (or did it RQ actually die but was
resurrected ?) RQ was the slowness with which new material was
released. The last thing RQ needs is a division of scarce talent now
that momentum for Gloranthan material is on the rise.

 I've played through Vikings and Land of Ninja, whilst these were both
excellent supplements neither of them was RQ. One was a game of
Vikings, one was a game of Land of Ninja, in both cases the campaign
ended shortly after the provided scenarios were completed. This was
despite having an excellent Referee who was highly knowledgeable and
very imaginative.  He prefered to spend his time working on Glorathan
adventures becuase there was more material and more interesting
setting provided.

Non-Gloranthan Material, Just say No!

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From: STEVEG@ARC.UG.EDS.COM (Entropy needs no maintenance)
Subject: High&Low, A&E, Yelorna, Trivia
Message-ID: <01GUQBWPM12A00074T@UG.EDS.COM>
Date: 14 Feb 93 16:22:33 GMT

> Clay's posting got me thinking about styles of play and wondering on what
> level of power most RQ-Gloranthan campaigns are running.  How powerful in
> terms of the setting are the PCs in your campaign?  Are they major figures
> in world history e.g. kings, princes, high priests, powerful sorcerors,
> mighty warriors;  or are they minor figures e.g. common thieves,
> mercenaries, merchant-adventurers, apprentice sorcerors, initiates or
> priests? Are they the mere footsoldiers in the Hero Wars or are they leading
> the armies?

My own personal experience is that the climb from starting character
to RuneLevel is sufficiently long that the PCs have tended to stay in
the shadows of the establishment figures (who are either where they
are by right of birth, or are RuneLords or RunePriests of long
standing - if not well on the way to Hero status.

This is of course conditioned by tending to play for 3-4 hours once a
week, and changing campaigns (systems, backgrounds, the lot) about
every 18mo-2years in which starting characters have become only
moderately skilled (~75%, with the odd point of rune magic around) by
the time the impulse for change comes around.  And even at that stage
PCs are well aware of how dangerous even being slightly outnumbered by
trollkin can be.  Player discomfort ensues because they'd rather cut
through hordes of vermin as they deserve to be, and get to a point
where they can join the movers & shakers, rather than the audience.

> And to add some contention: which style of play do you think is superior
> and why is it superior?

That's a naughty question.  De gustibus non disputandum est!  Myself,
I play for entertainment and escape from the daily grind, so playing
the bit-parts doesn't appeal.

> I've forgotten how to sub to A&E, could someone post the procedure?

Send $ and material to
	3965 Alla Rd
	Los Angeles
	CA 90066

rates are about $2+postage for non-contributors, or ~$2/page of
material sent for retyping (less than this at the moment, but going up
for the first tiem in nearly ten years in the next month or so)

		=			=			=

Looking at the timelines in _KoS_ I was interested to note that the
fall of the Red Moon occurs near the end of the 9th Wane, as the Lunar
powers ought to be drawing to their height.  (This contrasts with
early material naming the 8th Wane as the HeroWars wane, by the middle
of which social disintegration was well set in.)  More evidence for
the untrustrworthy nature of the material in _KoS_.

		=			=			=


Given access to Big Rubble, Cults of Prax and Sun County (the latter
two to demonstrate the transition of the similarly structured Yelmalio
cult), the former for the only material we have, the process of
conversion seems straightforwards:-

Checking the "most mentioned" in the RQ2 writeup, the cult skills should be
	Bow, 1H spear, Ride, Javelin

while Star maidens (Priests) would not be limited in Agility or
Stealth skills

Spirit Magic - Ignite, Det Silver, Det Gold, MultiMissile, Speedart, Light,
 		Lightwall, Lantern.
[Forbidden -	Dullblade, Bludgeon, Darkwall, Extinguish]

Divine magic - All common but Warding;
		Command salamander, Shootingstar (shrine spell), Silver Track
		Star wards

Qualification to priesthood would be standard plus
	90% in a cult weapon
	Reduced test of Holiness chance for males

Given the smoothness of the transition of Yelmalio between editions, I
would expect few other explicit changes to Yelorna.  The advanced
initiate stages can be considered to be something purely
administrative within the cult; the Star Lady state can be handled in
the same way as the other RuleLord ranks (e.g. Light Son)

Possible problems arising in the RQ2 write-up:

Note that the mention of Star Ladies being permitted to keep their
husbands is inconsistent with the initiate requirement to break any
existing marriage and to not marry.

One might also interpret the Unicorn Rider requirements of 90% Ride
Unicorn _before_ gaining a unicorn as tricky - depending how one
thinks unicorns take to being loaned out.