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This is the RuneQuest Daily Bulletin, a mailing list on
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6703: A.L.Dixon1 = (A.L.Dixon)
 - RQ Daily subscription
6704: mcrowne = (Mark Crowne)
 - UK Distribution of RQ Adventures #2 and #3
6705: scotty = (Scott Haney)
 - Binding ghoul spirits
6706: igorlick = (ian i. gorlick)
 - re:RuneQuest Daily, Sat, 22 Oct 1994, part 1


From: (A.L.Dixon)
Subject: RQ Daily subscription
Date: 22 Oct 94 11:51:06 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 6703

Hi, I'd like to subscribe to the daily.  My email address is:  My name is Aidan Dixon.


From: (Mark Crowne)
Subject: UK Distribution of RQ Adventures #2 and #3
Date: 22 Oct 94 12:43:07 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 6704

In-Reply-To: <9410200816.AA27364@glorantha.Holland.Sun.COM>
Anyone know what is happening about this?

I recall a recent comment in the Daily that a reprinting of these issues 
was under way in concert with the German distributor.

Is Tom Zunder still the UK distributor for this? 

Help! I don't want to miss out on #2 and #3 'cos #1 was so good!


From: (Scott Haney)
Subject: Binding ghoul spirits
Message-ID: <>
Date: 22 Oct 94 18:04:26 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 6705

Dave Dunham says (sensibly) that one can't bind a 
ghoul spirit because reducing it to zero MPs would 
destroy it.

True for shamans generally, but
I had thought that a sorceror could do it by casting
a Dominate spell on the spirit and forcing it into the
enchantment/binding.  No? Am I missing something?



From: (ian i. gorlick)
Subject: re:RuneQuest Daily, Sat, 22 Oct 1994, part 1
Message-ID: <>
Date: 22 Oct 94 10:28:00 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 6706

Sven *Erik Sievrin in RQ-ID: 6700 described his system of male oppression in 
Esrolia. Sorry, but I am not convinced that your system will be stable in the 
long run. Simple oppression as you describe it leads to resentment and 
rebellion. Remember, the armies of Esrolia are still predominately male staffed. 
They may be inclined to sympathise with the rebels, or they may just decide that 
they ought to be running the show (remember the mamelukes and the jannisaries). 
That was why I tried to come up with a different approach, that would make the 
men of Esrolia actually have some positive reasons to favour their subservient 

If you dislike the suggestion that they are initiated into the cult of 
Ernalda/Esrola, then think of it instead that they are initiated into the allied 
cult (or subcult) of the Holy Bridegrooms. 

On a more positive note, I accept your suggestion that no-one actually owns the 
land but they do inherit the right to use it. I suspect that the distinction 
often gets rather blurred. In my original post, I think I suggested it could 
work either way. I also like the suggestion that the Babeester Gor cultist might 
act as a sort of police force, commissioned to go out and find offenders. I 
would suspect that they are expected to bring the offenders in for trial rather 
than to administer summary justice in the field. (They do like it when perps try 
to resist arrest, though.) 


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