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Perhaps because you plan the particpation of your gamers in this historical event? Type the main search term Whitewall and add characteristic values: 1621 * Broyan * Kallyr * Crimson Bat * take part * timeline * siege Related, but better go without the word "Whitewall": Windstop * Fimbulwinter or "fimbul winter" (see below about variant spelling!)

Novels and Stories

Not just "non-fiction", we even have printed novels and stories set in Glorantha, and of course many, many contributions in the net. Even some game write-ups qualify as good reads.

Novels * Stories * Myths * Scenario * Adventure * Penelope Love * John Boyle * Griselda * Oliver Dickinson

Biturian Varosh Travels

Biturian Varosh Travels

Further hints

The following words and signs have a special meaning and cannot be searched as such:
AND, OR, NOT, (, ), ?, *, - (hyphen "-" and most interpunctuation are treated as space: Alda Chur and Alda-Chur are the same!)

Useful use of the word NOT by example (and what " are good for!)

Rainbow NOT Mounds to find something about rainbows without having to filter off all those remarks about this famous Apple Lane scenario. And use "quote" signs to combine! "Rainbow Girl" to find something about this spirit/cult.

Beware of typical typos or variant spelling

Morokanth (correct) * Morocanth * Morokanth or Morocanth * or in this case simple Moro?anth

Dragonewt (correct) * Dragonnewt * dragonewt or dragonewt or eravssarr

Kerofin * "Kero Fin" Don't forget the "! * "Kero Fin" or Kerofin

( Lhankor or Lankor ) Mhy

Mallia or Malia

Ratslaff or Ratslaf

Jonstown or Jonston

Aldachur * Alda Chur

Stormbull * "Storm Bull" * Urox