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Subject:  HeroQuestions,  Volume 3,  Number 12

First Distribution:  January 9,  1990

This issue:
	Another spell				(Andrew Bell)
	New Magic Items				(Doug Crabill)
	overcoming MP's of friendly targets	(Doug Crabill)

Yes,  this is the first new thing I've sent out since last August,  and the
first new issue since June 15,  1989.  Hopefully it will inspire more
postings from the rest of you...

As far as I know,  everyone has received any and all back issues they have
requested.  If you still need something,  send me mail.

From:  Andrew Bell (

Subject: Another Spell

Obviously,  I haven't learned my lesson...:-)

Sorcery spell:

Reduce Damage
ranged,  passive,  temporal

This spell is cast on an opponent's weapon.  For every point of intensity in
the spell,  it reduces the amount of damage the weapon does by one point of
intensity.  It does not cancel out any other spells on the weapon.  This
spell does not work on natural weapons.  A weapon cannot do less than zero
points of damage.

While I've seen fanaticism used as an offensive spell more often than
dullblade,  a sorcerous version of this spell might prove more popular.
It's most useful against single, powerful foes.


Subject: New magic items


The lack of magic items contained in the RQ rules has (of course) led
me to create some of my own.  The obvious ones were putting spell
matrices and spell point matrices into common items (rings, wands,
bracelets, swords, etc.).  I won't bother listing any of those, as
they are easy to come up with.

What I did was take the "magic crystals" mentioned in the Glorantha
Book one step furthur.  Instead of just letting them store magic
points like a magic point matrix enchantment, I let them have various
magical properties.  The crystals come in widely varying shapes and
colors.  They are normally activated by placing magic points into
them, but there are exceptions.

I'm somewhat new to RuneQuest (I'm the GM -- my players are also new
to RuneQuest) and have not completely figured out my economy yet...
After about 30 hours of play time, most of my players just now have
enough money to buy horses, so they are somewhat poor.  Anyway, I've
included suggested prices for the crystals metioned here, but you may
want to alter the pricing for your economy.  Prices given are in

500	5 point magic crystal - useless once the 5 points are used

1200	5 point magic crystal - can be recharged at 1 pt per 2 pts used

2000	5 point magic crystal - can be recharged at 1 pt per point used

700	Exploding crystal - explodes if magically charged in a
	3 meter radius doing 1D4 + points / 2 damage plus stun.  It takes
	one full round before it explodes.

700	Continual light crystal - gives light in 10M radius forever

1200	Light crystal - lights 10M/point used - each point lasts 4
	hours.  Explodes as above if made to light > 50M

1500	Detect magic crystal - continuous detect magic in 2M radius -
	starts glowing when magic is within 2M

400	Crystal lighter - makes a small flame whenever held - no magic
	point cost

1700	Crystal heat generator - each point used lasts 1 hr, heat
	depends on points used - 1 = lantern, 2 = torch, 3 = small
	campfire, 4 = medium campfire, 5 = large campfire, 6 =
	bonfire, 7 or more and it explodes as above.

1300	Crystal lens - gives magnification of 2^N power, where N = the
	points used.  Each point lasts 1 hour.  The crystal must be
	held up to the eye.

1400	Crystal to see in dark - allows person looking through it to
	see 5M per point used, up to a max of 30M.  Each point lasts 1 hr.

I'm interested in comments on the items and on the prices given.
I'm intersted in the magic items others have made too!!!



Subject: overcoming MP's of friendly targets


I was wondering how others have handled casting spells (upon willing
recipients) which require that magic points must be overcome to
succeed.  For instance, say Bill the sorcerer knows "shapechange human
to eagle" and wants to cast it on his friend Joe who wants to get to
the next town in a hurry.  This requires that the intensity of the
shapechange be greater than Joe's MP's, PLUS, Bill has to overcome
Joe's MP's. So do you allow Bill to cast it with an intensity of one and
ignore overcoming Joe's magic points since Joe is a willing recipient?
If not, then the most efficent solution (for the sorcerer) is to have
Joe spend all but one of his magic points on useless spells, so it will
be very easy for Bill to overcome his magic points.  But if this *is*
the case, then how can Bill ever cast the shapechange on himself???  He
has to use an intensity greater than the magic points he has!

[One can do this via stored magic points of some sort -Ed.]

While I'm on the subject, have others interpreted the shapechange spell
to only effect living tissue (i.e, arms and armor don't shapechange also
if they were being worn at the time the spell was cast)?

How have you all handled this?


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