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You probalbly came here by chance or by search engine, because you were looking for some Gloranthan terms... This page is my personal index. It generally tells me - or you - in what publication you find relevant information about Gloranthan cults, history, people, places, features... if you just know how to read it ;-) Use CTRL-F on this page to find your keyword.

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GtG Guide to Glorantha
Heroes Fanzine Heroes
MoLD ISS1303 Masters of Luck and Death
S:KoH Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes
TotRM Fanzine Tales of the Reaching Moon
TT Fanzine Tradetalk
YBoT Fundraiser Ye Booke ot Tentacles

The Big Index


Other fine lists in the web: *
AH8577 Cults Book
Ancestor Worship
AH8577 Cults Book
Argan Argar
AH8577 Cults Book * ISS 2003 Sartar Companion
AH8577 Cults Book
Babeester Gor
AH8577 Cults Book * ISS 2003 Sartar Companion
CH4014 Cults of Terror * AH8577 Cults Book * White Wolf 22
Black Fang Brotherhood
see Thief Gods
Different Worlds 2
Chaos - Primal Chaos - The Chaos Ooze
CH4014 Cults of Terror * AH8577 Cults Book
Caladra & Aurelion
TotRM 7 * The Wild Hunt * Different Worlds
Chalana Arroy
AH8577 Cults Book - CH4008 Cults of Prax
City Gods
AH8577 Cults Book
Crimson Bat
CH4014 Cults of Terror
Daka Fall
CH4008 Cults of Prax
Dendara - The Good Goddess
AH8577 Cults Book
AH8577 Cults Book * White Wolf 18 * Read Pheasant Throughout issue #2
Dormal the Sailor
AH8577 Cults Book
East Isles Gods
AH8577 Cults Book
AH8577 Cults Book - CH4008 Cults of Prax
Erlin the Harper - Entertainer
Different Worlds 13
Ernalda - The Earth Mother
AH8577 Cults Book * RQ3 Rule Book
Etyries - Lunar Goddess of Trade
AH8577 Cults Book
ISS 2003 Sartar Companion * Gods of Glorantha * RQ Daily 940504p2
Flamal - Father of Seeds
AH8577 Cults Book
Different Worlds 7 - Griffin Mountain
Gagarth the Wild Hunter
TotRM 4
Cult of GEO
Different Worlds 1 * TotRM 3
Godunya - The Dragon Emperor
AH8577 Cults Book
Gorgorma - Keeper of Secrets
AH8577 Cults Book
The Grain Goddesses - Queens Of The Land
AH8577 Cults Book
Heler - Blue god, loyal rain-bringer
ISS2003 Sartar Companion
The Horned Man - The Great Shaman
AH8577 Cults Book
Humakt - God Of Death & War
ISS2002 Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes * AH8577 Cults Book * CH4008 Cults of Prax
Hunter Gods - Providers of Food
see also: Odayla, Foundchild, Gagarth
AH8577 Cults Book - Different Worlds #28
Hykim & Mikyh - Beast Parents
AH8577 Cults Book
Indrodar Greydog
TotRM all
The Invisible God - The Creator
AH8577 Cults Book
Issaries - God Of Travel & Trade
AH8577 Cults Book - CH4008 Cults of Prax
ISS 2003 Sartar Companion
Krarsht - The Hungry One
CH4014 Cults of Terror * AH8577 Cults Book
Kyger Litor - Mother Of Trolls
AH8577 Cults Book - CH4008 Cults of Prax
Lanbril, King of Thieves
Tradetalk 6 * Hearts in Glorantha 2
Lhankor Mhy - Lankor Mhy - Lord Of Knowledge
AH8577 Cults Book - CH4008 Cults of Prax
Lodril - Father Of Volcanoes And Peasants
AH8577 Cults Book * White Wolf 20
Lokamos - God Of Wagons And Trade
AH8577 Cults Book
Magasta - Lord of all Sea Gods
AH8577 Cults Book
Malia - Mallia - Goddess of Disease
CH4014 Cults of Terror * AH8577 Cults Book * Different Worlds 46 (disease spirits)
Maran Gor - The Earth Shaker
AH8577 Cults Book * TotRM 6
Mastakos - Orlanth's Charioteer
AH8577 Cults Book
Mercario - The Street Entertainer
ISS1001 Heroquest: Roleplaying in Glorantha - A Heroquest
TotRM 20
AH8577 Cults Book - Elder Secrets - Different Worlds 24 Dwarf Special * White Wolf 15
Nysalor / Gbaji
CH4014 Cults of Terror
ISS2003 Sartar Companion * TotRM 18
Opili, Hero of Pavis
YBoT 3
Orlanth - Storm God, Chieftain, Warrior
AH8577 Cults Book - CH4008 Cults of Prax
Orlanthi Household Goddesses: Kesta, Istena, Sharla, Berlintha, Mahome, Arnna, Jera, Beseta, Besanga
ISS2002 Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes p 143
Pamalt - Earth-King Of Pamaltela
AH8577 Cults Book
CH4008 Cults of Prax - Different Worlds 45 (Quest)
Pocharngo the Mutator - The Cosmic Cancer
AH8577 Cults Book
Primal Chaos
see Chaos
The Red Goddess - Goddess Of The Red Moon
AH8577 Cults Book
River Gods - Spirits Of The Waterways
AH8577 Cults Book
The Seven Mothers - Recreators Of The Red Goddess
Queen Dee'Zola, Jakaleel the Witch, Teelo Norroi, Irrippi Ontor, Yanafal Tarnils, Danfive Xaron, "She who waits" AH8577 Cults Book - CH4008 Cults of Prax
Storm Bull - Urox - Berserker God, Chaos Killer
AH8577 Cults Book - CH4008 Cults of Prax - RQ Adventures 3
Subere - Goddess Of The Dark Deep Within
AH8577 Cults Book
Heroes V1.4 * TT7
CH4014 Cults of Terror
Thed - Chaos Source Of The Broos
CH4014 Cults of Terror * AH8577 Cults Book
The Trickster - Jester And Scapegoat
AH8577 Cults Book
Thief Gods - Parasites Of Civilization
See also Lanbril
AH8577 Cults Book * Tradetalk 6
Triolina - Mother Of Life
AH8577 Cults Book
Tsankth - God Of Rapacity & Piracy
AH8577 Cults Book
Ty Kora Tek - Goddess Of The Dead
AH8577 Cults Book
Uleria - Goddess Of Love
AH8577 Cults Book - Different Worlds 38 * Tradetalk 16 pp27
Ulforg, disciple of Raganglar
Tatou 14
Valind - Lord Of Winter
AH8577 Cults Book
Tradetalk 5+8
Voria - Spring Virgin
AH8577 Cults Book
CH4014 Cults of Terror
Wachaza - War Lord Of The Ocean
AH8577 Cults Book
Waha the Butcher - Khan Of The Praxian Gods
AH8577 Cults Book - CH4008 Cults of Prax - Different Worlds 4 (Quest)
Xiola Umbar - Solace Of The Dark Deep Within
AH8577 Cults Book
Yelm - Sun God & Emperor
AH8577 Cults Book * White Wolf 16 * Sun County
Yelmalio - Sun God Of The Frontier
AH8577 Cults Book - CH4008 Cults of Prax
Enclosure 2 * TotRM 18
Zelan the Beast (Shapechangers / Beastmen / Hsunchen / Telmori)
Different Worlds 8
Zorak Zoran - God Of Hate & Vengeance
AH8577 Cults Book - CH4008 Cults of Prax

Persons - Organisations

The Righteous Wind
TotRM 20 * http://glorantha/digests/WorldofGlorantha/2007/0360.html

Races - Peoples - Tribes - Clans

Aldryami - Elf
HiG2 * TT7
TotRM 2
Mostali, Dwarf
Different Worlds 24 * RQ Adventures 5
Jack O'Bear
Wasp Riders
CH4015 Borderlands
Beastmen - Minotaurs, Satyrs, Manticores, Ducks, Tusk Riders, Elurae (Foxwomen),
Dundealos tribe
CH4015 Borderlands
GtG 108 * CH4015 Borderlands
Sable Riders
Heroes V1.4 * TT7
Tusk Riders
CH4015 Borderlands * GtG 189 (p) * ISS2002 Sartar KoH p263w


Law Staff Quest
ISS2003 Sartar Companion
Waha's Quest
Different Worlds Magazine #04

History / Events

The Ban - Lifting of the Ban - Dormal
Codex 2
The Greydog Campaign by David Hall
TotRM 18
Starbrow's Rebellion
Wyrm's Footprints
The Closing
Tradetalk 4
The Crimson Bat Comes to Sartar
ISS2003 Sartar Companion
The History of the Lunar Empire
AH's Heroes Magazine v1.1 Birth of the Goddess to the Rise of the Red Moon v1.2 Skyburn and the Coming of the Conquering Daughter v1.5 Third Wane v1.6 Fifth (or Hon-eel's) Wane

Points of interests - Locales - Places

Heortling Cities: Whitewall, Smithstone, Karse, Refuge, Jansholm, Backford, Durengard, Leskos, Duchamp, Vizel, Mt.Passant
Heortland City Guide
Sartar's Cities: Wilmskirk, Jonstown, Swenstown, Boldhome, and Duck Point
ISS1502 DP, A Gazetteer of Kerofinela p62
Plateau of Statues & Tunneled Hills
TotRM 15
Caladra and Aurelion
Different Worlds 15 - TotRM 17
Clearwine Fort
ISS 2003 Sartar Companion
Dwarf Knoll
TotRM 14
Galastar - Fronela
Codex 2
Glasswall - Far Place
CH4008 Cults of Prax
Greydog Inn
TotRM 20
Holy Country, Rightarm Isles
Tradetalk 4+5
Jonstown, Johnstown
RQ Adventures 1
Jaldonkill, town, Dundealos Valley
TotRM 15
Moon, Red Moon
Codex 2
Codex 1 - Different Worlds 27
RQ Adventures 3 * TT17
Snake Pipe Hollow
RQ Adventures 5
Starfire Ridge, Nymie Vale
ISS2003 Sartar Companion
Stinking Forest
RQ Adventures 6 * TT7
The Temple Of The Reaching Moon
CH4008 Cults of Prax
Upland Marsh, Delecti
The Last Province 5 * TotrM 19 * TT 7
The Block
CH4008 Cults of Prax * RQ Adventures 3
The Vale of Flowers - Rockwood Forest
RQ Adventures 4
Wild Temple
GtG 190 * ++Sartar Companion p74 * ISS2002 S:KoH p236 (Beast Valley) * ++ISS1502 DP, A Gazetteer of Kerofinela p61 * ISS1402 Gathering Thunder * ISS3011 Heortling Mythologie (The White Spider)
Ygg Islands


Moon Boats
Codex 3
Iron / Metal = Bones of the Gods
HiG 3 "“Iron” is only a handy name for a Gloranthan metal that is not the same as terrestrial iron."
GtG 16
Crystal of the Gods
GtG 17
??? RQ Daily (Henk) v940811p1
CH4008 Cults of Prax, App H


The Block
GtG 441
Coins of Glorantha
GtG 12
Demi Bird
Free Int #9
Duck, Deathduck, Duck at war
TotRM 6, p3
Geo's Bouncer
TotRM 4
Harrek the Berserk & Jar-ell the Razorres
GtG 14
GtG 20
GtG 24
GtG 26
Praxians - High Llama Rider - Sable Rider - Bison - Impala
GtG 28 * GtG 442! * GtG 445 * GtG 452 GtG 459
Orlanthi - Esrolian Princess - Aggari Thane
GtG 32
Orlanthi Heroic Society - Chief, Bodyguard, Vingan, Lawspeaker
GtG 34
Peloria - Dara Happa hoplite - Oraya Lunar Cultist
GtG 40
GtG 42
Kralori - Mandarin - Imperial Soldier
GtG 56
Kralorela - Exarch
GtG 58
Aldryami - Elf - Elves
GtG 60, 64, 67
GtG 70, 72, 74 (stages)
GtG 77, 78 !!
Mostali, Dwarf, Dwarves
GtG 81pp, 88
Moon Boats
Strangers in Prax
Troll, Uz
GtG 91pp, 95 (trollkin), 96, 101 (Jungle Trolls)
Tusk Riders
CH4015 Borderlands * GtG 189 * TotRM 14 Title Page * ISS2002 S:KoH p263
GtG 103pp
GtG 106
GtG 108 * CH4015 Borderlands
Glorantha (Goddess)
GtG 113
Humakti Sword - Master of Luck & Death
GtG 120
Lightbringer Quest
GtG 122
Arachne Solara
GtG 124 (190 The Wild Temple)
The Closing and the Sundering
GtG 139
Gods of Storm and Earth
GtG 150
GtG 152
TarnGatHa - Cosmic Dragon
The Kalikos HeroQuest
GtG 155
The Defeat of Starbrow's Rebellion - Fazzur Wideread, Feathered Horse Queen, King Hofstaring Treeleaper, Kallyr Starbrow
GtG 169
Sartar's Apothesis
GtG 174


Of Dragon Pass: ISS2002 S:KoH p375+


Penelope Love
The Queen's Heir