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Subject: Re: Sympathetic Targetting
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Date: 26 May 93 15:54:16 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 883

Paul Reilly here.

Here is a sorcery spell that I am working on.  I designed it to inject
more of the 'classic' magical ideas into RuneQuest - e.g., don't let your
enemies get ahold of your nail parings, etc.!  Note that I expect people
to be using the decription of Multispell from the RQ Errata that was
posted a while back - if you don't have this, let me know & I will send
it to the list.  The spell needs to be playtested, so the numbers given
may need tweaking.  It may also need to be a Ritual spell.  Feel free to

Sympathetic Targetting
Ranged, Instant, 

  When combined with another spell in a Multispell, Sympathetic Targetting
allows one to cast that spell on a distant unseen target.  The Range of both
spells must be great enough to reach the target.  The Sympathetic Targetting
spell must have Intensity at least equal to the spell it 'carries' in order
to carry the other spell to the Target.

  Sympathetic Targetting relies on the laws of Magic to work.  These are known
to magicians under many names, but we shall refer to four of them here as
the Laws of Similarity, Contagion, Names, and Runic Concordances (the last is
a Law more applicable on Glorantha than on Earth.)*

  The MAXIMUM manipulation that can be performed on this spell is limited
not only by Free INT - 1 (-1 for Multispell) but also by what is available 
for the Targetting:

  Item, once touched by target: 	+1  (If not obscured)
  Possesion of target:			+2
  Personal Possesion (clothing etc.)    +4
  Personal Treasure (e.g., a wedding ring)	+6

  Portraits: (any medium - statue, painting, etc.)
    Crude Attempt  (Simple Failure in Craft skill)		+1
    Recognizable caricature (ordinary success in Craft skill) 	+2
    Lifelike portrayal	(special success)			+4
    Great art, captures the target's 'essence' (critical)	+6
       (Example: picture of Dorian Grey) 

Body Parts:
  Hair or Nail Clippings: +5
  Blood, Semen, etc.:	  +8
  Member (toe, etc.)	  +10
  (Perhaps there is a Yakuza-like organization that takes little fingers of
	its members.)


Species name	+1
Common name	+2
Secret name	+4

  True Name (in a campaign with True Names:) Double the TOTAL score.

Insufficient information to pin down a unique Target within the Range of
the spell may result in either no effect (spell distributes) or a random
selection among the possible targets.

  A Fumble on Sympathetic Targetting often means that the spell is cast at
an unintended target which more closely matches the Targetting than the 
intended.  This breaks down as follows:
 01 - 40  Caster, who has often handled Targetting materials (Contagion) is 
41-60  Spell is widely spread over many targets will only minor effects
(Example: all red-headed men in your city get a twinge in their stomachs
 as you attempt to Target Venom 20 on Rutger Redbeard, who was actually
 a woman in disguise, causing your spell to go wrong.)
61-80 Someone involved in making the materials used for Targetting 
      (e.g. the tailor who made the shirt of the person you want to ensorcel)
      is affected by the spell.
81-90 Spell 'grounds out' on someone the caster has a grudge against,
      perhaps a friend or lover that he has recently quarrelled with.
      (Venom Example: caster wants to assasinate the corrupt Prince of
       his city, intones "Let this poison blade find the heart of my enemy,"
       but subconsciously is picturing his best friend, who married a girl
       that the caster was also interested in.)
91-00  Some random unfortunate who happens to resemble the Target is

  Gamemasters may come up with interesting fumbles not on the table.
Example:  Milo the Sorceror wishes to hit an escaped raider with a Hinder
spell in order to stop him.  His friends got a good look at the raider
and descrice him to Milo, who quickly makes a watercolor of him at 1/2 his
Painting skill (working from a description.)  He gets a normal success.
In addition Milo's friends also have an arrowhead with the raider's blood
on it, Milo uses this as a pigment in the picture of the guy.  His friends
tell him that the other raiders called him "Tyler".

  In manipulating the spell Milo is limited to the lesser of his Free Int of 
17 - 1 for the Multispell = 16 and the total for Targetting:
Common name +2
Blood	    +8
Recognizable caricature +2

  The total here is 12 points, so Milo can only manipulate the spell with
a Free Int of 12.  His friends estimate that the raider could be 5 kilometers
away by now , so he needs 9 points of Range.  He puts in 4 points of
Intensity to carry a 4-point Hinder also with Range 9.  He can add more
Duration to the Hinder as well, enabling his friends to catch the raider.

  Maybe the Intensity should equal Range + Duration of the other spell.
Have to playtest to see.   


From: (boris)
Subject: Re: Various Ramblings....
Message-ID: <>
Date: 26 May 93 19:43:55 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 884

  Several disconnected comments on things in today's RQDaily.

  Runic Sorcery:  I missed Saturday's issue, which must have had this (if
  any can forward this to me, I'd appreciate it, ;-), so if I repeat
  anything already said, I beg your pardon.  I worked up a system based on
  Gloranthan runes and the Ars Magica noun-verb system, using (for the most
  part) Elemental and Form runes for nouns and Power runes for verbs; the
  Condition runes corresponded to the manipulation skills as follows:
	Rune		Sorcery Skill
	Magic		Intensity
	Mastery		Range
	Infinity	Multispell
	Law		Duration

  How these match up could be argued; this just seemed most appropriate to
  me.  I also used Elemental Correspondances, which were as follows:

   Rune      Metal    Sense    Color   Weapon           Phylum   Statistic
   Darkness  Lead     Hearing  Black   Mace/club/sling  Insect   CON
   Water     Mercury  Taste    Blue    Trident/net      Fish     DEX
   Earth     Copper   Touch    Green   Axe              Reptile  SIZ
   Fire/Sky  Gold     Sight    Yellow  Spear/Bow        Bird     APP
   Air/Storm Silver   Smell    White   Sword            Mammal   STR
   Lunar     Moonrock Illumi-  Red     Sickle/scimitar  None     None

  The sense of Balance could be argued for Lunar.  I used the Man rune for
  INT, and Spirit for POW.  I never thought of also corresponding body parts,
  but it's a good idea.  Most of the rest is from the GOG: Cults Book.

  POW Gains: The Characteristic gain method from Superworld could possibly
  be adapted here, if I remember it correctly.  I beleve SW had it that
  whenever a Char roll (such as a STR vs SIZ roll to pick something up) was
  critted, then the character had a chance to increase the Stat.  So, in
  this case, if a Luck roll or the POWx5 Spirit Magic spellcasting roll (and
  perhaps even the roll to cast Divine or Sorcery spells), or an MP vs MP
  roll is critted, then there is possible (or maybe an automatic) gain.
  This, I think, reflects many of the factors desired; luck, powering spells,
  favor of gods, etc.  I also like getting a check when mastering skills, but
  this would only benefit a higher level game.

  Recovery of Rune Magics:
  Reread the Travels of Biturian Varosh (sp) and Reminiscenes of Paulis
  sections in my xerox of Cults of Prax and Cults of Terror last night (btw,
  if anyone has a *clean* xerox of CoP or CoT they'd like to sell, or even
  !gasp! the real thing, let me know) and it seems that in both of these
  people recovered rune spells quite easily.  Vorosh certainly didn't spend
  hours in temples praying, unless any Issaries or Eyteries Market is a
  temple and trading is prayer.  Paulis was just an initiate of Irripi Ontor,
  yet was casting runemagics right and left (Mindblast, Dismiss Elemental).
  So, there good reason that even initiates can recover some rune magics, and
  priests (such as BV) can recover them much easier than the current rules

  So, I would suggest the following framework (I haven't fleshed this out
  yet).  If a priest or runelord is engaged in cult mandated activities, and
  makes a successful ceremony roll, then rune magics may be recovered at
  least every season, if not more often.  This does not include all cult
  approved activities, just those which you are required to perform by your
  cult, such as trading for a Issaries, fighting Chaos and Darkness, and
  protecting the Earth for Orlanthi, fighting Chaos for SB Berserks,
  reserching for Lhankor Mhytes, and tending the sick and injured for CA's.
  If initiates are attending the priest or lord, then they may recover every
  year, or perhaps more often.  This is in addition to the recovery (suggested
  by Nick Brooke and others) on holy days and high holy days for rune levels
  and initiates, respectivly, who attend services at a temple.

  Well, enough for now.  Back to work.
 Boris Mikey, aka        |"Here the ways of men part: if you wish to strive
 Maurice Beyke           | for peace of soul and pleasure, then believe; if        | you wish to be a devotee of truth, then inquire."
 Intergraph doesn't want                                      Nietzsche
   my opinions.


From: 100270.337@CompuServe.COM (Nick Brooke)
Subject: RQ Reply
Message-ID: <930526225611_100270.337_BHB56-1@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 26 May 93 22:56:11 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 885


> Does anyone with Cults of Prax know which magic Deezola gives to
> the Seven Mothers?  Where do the Seven Mothers get Resurrection?

Not checking, I think you'll find that Resurrection comes from all Seven 
Mothers working together (as you'd expect).  Queen Deezola specialises in 
the Heal Body runespell.  Does that help you?

Cult of Vianeth:

I don't have much time for this cult; the Pharoah replaced blood / 
fertility sacrifices in Kethaela (when he replaced the Year Sons in 
person), and where else do you think this was popular?  Nice idea, if you 
were trying to work a "real" religious practice into Glorantha.  But we 
already know where to find it...


> What does your God Learner slave say, Nick?

As little as I permit him to.  In re: Peloria, he asks whether Arir = Oraya 
= Worion = Voria, id est the Pelorian goddess of Virginity / Potential 
Fertility (look at the maps and the histories...).  But he doesn't know 
about the specific crops and dates you ask about...

He also points out that Asrelia = Esrola.  But you all knew that, 

> I liked APP as stat for Fire - that's what foppish Yelm stands for, isn't 

Nonsense!  You are (or you aren't) a "fine figure of a Man".  APP = Man 
Rune.  Not Fire Rune.  See Wyrm's Footnotes #5 (yes, I know most of you 
can't.  Hang on a bit and I'll ask for permission to reprint this bit...) 
if you want to know what the Elements are all about.

> I heavily doubt that Moon stands for Balance.

Tough luck, mate.  That's what she's all about.

Buy David a drink for me, and I'll pay you back some time.  Like Jase, I'm 
drunk tonight.



From: (Joerg Baumgartner)
Subject: Where on Earth/Glorantha do you play?
Date: 27 May 93 10:51:45 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 886

Some curiosity: Has anybody ever collected the different places their 
campaigns take place and thrown them together? I know that at least a few 
groups do interactive campaigning - remember the Bikhy dart competition 
sometime back here?

Might be interesting to find out which region of Glorantha has the heaviest 
player population (my guess is Prax since it is best documented).

Opinions, please, but don't swamp Henk's machine right now!

-- Joerg
--  --  --  Mit freundlichen Gruessen...

Joerg Baumgartner