Bell Digest INDEX.supplement.txt

The supplements were a collection of longer articles sent in by RQ Digest

Supplement 1:
	you asked for spells...				(Dave Martin)

Supplement 2:
	A Campaign Mythology				(Richard Nuttall)

Supplement 3:
	A Campaign Mythology (Part II)			(Richard Nuttall)

Supplement 4:
	Cult writeup:  Babeester Gor			(Steve Maurer)

Supplement 5:
	Heroquest Version 2.0				(Steve Maurer)

Supplement 6:
	Heroquest Questions and Answers			(Steve Maurer)

Supplement 7:
	Heroquest Scenario: Black Fang's Temptation	(Steve Maurer)

Supplement 8:
	A Legend of Trickster				(Paul Reilly)

Supplement 9:
	Dragons in the Dark				(Henk Lengeveld)