Bell Digest INDEX.digest.txt

Table of Contents for the RuneQuest Digest

1.1:	RQ Martial Arts					(Mark Abbott)
1.2:	Potions for RuneQuest				(Elliot Wilen)
1.3:	PC Dragon Variant				(John Redden)
1.4:	RQ Fatigue					(Andrew Bell)
1.5:	Whad Needs Changing				(Andrew Bell)
1.6:	Sorcery Rules					(Elliot Wilen)
1.7:	RQ Armor Problems				(Elliot Wilen)
1.7:	RQ Fatigue					(Mark Abbott)
1.7:	Re: Elliot's Comments				(Andrew Bell)
1.7:	Re: Mark's Fatigue System			(Andrew Bell)
1.8:	Armor, Fatigue, etc				(Mark Abbott)
1.8:	Re: RQ Sorcery					(Steve Maurer)
1.9:	RQ Training					(Andrew Bell)
1.9:	Previous Experience				(Andrew Bell)
1.9:	A New Look at Characteristics			(Andrew Bell)
1.9:	Size Mod for RQ					(Steven A. Schrader)
1.9:	Re: Size Mod for RQ				(Andrew Bell)
1.9:	Armor and Hit Locations				(Mark Abbott)
1.10:	GURPS Weapons					(Elliot Wilen)
1.10:	RQ Size						(Steven A. Schrader)
1.10:	Height versus Weight				(Andrew Bell)
1.11:	Knockback					(Andrew Bell)
1.11:	GURPS Combat					(Elliot Wilen)
1.11:	Things I Would Like to See			(Thomas E. Young)
1.11:	Two-handed Weapon Use				(Steven A. Schrader)
1.12:	A New Race for Fantasy Worlds			(Elliot Wilen)
1.12:	Jack-of-all-trades Characters			(Andrew Bell)

2.1:	Knockback and Characters			(Mark Abbott)
2.1:	Height vs. Weight Split				(Steven A. Schrader)
2.1:	A New Experience System				(Andrew Bell)
2.2:	Jack of all Traes				(Mark Abbott)
2.2:	RQ Enchantments					(John Thompson)
2.2:	Re: GURPS Combat				(Andrew Bell)
2.2:	Re: Two-handed Weapon Use			(Andrew Bell)
2.3:	Problems I Do Not Have in my Campaign		(Steve Maurer)
2.3:	An Alternative RQ Experience System		(Adrian Joseph)
2.3:	On the Limiting of Power			(Joel Rives)
2.4:	Re: RQ Rules, Questions				(Jeff Okamoto)
2.4:	Everybody Trying to Pick the Lock		(Mark Abbott)
2.5:	Re: Everybody Trying to Pick the Lock		(Andrew Bell)
2.5:	Spell Crit/Fumble Rolls				(Steven A. Schrader)
2.6:	Re: Spell Crit/Fumble Rolls			(Jeff Okamoto)
2.7:	RQ Spell Power?					(Adrian Joseph)
2.8:	Re: RQ Spell Power?				(Andrew Bell)
2.9:	Alternate Characteristic Generation System	(Charles C. Allen)
2.9:	Combat Results Modification			(Charles C. Allen)
2.10:	Skill Increases					(Charles C. Allen)
2.10:	Re: RQ Spell Power?				(Jeff Okamoto)
2.11:	Review: Arachne Solare and You			(Fred Schiff)
2.11:	And Now for Something Completely Different	(Fred Schiff)
2.12:	RE: Arachne Solare and You			(Jeff Okamoto)
2.12:	RQ House rules					(Keith Ivey)

3.1:	Re: Spell Crit/Fumble Rolls			(Steven A. Schrader)
3.1:	What New Stuff is Scheduled from Chaosium?	(Jeff Okamoto)
3.2:	Heroquesting					(David Gadbois)
3.3:	Semi-completed Heroquest: Heroquest Rules	(Steve Maurer)
3.4:	Semi-completed Heroquest: The Hero Plane	(Steve Maurer)
3.5:	Semi-completed Heroquest: Hero/God Plane Magic	(Steve Maurer)
3.6:	Searching Rules					(Burton Choinski)
3.7:	Replies++					(Adrian Joseph)
3.7:	Random Comments					(Steve Maurer)
3.7:	And More Stuff					(Jeff Okamoto)
3.7:							(Burton Choinski)
3.8:	Re: Character Advancement			(Allan Donsig)
3.8:	More Errata					(Allan Donsig)
3.8:	Yet Another Experience System (YAES)		(Mats Ollson)
3.9:	Range: A Common Divine Spell			(Andrew Bell)
3.9:	Detailed Body Part Charts			(Ed Wallman)
3.9:	Re: Yet Another Experience System		(Ian Domville)
3.10:	Roundless Combat				(Mark Abbott)
3.10:	Sorcery Spell: (Element) Bolt			(Andrew Bell)
3.11:	Re: RQ Digest3#10				(Jeff Okamoto)
3.11:	Re: RQ Digest3#10				(Bruce Mason)
3.11:	Revised Element Bolt				(Andrew Bell)
3.12:	Another Spell					(Andrew Bell)
3.12:	New Magic Items					(Doug Crabill)
3.12:	Overcoming MPs of Friendly Targets		(Doug Crabill)

4.1:	Re: New Magic Items/Overcoming MPs		(Andrew Bell)
4.1:	Re: RQ Digest 3#12				(Jeff Okamoto)
4.1:	Re: Overcoming MPs of Friendly Targets		(Rich McAllister)
4.1:	Re: RQ Digest 3#12				(David Gadbois)
4.1:	Re: RQ Digest 3#12				(Bob Kusumoto)
4.2:	Re: Shapechanging				(Ken McKinney)
4.2:	(Element) Bolt Wand				(Andrew Bell)
4.3:	Re: RQ Digest 4#2				(Jeff Okamoto)
4.3:	Reusable Rune Magic				(Andrew Bell)
4.4:	Error in Elemental Bolt Wand			(Andrew Bell)
4.4:	Checks vs. Experience and a Few Toys		(Michael P Mittmann)
4.4:	A Few More Magic Items				(Michael P Mittmann)
4.5:	Re: Checks vs. Experience and a Few Toys	(Jeff Okamoto)
4.5:	Shamans & Possession				(George Harris)
4.5:	FRP Archive Server				(Anthony Kapolka)
4.6:	Tales of the Reaching Moon			(David Gadbois)
4.6:	Comments on the RQ Digest			(Eric Jablow)
4.7:	A Review of Elder Secrets			(Bruce Mason)
4.7:	Damage Modifiers Without Break Points		(Andy Bolstridge)
4.8:	Skill Check System				(Steve Maurer)
4.8:	Re: Fanzines					(Elliot Wilen)
4.8:	About AH and The Chaosium			(Bruce Mason)
4.8:	Re: Possessing a Shaman				(George Harris)
4.9:	Various Things					(Eric Jablow)
4.9:	Glorantha Questions				(Jamie O'Shaughnessy)
4.9:	Range and Strength				(Jamie O'Shaughnessy)
4.10:	RuneQuest 2, RuneQuest 3 and Glorantha		(Jamie O'Shaughnessy)
4.10:	Sorcerous Familiars				(George Harris)
4.10:	Re: Losing Shamans, Possessing Spirts and Thrown Fetches                                                                        (Eric Jablow)
4.11:	Random Stuff					(David Gadbois)
4.11:	RQ III Sorcery					(Dirk Walls)
4.11:	Re: RQ III Sorcery				(Andrew Bell)
4.11:	Re: Various Things and Re: Glorantha Questions	(Jeff Okamoto)
4.11:	Sorcery Comments				(Paul Reilly)
4.12:	RQ II vs. III and Re: Sorcerous Familiars	(Jeff Okamoto)
4.12:	New Sorcery					(Paul Reilly)

5.1:	RQ Sorcery Quick Fix Correction			(Andrew Bell)
5.1:	Re: RQ III Sorcery				(Michael Colligon)
5.1:	Re: New Sorcery					(Jeff Okamoto)
5.1:	New Sorcery: Absorb Magic and Absorb Spell	(Andrew Bell)
5.2:	Re: RQ III Sorcery and New Sorcery		(Jeff Okamoto)
5.2:	Re: RQ III Sorcery				(Andrew Bell)
5.2:	Reply to Comments on DB, Sympathetic Magic, Phases                                                                              (Paul Reilly)
5.3:	More New Sorcery				(Andrew Bell)
5.3:	HeroQuest Rules Note				(Andrew Bell)
5.3:							(Steve Maurer)
5.3:	Trollpaks Compared				(Henk Langeveld)
5.3:	Conjunction Trip Report				(David Gadbois)
5.4:	Offensive Spell					(The Jade Piper)
5.4:	Fancy Rules					(Martin Crim)
5.4:	Keith Ivey's Training Chart			(Martin Crim)
5.5:	Module Ideas					(Harry the Dirty Dog)
5.5:	Re: RQ Note Automagic				(Runelord)
5.5:	RQ Prices					(Burton Choinski)
5.5:	3 Snippets for the RQ List			(James Andrews)
5.5:	RuneQuest Demons				(Andrew JC Blyth)
5.6:	Humakti Status and Custom			(Martin Crim)
5.6:	Stormbull					(Robert McArthur)
5.6:	Praxian Tribes and Clans			(Martin Crim)
5.6:	The Written Rune				(Bryan Maloney)
5.7:	Willpower					(A.V. Gieskens)
5.7:							(M.P. Claessen)
5.7:	InsightQuest #001				(Mike Dawson)
5.8:	Combat Variant for RQ				(Kelwyn Osborn)
5.8:	What My Mother Told Me: A Personal View of Centaur Culture                                                                      (Mike Dawson)
5.8:	New Eurmal Spell in Extremely Poor Taste	(Martin Crim)
5.8:	Sworddancing (Part I)				(A.V. Geiskens)
5.8:	RQ Vampires (Digest 05#05)			(Rich McAllister)
5.8:	A Few Ideas on Riding				(Roderick Robertson)
5.8:	Storm Bull (RQ Digest 05#06.2)			(Rich McAllister)
5.8:	Reply to R. MacArthur's Storm Bull Questions	(Roderick Robertson)
5.8:	Writing for RuneQuest				(Mike Dawson)
5.9:	Retrint Campaign Stuff				(Paul Reilly)
5.9:	Character Generators and Vampires		(Mike Dawson)
5.9:	Adventure Plots					(Mike Dawson)
5.9:	Sorcery Spell Difficulty Levels			(Michael Norrish)
5.9:	Tales of the Reaching Moon			(David Gadbois)
5.9:	More Sorcery					(Paul Reilly)
5.10:	RQ III Alchemy System				(Christopher Johnson)
5.10:	Brithini Philosophy				(Paul Reilly)
5.10:	Skill Difficulty				(Charles Allen)
5.10:	Hrestoli Society				(Paul Reilly)
5.11:	Orlanthi Clans in Retrint			(Paul Reilly)
5.11:	Chaotic Vegetables				(Jamie O'Shaughnessy)
5.11:	New Hrestoli Spells				(Paul Reilly)
5.12:	The City of Perfe				(Paul Reilly)
5.12:	Garhound Founding Legends			(Martin Crim)
5.12:	Delecti and the Upland Marsh			(David Gadbois)
5.12:	RuneQuest Chimera				(Jamie O'Shaughnessy)

6.1:	Grandfather Baboon				(Jamie O'Shaughnessy)
6.1:	Chaotic Vegetation in Your Campaigns		(Jamie O'Shaughnessy)
6.1:	The Circus is Coming!				(Paul Reilly)
6.1:	Three Orlanthi Hero Cults			(Paul Reilly)
6.2:	The Dilis Swamp					(Paul Reilly)
6.2:	More Wildlife of Dilis				(Paul Reilly)
6.2:	Golden Bow					(Jamie O'Shaughnessy)
6.2:	Hippoi						(Jamie O'Shaughnessy)
6.2:	Devour: a New Sorcery Spell			(Glen Bailey)
6.3:	Old Wind Temple					(John Castellucci)
6.3:	Spell Spirit Strengths				(Eric Jablow)
6.3:	Delecti and the Upland Marsh Revisited		(David Gadbois)
6.4:	Chaotic Thoughts on the Block			(John Castellucci)
6.4:	Boggles						(Martin Crim)
6.4:	Review of Daughters of Darkness			(Roderick Robertson)
6.4:	The RQ III Armor Tables				(Paul Heinz)
6.4:	The Issue of Spoken and Written Language	(Paul Heinz)
6.5:	Summonable Spirits for Each Cult		(Martin Crim)
6.5:	Forthcoming RQ Releases from Avalon Hill	(Michael O'Brien)
6.5:	Getting Published by Avalon Hill, Part 1	(Michael O'Brien)
6.5:	Reviews of Eldarad and Daughters of Darkness	(Michael O'Brien)
6.5:	Previous Experience				(Michael O'Brien)
6.5:	The Tachymat					(Michael O'Brien)
6.5:							(Andrew Brisbane)
6.6:	Ruined-Quest?					(Michael O'Brien)
6.6:	RQ III Experience Calculator			(Paul Heinz)
6.7:	A Visitor's Guide to Glorantha			(Mark Holsworth)
6.7:							(Peter Loft)
6.7:							(Michael O'Brien)
6.8:	Some Ideas for a Byzantine "Alternate Earth"	(Patrick Waterson)
6.8:							(Michael O'Brien)
6.8:	Further Ideas about a Byzantine Setting		(Patrick Waterson)
6.8:							(Michael O'Brien)
6.8:	A Reading List for RQ -- Byzantine Pack		(Michael O'Brien)
6.9:	Escape from Quackford				(John Castellucci)
6.10:	Getting Published by Avalon Hill, Part 2	(Michael O'Brien)
6.10:	RuneQuesting Down Under				(Michael O'Brien)
6.10:	French RQ					(Michael O'Brien)
6.10:	Cults within the Lunar Empire			(Steve Maurer)
6.11:	Sun County in Finnish				(Michael O'Brien)
6.11:	The Hero-Cult of Jalmar Ironword, Lt of Arkat	(Tim Leask)
6.11:							(Michael O'Brien)
6.11:	Lottery Swords					(Michael O'Brien)
6.11:	A Hard Landing					(Michael O'Brien)
6.11:	RuneQuest Revisited: Training			(Michael O'Brien)
6.12:	The Gordayan					(Jason Prince)
6.12:							(Michael O'Brien)
6.12:	Circus Based Scenerio				(Mathew Lowry)
6.12:	Tribal Outline					(Michael O'Brien)
6.12:	What There Might be in a Prax Pack		(Michael O'Brien)
6.12: 	Eldarad -- Another Perspective			(Graeme Prowse)
6.12:	Inspiriation? Greg Stafford and the Films of Herschell Lewis                                                                    (Michael O'Brien)

7.1:	Western Saints					(Oliver Jovanovic)
7.1:	Teelo Norri					(Oliver Jovanovic)
7.1:	Glorantha Runespells				(Steve Maurer)
7.1:	What's Happening with HQ at Chaosium		(Mike Dawson)
7.1:	Origins 91 and RQ				(Mike Dawson)
7.2:	Reality-Based Societies for RQ			(Martin Crim)
7.2:	RQ Combat Additions				(Bruce Mason)
7.2:	Eurmal Shrines and the Things They Do!		(Maurice Beyke)
7.2:	Best Creatures for Familiars			(Martin Crim)
7.2:	Personalities of Glorantha			(Michael O'Brien)
7.2:							(Trevor Ackerly)
7.3:	A Sun Dome Joke					(Michael O'Brien)
7.3:	Speculations on Truestone			(Robert McArthur)
7.3:	Latest Developments Regarding RQ		(Michael O'Brien)
7.3:	Blank Cult: Cult Format for RQIII		(Troy Bankert)
7.3:	What There Might be in Prax Pack		(Troy Bankert)
7.3:	An Opinion on the White Moon and She Who Waits	(Troy Bankert)
7.3:	Prosopaedia Expansion				(Troy Bankert)
7.3:	A Comment on MOB's Character Assassinations	(Troy Bankert)
7.3:	Finnish RuneQuest				(Michael O'Brien)
7.3:	Making Vampires Frightening			(Maurice Beyke)

8.0:	Tales of the Reaching Moon			(Tim Leask)
8.0:	Convulsion of the Trillion Tentacles		(David Cheng)
8.0:	Review of Sun County				(Roderick Robertson)
8.1:	Getting Published by Avalon Hill, Part 3	(Michael O'Brien)
8.1:	Sun County Unofficial Errata			(Michael O'Brien)
8.1:	Sun County GM Notes on the River Ritual		(Michael O'Brien)
8.1:							(Troy Bankert)
8.1:	Nick's Off					(Michael O'Brien)
8.1:	Greg Stafford Down Under			(Michael O'Brien)
8.1:	RuneQuest Character Generator			(Michael O'Brien)
8.1:	Cold Wind Over Sartar				(Michael O'Brien)
8.1:							(John Hughes)
8.1:	About the Sun County Artists			(Michael O'Brien)
8.1:	Tales of the Reaching Moon			(Michael O'Brien)
8.2:	When can a Player DI?				(Tim Leask)
8.2:	Combat System Modifications			(Peter van Heusden)
8.2:	Convulsion '92					(Peter Wake)
8.2:	Convulsion Report				(John Dallman)
8.2:	Runes Yet Again					(David Cake)
8.2:	Expanded Concentration Rules			(Eric Rowe)
8.3:	Dragonewts					(Peter Maranci)
8.3:	Discussion, Convulsion				(Jeff Okamoto)
8.3:	A Report on Convulsion of a Trillion Tentacles	(David Cheng)
8.3:	Convulsion Auction Prices Report		(J.R. Davis)
8.4:	Rune Power Blasphemy				(David Cheng)
8.5:	Re: Sanctuary/Glorantha				(David Cheng)
8.5:	Divine Intervention and Sea Gods		(alex)
8.5:	Troll Pak Impressions				(Tom Zunder)
8.5:	Chaosium Announces King of Sartar		(David Gadbois)
8.5:	RuneQuest Miniatures				(Jean-Luc Brouillet)
8.5:	Question: Errata for RQ?			(Tom Zunder)
8.5:	Sun County Review				(Tom Zunder)
8.6:	Upcoming AH Products				(Oliver Jovanovic)
8.6:	Back Issue Service				(Thom Baguley)
8.6:	New Campaign					(Ghost Dancer)
8.6:	New RQ Campaign Startup				(Kirsten Niemann)
8.6:	Using Kralorela as a Campaign Setting		(Steve Gilham)
8.7:	Sun County Campaign				(Tom Zunder)
8.7:	Re: Using Kralorela as a Campaign Setting	(Oliver Jovanovic)
8.7:	RQ-Con USA 1994					(David Cheng)
8.8:	Re: the More (semi-official) Kralorelan Stuff	(steveg)
8.8:	A Pebble in a Pond				(jacobus)
8.8:	RQ III Errata					(Andrew Bell)
8.8:	1621: The Cradle - Details Wanted		(Ghost Dancer)
8.8:	Re: 1621: The Cradle - Details Wanted		(Henk Langeveld)
8.8:	RE: Re: 1621: The Cradle - Details Wanted	(Ghost Dancer)
8.8:	River of Cradles - First Impressions		(Thom Baguley)
8.9:	The Runic Sorcery Magic System			(Peter Maranci)
8.10:	KoS: Various Bits and Pieces			(Tom Zunder)
8.10:	KoS: Everything Greg Stafford Says is Wrong	(Clay Luther)
8.10:	KoS: Greg is Wrong				(Tom Zunder)
8.10:	KoS: Red Moon, Glasnsost and AD&D		(Tom Zunder)
8.10:	KoS: Re: Self Contradicory KoS			(Peter Wake)
8.10:	KoS: Predestination, Cats, Ancestors, Rules...	(steveg)
8.10:	KoS: Re: Greg is Wrong				(Thom Baguley)
8.10:	KoS: Re: Greg is Wrong				(Clay Luther)
8.10:	KoS: KoS, ToTRM, non_Glora, Power Levels	(Tom Zunder)
8.10:	KoS: KoS and Multiple Argraths			(David Cake)
8.10:	KoS: High&Low, A&E, Yelorna, Trivia		(steveg)
8.10:	KoS: Glo/non-Glo, KoS, Rumours, A&E, FTP	(Tom Zunder)
8.10:	KoS: Running Hard to Catch Up...		(steveg)
8.10:	KoS: Re: Lots of Fri, 12 Feb Stuff		(alex)
8.10:	KoS: Re: GodTime, Mythology, KoS		(alex)
8.10:	KoS: White Wall					(Tom Zunder)
8.10:	KoS: Re: Argrath = Orlanth			(alex)
8.10:	KoS: Elmal Cult					(boris)
8.10:	KoS: Re: The RuneQuest Daily, Wed, 17 Mar 1993	(boris)

9.1:	Shadows on the Borderlands A Cursory Review	(Mark Sabalauskas)
9.1:	Caution: Nick Brooke				(David Cheng)
9.1:	Loads of Stuff!					(Nick Brooke)
9.1:	Seven Cults for Seven Mothers			(Bryan J. Maloney)
9.2:	Trickster Stuff					(Argranth)
9.2:	Yaks and Books and Things That Go Bump		(Nick Brooke)
9.2:	Lunar Cults & Founders				(Nick Brooke)
9.2:	General Rant.  I Love RuneQuest...		(Sam Phillips)
9.2:	God Learners, Mythology and Us!			(Lewis Jardine)
9.3:	Blue Moon Cult					(Charles Fried)
9.4:	Round the World					(Michael O'Brien)
9.4:	Carry On, Columbus				(Nick Brooke)
9.4:	About Light and the Round Earth Folly		(Paul Reilly)
9.5:	Mannimark and the King of Lead, Part 1		(Clay Luther)
9.6:	Columbus Mercator				(Nick Brooke)
9.6:	Avators of the Gods				(Loren Miller)
9.6:	The Masks of God				(Nick Brooke)
9.6:	Faith in Glorantha				(Ken Rolston)
9.7:	Spoilers on Gaumata's Vision			(Clay Luther)
9.8:	Gaumata's Vision Spoilers			(Nick Brooke)
9.9:	Catching Up!					(Nick Brooke)
9.9:	Aeolian Church Ideas				(Joerg Baumgartner)
9.10:	Shamanism General Overview FAQ			(Dean Edwards)

10.1:	The Dragon Pass Renaissance			(Joerg Baumgartner)