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[Tom Zunder's Sun County interpretation.  Part 2, the contest]

From: Tom Zunder 
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 92 20:49 GMT
Subject: Sun County Campaign 1992 [part 2]

The Garhound Contest 1621 ST
As recounted by Brother Ravel of the Grey Sages
Price 5L

This year's contest was a remarkable feat of man's struggle to
assert his mythic role in the world against the depredations of

The competitors were

Darth Jophayn, Sun Dome, Yelmalio
Hallgrim Ironfist, Pol Joni, Storm Bull 
Carylon Squally, Garhound, Orlanth 
Myryhyn Calmstorm, Pavis, Orlanth
Vathmar Allweather, Sun Dome, Yelmalio 
Jarst Daro, ??, Argan Argar

This last contestant raised great consternation but was ruled
eligible as Argan Argar, troll god of Surface Darkness was
indeed one of Ernalda's Husband-Protectors.

Melisande, the beautiful Harvest Queen, elected Carylon, the
local lad, as her favourite, a boon which was not to stand
him in good stead.

The Horse Race

In this exciting race the Sun Domer Darth Jophayn picked the best of
the horses and made a good fast race, beating Hallgrim Ironfist at the
post by a horseneck. Vathmar, the independent Yelmalio, came a bad
third and was disqualified for deliberately running down Myrrhyn
Calmstorm when the Orlanthi had fallen. Carylon Squally trailed in last
and Jarst Daro didn't finish at all, having almost drowned in the river

The Joust

This event was fought to dismounting this year, and the contest proved
fast and furious. In the first event Calmstorm faced off to Daro, both
casting many magics at first and Calmstorm firmly lifting Daro from his
seat on the second pass. Darth Jophayn unseated Squally on the second
ride by, leaving Ironfist to face Allweather. Allweather resorted to
mind magic which the Storm Kahn shook off valiantly and in a final
clash of lances Allweather unseated Ironfist, whilst the Pol Joni
accidentally brought his opponent's horse down with a cruel gash to the
forequarters. As Vathmar and many other Yelmalio rushed to aid this
horse in needless suffering, the Pol Joni lay on his back cursing the

Both having fallen it was decreed that the final should be between
Jophayn and Calmstorm. Victory here went to the official Sun Dome
candidate and the odds were shortening on the plucky lad from Dragon

The Wrestling

Jarst Daro won this event most successfully, revealing a powerful and
attractive body which won the eyes of many ladies. Darth Jophayn came
third with Ironfist third.

The Intelligence Test

Calmstorm drunk the others under the table, followed by Allweather and
Jophayn. Jophayn by now had an impressive lead.

The Wall of Death

Nimbly won by Jophayn, now looking unstoppable, Squally, Calmstorm and
Daro came joint second.

The Pain Test

This event which involves holding pans of hot water for as long a
possible was again won by Jophayn, followed by Daro and Myrrhyn.

The Ladies Choice

In this event, Myrrhyn Calmstorm proved to be a cheat and also the
Lunar collaborator that many had suspected. Sor-Eel's jester cast
deception magic upon Calmstorm to aid the telling of his tale. It did
not, however, fail to prevent Darth Jophayn winning with a touching
tale of love and chaos, a tale which subtly insulted the Lunars and
left the crowd buoyant.  Indeed at the end of the tear jerking tale
Sor-Eel and the Lunar contingent left. Carylon Squally came second,
having followed Jophayn with a rousing rendition of the banned ballad
"Cold Wind over Sartar".

The Consummation

Melisande, the Harvest Queen, let it be known that she was greatly
taken with the winner Darth Jophayn and, after the giving of prizes,
they departed to the Champion's House.

It was sad that three days later Jophayn had to leave with the Count of
Sun County on a mission to rescue his uncle whose village had been
struck by some disaster. He did, however, vow to return, and the people
of Garhound seem pleased to welcome him back. A most propitious and
popular Champion of Garhound!


As detailed in my other document "Foul Murthers in Garhound", the
competitor Jarst Daro proved to be an ogre who slew three girls during
the contest, purchase a full report from your local Grey Sage.

Brother Ravel

The Trek To Rabbit Hat Farm

After the exhilaration of the Contest and Darth Jophayn's superb
victory, the news of the disappearance of a militia file in Rabbit Hat
is somewhat depressing. Buoyed up by his success and the fact that his
uncle lives in Rabbit Hat.

With the main Sun Dome party you return to the Temple, and Skeanthi
spends an awe-struck morning admiring the wonder and glory of the Dome,
it's wondrous gold and the rich light which fills the temple.
Unfortunately you must away and dragging Ravel from the temple library
and the sage Hector and his renowned Yellow Book, you set off for
Rabbit Hat. It will take you two days;

Day One

Travelling across Sun County to Eiskolli, you come across a huge pile
of stinking dung on the side of the trail. Whilst the sight is
unpleasant enough what worries both Darth and Hallgrim is that they
recognises it as Tusker dung, meaning
that Tusk Riders must be loose in the area.. You discover this
about two hours from Eiskolli.


Having arrived in Eiskolli you are met by Sir Glow Eiskolli, the
current lord of the Eiskolli estates. After some strange looks at
Hallgrim, he offers you accommodation for the night and to detail the
situation. Before he starts you quickly tell him of the Tusker dung
found near the trail. He commands his templar captain to put out a
scouting patrol and then continues with his tale.

The Refugees

About 35 refugees from Rabbit Hat are gathered in Eiskolli, mainly
women, children and old men. Amongst them is Rogar Jophayn, Darth's
uncle, who was returning from the Sun Dome as the refugees arrived at

Some eight days ago Bison Riders attacked Rabbit Hat, always vulnerable
at the borders with Vulture Country. They killed Dawning BowMaster, the
local lord, and his bodyguard. They then set about herding the fit men
of the village away into slavery and after satisfying various unsavoury
lusts upon some of the women, allowed the mothers, children and infirm
to set out for Eiskolli. Several young girls were taken by the raiders,
presumably as concubines and slaves.

The refugees, having watched the Bison Riders depart and having sent
some of their number to Eiskolli, made to return to Rabbit Hat the next
day. To their horror they saw that the village was now occupied with
Broo, burning houses, setting disease in the wells and committing
hideous acts with the remaining livestock. Sickened to their hearts the
villagers set out for Eiskolli.

At Eiskolli the refugees recounted their ordeal to Glow Eiskolli who
dispatched half of the local militia file to Rabbit Hat to investigate
and clear out the Broo if necessary. They went under the command of
Coriander Yellowman and with them went a local Chalana Arroy acolyte,
Minima Calmhands. They have not returned and are long overdue. Sir Glow
decided that the best policy was to report the matter to the Sun Dome
as soon as possible and await further help. No-one is at threat in
Rabbit Hat and no Broo or Riders have threatened the other settlements
so it is a question of investigating what has occurred and the size and
nature of force required to clear things up.

The local militia file is dispersed amongst the local villages,
organising the farmers in training and preparation should another raid
occur, but Sir Glow does have two militia men available to accompany
you should you require.  As Yelm sets you eat a hearty meal and go to
bed early.  The Events of Rabbit Hat Farm are recounted elsewhere..

Life Calms Down and the Cradle Comes Down

After the grisly chaos nest at Rabbit Hat Farm was cleansed of
burrowing Krarshti scum our Heroes are greatly feted by the Count of
Sun County, Solanthos Ironpike. The discovery of the legendary Crown of
Yasmur in the possession of the Chaos fiends, and its return to the Sun
Dome by Darth Jophayn has virtually guaranteed his elevation to Rune
Lord when he is competent to the post. Skeanthi, once viewed as a
bumpkin by the Sun Domers, is welcomed into the Sun Templars and
accorded great respect and much training. His unwillingness to wear
full armour lest it inteferes with his hunting is now met with kind
hearted admonishment to "wear it, sunny Jim, you're in the Templars

Ravel, healed from his almost terminal case of Creeping Chills by the
beneficence of the Grey Sage himself, is tended to by the Chalana Arroy
Healers and a spell of growth is cast upon his lost arm. In the
meantime he makes a good friendship with Hector the Sage, Yelmalio
priest and scholar of the Sun Dome.  The extensive library and the
eclectic volume commonly known as "Hector's Yellow Book" prove a
delight to the young student so awfully introduced to the horrors of

Hallgrim, overpowering and rude as ever rapidly loses grace with the
moralistic and civilised Yelamalians. Insulting Solanthos' receding
hairline once too often, Hallgrim is reminded that his Pol Joni tribe
have been reported only a few weeks away in the Wastelands. He sets off
to visit his family and recruit some young Pol Joni to the cause of the

After a joyful re-union with Melisande and Rogar Jophayn at the
SunDome, Darth decides to head back to Garhound to fulfil his duties as
Champion. Rogar decides to join him, particularly since the Sun Dome
investigations into the hazia trade in Rabbit Hat have led to the
blinding of three and the ritual strangulation of two more. Rogar
pleads his innocence but decides that Pavis County might be safer than
Sun County for him right now.

Dark Season 1621 ST is a brooding and cold season, the news from
Heortland is that the Lunars still besiege Whitewall, having brought up
hideous Chaos regiments of twisted monsters to storm the walls. Storm
Bulls and other anti chaotics have rallied to the cause and Lunar
supply lines have been harried by Zorak Zorani trolls from the Shadow
Plateau and Orlanthi rebels from Hendriki and Sartar. In the Wastes
rumours abound of a new army of chaos emerging from the Tunnelled Hills
and Cwim, the three bodied monster of Chaos wipes out a sizeable number
of the Circling Zebra tribe. In Corflu the Lunars are reputed to be
mounting an expedition to the Far Eastern lands of Kralori and many
Orlanthi are convinced they'll be sucked into Magasta's Pool.

It is in Storm Season that one of the most epic events of the past
decades occurs. In the first week of Storm Season a giant cradle,
bearing a giant baby, is sighted floating down the Zola Fel River.
These cradles are legendary from the days of Old Pavis but have not
been seen in living memory. The Lunars, always hungry for magic and
power, seek to capture the cradle. The locals, Pavic citizens, Sartar
exiles, newtlings, even Sun Domers, swell forward in an upsurge of
resentment and aid Prince Argrath of Boldhome, outlaw and claimant to
the throne of Sartar, in protecting and defeating the Lunars. Sor-Eel,
many centuries of peltasts, a unit of Lunar College Magicians are all
humiliated by Argrath's band of motley adventurers, some of whom stay
with the cradle and float into the sea with Argrath.  Will he be seen

Darth Jophayn, visiting old colleagues in Pavis, is drawn into the
Cradle and fights valiantly alongside Argrath, at all times hoping not
to be identified by the Lunars. Returning to Garhound incognito he is
confident he has escaped detection given the lack of response from the
local Lunar Commissioner and troops.

Of Baboons and Politics..

As the ceremonies and rituals of Sacred Time pass, with a
joyful reunion between Darth and Ravel, returning to the Sun
Dome after attending the Lhankor Mhy High Holy Day at New
Pavis, Sea Season begins with fresh rain and the watering of
the Earth which will lead to the re-awakening of the Earth

It is in the second week of Sea Season that scouts of the
Garhound militia report a sizeable body of intelligent baboons
heading to Garhound, accompanied by Pol Joni outriders. This
transpires to be the Bristleback clan, who have come to seek
permission to settle on the lands near Garhound, aiding the
Orlanthi as scouts. With them is Hallgrim Ironfist, friend of
both the Champion of Garhound and Um-rath-ral shaman of the

The matter is brought before the Town Council wherein the
usually tolerant Lunars argue against the idea and the
intolerant Pol Joni makes an impassioned plea for cultures to
"get along under the Red Moon". Obviously power politics is
afoot and neither the Champion nor Sir Davis Garhound can
reach a decision. It is as the discussion ensues that the
Champion's housekeeper breaks in...


Melisande Jophayn, 20 week pregnant wife of Darth, and Lady
Yolga Garhound, daughter of Sir Davis have been abducted
through a shimmering portal of magic. On the floor lie two
knitting needles stained with blue blood. Never thinking for a
moment Darth grabs his weapons and leaps through the portal.
Hallgrim Ironfist, Skeanthi the White and Um-rath-ral all
follow before the darkness shaped "hole" disappears.

Once Upon a Blue Moon

It is on a desolate, cold and raining moor that Jophayn and
his comrades appear. The strange blue-black landscape pitted
and unlike anyplace seen by these dwellers of Prax. Behind
them, in the wrong part of the sky, glows the full Red Moon.
Before them a strange circular valley is filled with bizarre
fungi, many metres tall, and giant insects and creatures which
flit from mushroom to bulbous toadstool. From the four rune
carved stones surrounding them arise four spirits, one
screaming hysterically, one moaning and bleeding, two silent
shapes of utter black. Our heroes gird their loins and do
physical and spiritual battle with these creatures.. Hallgrim
falls, his soul possessed by a screaming spirit, but the
others defeat their foes with the aid of magic and blade.

Hallgrim, having recovered consciousness urges that they
should proceed and enter the fungi forest. It is a strange
journey, wherein strange dark elves
are met and trollkin ambush in vain. It ends at the entrance
to a dark cavern around which two hooded figures can be seen
to lurk. Above the cavern are the runes of Darkness, Moon and
Water. As they enter the cavern Ironfist leads the group in.
Many traps, pits, ambushes and spirit traps are set against
Melisande and Yolga's rescuers but eventually they win through
to a huge cave, bitten from the rock into a Darkness Rune,
bisected by a stream to make both a Lunar Rune and the Water
Rune. Faced with many trolls, spirits, great trolls and two
troll priestesses much magic is spent, Um-rath-ral loses his
life valiantly aiding his barely known comrades, Hallgrim is
possessed with fear and takes no useful part in the battle and
Darth Jophayn, hero, slays many trolls and both priestesses
with his mighty spear.

Having found another portal shimmering behind a Lunar Rune
Skeanthi the White leads the way back through strange dark
tunnels to Garhound, appearing through another shimmering hole
outside the town.

In Conclusion

The Bristleback clan, horrified at the death of their shaman,
start to argue and chafe at their presence in Garhound. Sir
Davis, always suspicious of their intentions, decides to
propose that no land be granted to the tribe. The Lunars agree
but also suggest that Um-rath-ral be resurrected in thanks for
his great help.

Hallgrim, deeply ashamed of his fear, and unable to
contemplate exorcism, given the power that his possessor has
over him, rides from the town without a word to his colleagues
or his Pol Joni friends.

Darth and Skeanthi, deeply suspicious of the troll abduction
and suspecting Lunar involvement are left wondering to what
purpose the abduction was aimed, and was it Yolga or Melisande
that the trolls wanted, or both? All three spend much time in
close counsel with Sir Davis.

Magic Items:

Tear of Hippoiii

Skeanthi picked up a crystal of magic which a priest of
Ernalda recognises as a "Tear of Hippoiii", a yellowish
crystal flecked with blue. As he touches it Skeanthi knows it
to be alive and realises that with some sacrifice of his
spirit he can attune it to his senses and use its powers for
his own.

Hippoiii is a goddess of horses, a scion of King Griffin,
brother of Yelm. She is widely worshipped by the Pure Horse
Tribe and Grazelanders. Crystals are said to be the blood and
tears of deities and this is said to be the tears of Hippoiii
when her wings were torn from her back in the Gods Wars.

{This is a 3 POW crystal, one point of POW sacrificed and a
ceremony roll and it will be attuned to Skeanthi. Then he will
be able to use its magic points a his own, altho not in MP vs
MP contests. It will regenerate its own power as a living

Dagger of Darkness

Darth picked up this dagger from the body of a troll
priestess. Adorned with Darkness, Lunar and Water Runes it is
a curved stiletto like blade. As he touches it he knows it to
have bound within it a darkness spirit and engraved on the
hilt a matrix for casting spells of combat. The spirit
struggles to resist Darth's will and he knows that to force
the spirit to cast the magics will always involve a battle of
wills. He is also not sure of the rightness of owning such a
weapon of Darkness and seeks the advice of his local priest.

This advice is ambivalent. On one hand initiates of the Sun
Warrior shouldn't dabble with Darkness. One the other hand
subjugation of the powers of Darkness is good. The dagger is
an assassin's weapon, on the other hand it can be used to
power the glory of the spear. The signs are not clear, Darth
must decided himself or pay for a Divination.

{This dagger has a Bladesharp 3 matrix enchanted in it and a
10 POW spirit of Darkness. Darth will have to overcome the
Darkness spirit on a MP vs MP contest every time he wishes to
force it to use it's POW to cast the Bladesharp. He may,
however, decide to power the Bladesharp himself. The
Bladesharp may be cast on any weapon that Darth touches at the
same time as touching the dagger.}