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Subject: RuneQuest Daily, Mon, 07 Jun 1993, part 3
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Subject: ummm.
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Date: 7 Jun 93 15:06:50 GMT
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	hello all.  Having just finished my finals I've been kinda lax in 
keeping up with digest and so I found that I had over 2 megs of mail to read.
I had a frustrating day today trying to find a job and in a fit of pique I just
deleted my runequest file (oops!)  erm.. Steve told me that there was a bit on
'Vine Communication' between elven areas and I was wondering if the authotr could
send me a copy 'cos I'm currently writing a banding system for green and brown 
elves which is mentioned very briefly in Elder Secrets in one of the excerpts
from a trader.  I was thinking that perhaps I could link the two together,
perhapps not, I dunno, but I'm interested in anything elvish anyway :)  I'm 
trying to get the community structure and politics and such like sorted out for
our campaign world so if there's any other elf type stuff that I missed over the e
last 3 weeks or so, could someone forward it to me please... many thanks :)

	  "What do you mean, 'the trolls invited you over for dinner?!!'?"
	"I am NOT a vegetable!!"


From: (Peter van Heusden)
Subject: Digest - Gloranthan/Rules - whither?
Date: 7 Jun 93 17:14:59 GMT
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Well, someone unlurked recently and posted a very irritating post about not
wanting to read about Sorcery, and only wanting Glorantha. I must, to start,
state that the Digest is explicitely for both Avalon Hill's RuneQuest RPG,
and Glorantha.

However, I would agree, it is rather irritating getting them mixed up. I 
don't particularly want to read about Glorantha. So: How do people feel 
about splitting the Digest into a "Rules" digest and a "Glorantha" one? Sure,
"Gloranthan rules" are ok in the Rules section, just not Gloranthan theology,
myth, etc. And Henk, how do you feel about running 2 lists?


Peter van Heusden         One man one newsfeed
CS3, UCT, Cape Town, RSA  "How fast are you? How dense?"                              - Rudy Rucker


From: (Brandon Brylawski)
Subject: Re: RuneQuest Daily, Fri, 04 Jun 1993, part 1
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Date: 7 Jun 93 13:42:53 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 992

With regard to sorcery and long-duration magics, I would like strongly
to advocate an idea used In Ars Magica : long-lasting spells require the
expenditure of something that does not regenerate to the caster. In AM permanent
spells require an expenditure of _vis_, magical "essences" that can be found
in small quantitites in strange places. In Glorantha, the natural sacrifice
is POW. I recommend cutting down the duration of sorcerous spells (and perhaps
some divine spells, too) sharply, while permitting these durations to be
lengthened substantially by the use of POW sacrifice. In other words, long-
lasting spells are junior enchantments. Any thoughts?

Brandon Brylawski


From: (Brandon Brylawski)
Subject: Re: RuneQuest Daily, Fri, 04 Jun 1993, part 2
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Date: 7 Jun 93 13:50:50 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 993

With regards to initiates regaining spells:

I like Graeme Lindell's ideas that initiates get back 1 point of divine
magic at a seasonal ritual and all at the high holy days. Initiate magic being
completely one-shot and priests/lords being reusable on a wekly basis is just
too much of a difference. Given Lindell's structure, on the other hand, it
would be absolutely reasonable to say that certain spells are always one-shot
for initiates, hjust as initiates cannot sacrifice for magics that are one-use
for priests.

Brandon Brylawski