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Subject: Volume 10, no 6: Sandy Petersen's RQ rules for Tekumel (1 of 7)
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	Rules and conversions for running a Tekumel campaign
	with the RuneQuest rule system.  By Sandy Petersen.

Global Contents:
    Part 1: Campaign Background, Character Generation, Introduction
    Part 2: Universal spells: known by all temples
    Part 3: Common Spells: shared by several deities

	    Cult and Temple spells

    Part 4: Avanthe, Belkhanu, Chegarra, Chiteng, Dilinala
    Part 5: Dlamelish, Dra, Durritlamish, Gruganu, 
		Hnalla, Hrihayal, Hru'u
    Part 6: Karakan, Ketengku, Ksarul, Qon
    Part 7: Sarku, Thumis, Vimuhla, Wuru

    Tekumel and related materials are copyright M.A.R Barker 
    and used with permission 1-1-1994.   

    These rules and conversions are Copyright 1994 Sandy Petersen.
    All rights reserved.

    RuneQuest is the Avalon Hill Game Company's Trademark for its
    fantasy role-playing game.



(in brief: some information left out because it 
 will be used in my RQ/Tekumel game for RQ Con)

The Kotoruhu Clan
	Your character belongs to the Kotoruhu clan; his last name is
hiKotoruhu.  Your clan has 12,000 members, all in and near Jakalla.
Despite its small size, the clan is wealthy, and owns several hundred
square miles of ranch and farmland a few days journey south of Jakalla
(in hex 2715).  The clan has nine lineages, seven low and two high.
The seven low lineages work the land as tenant farmers.  One high
lineage, the Noyobi lineage, oversees the farms and herds, manages the
daily and yearly operation of the land, and lords it over the seven low

	The other high lineage, that of the Pale Murderer (your own),
is based in Jakalla, and acts as the clan's interface with society.
The Pale Murderer lineage is composed of merchants, who sell the clan's
produce; politicians, who seek influence for the clan; and soldiers,
who command the clan sponsored Pounding Drum legion: 13th Medium
(currently at one third strength).

	Because of the clan's agricultural background, most members
worship Avanthe or Hnalla.  However, members of the Pale Murderer
lineage commonly join all cults except Sarku and Durritlamish.  The
clan has no strong affiliation to any priesthood, and recognizes this
as a weakness.  Hence, the most promising youths are encouraged to join
a variety of cults, hoping that some one among them will rise to
prominence, and thus set the pattern for the rest of the clan to



1) roll your stats.

			Male Human	Female Human
STR (Strength)		3d6		2d6+2
CON (Constitution) 	3d6		3d6
SIZ (Size)		2d6+6		2d6+3
INT (Intelligence) 	2d6+6		2d6+6
POW (Power)		3d6		3d6
DEX (Dexterity)		3d6		3d6
APP (Appearance)	3d6		3d6
MAG (Magic Potential)	3d6-15		3d6-15

Once finished, if your Magic Potential is less than 0 (the usual case),
change it to 0.  Your character cannot now and will never learn to use

Note: a female player can choose to use male stats for a female PC if  
she desires. 

2) figure attributes
MOVEMENT RATE: 30m per round for all humans.

DEX SRM: Your DEX SR (Strike Rank) = your DEX/3 (round up).  We do not
use the SIZ SRM or MELEE SRM in this game.

MAGIC POINTS (MP): only magicians have these.  They are initially equal
to your POW.  Note that if your Magic Bonus is 0 or less, you cannot now
and will never be able to use magic, even if your Magic Potential (MAG)
is 1 or more.

FATIGUE POINTS (FP): equals your STR+CON-10.  Each kg you carry over
your FP total subtracts 1 from all STR or DEX based skills.

HIT POINTS (HP): equals your (CON+SIZ)/2. Round up.

3) Skill Bonuses: as per RQ

4) determine spells and skill levels
	Roll 2d6+15 to determine your initial age.  You can be older, if
you desire, but past age 35, your stats decrease.

	SKILLS: In each skill category (Agility, Parry, etc.), you
receive skill pts equal to your category bonus x5.  If you have a
negative "bonus", you get 0 pts.  In addition, for each year past age
15, you get 30 skill pts to divide up among all your skills.
	SPELLS: if you are a magician (i.e., both your Sorcery stat and
your INT+POW-20 are at least 1), you get 2 POW for every 5 years of
previous experience.  Also, your MAG stat goes up 1 for every 5 years of
previous experience, to a maximum of INT+POW-20.

5) Aging

Normally, only magicians will want to age their characters
significantly.  Use the RQ rules for each year over 35.

6) Equipment
Your clan has equipped you with cuirbouilli armor, plus a chlen-hide
version of all weapons they have at least 25% in (if you have no weapons
at 25%, you get your best weapon).  Also, each person gets 1d100*1d100
kaitars in silver.
	Finally, you can own any ordinary equipment you wish simply by
writing it down on the back of the character sheet.  "Ordinary" is
defined as "something you could buy in an ancient marketplace".

RULES: use the basic RQ rules, except that no one can use magic  
except for the chosen few. 

	Tekumel weapons come in such a bewildering variety I just use  
the full weapons list for RQ, and let players choose whatever they  
want. When I need stats for specialty assassin weapons like the  
"Whispering Death"

	I consider chlen-hide to be worth 2 points less than steel.  
Hence, steel plate is 8-point armor, and chlen-hide plate is 6 pts.
	Chlen-hide weapons get the RQ stats. Steel weapons have 2  
extra armor points. Thus, a Chlen-hide scimitar has 10 aps, and a  
steel one has 12. 

	Magic is skill-based and taught through the auspices of the
various religious temples of Tsolyanu.  There are five basic magic
skills, plus a separate skill percentage for each spell.
	The initial Magic Bonus is equal to your MAG.  You can never use
more MPs on a spell than your Magic Bonus.  If a spell's basic cost
exceeds your Magic Bonus, you cannot even cast it.
	If you start out with a positive MAG, you can add +1 to it for
each 5 years of previous experience.  Each time you succeed in a
critical success when spell-casting during a stress situation (the GM
must agree that it is appropriate), you may add 1 to your Magic Bonus,
until you reach the maximum of (INT + POW - 20).

Magic Points (MPs)
	Spells cost MPs to cast.  Each day, you produce MP equal to your
POW.  If your POW is 12, you produce 1 MP per 2 hours.  You can retain
MPs equal to your POW plus your highest magic skill divided by 5.  If
your POW is 12 and your highest magic skill is 90, you can store up to
12 + (90/5) = 30 MPs.

Spell Casting
	You must expend magic points (MPs) and simultaneously use all
applicable skills when casting any spell.  Roll 1d100 and compare the
result against the lowest skill used.  If the roll is a success, the
spell works properly, and you expend all MPs invested.  If the roll
fails, the spell does not work, but you only lose 1 MP.
	If the roll is a critical success, the spell succeeds, and costs
you only 1 MP, no matter how many you invested.  On a fumble, the spell
fails and you lose all MPs invested.
	Most spells are cast on your SR, minus 1 per 5 MPs in the spell.
Spells for summoning demons and the like may take hours of time and
special equipment.

Manipulating Spells
	You can add to the power of a spell by spending further MPs in
combination with the Intensity, Duration, Multispell, or Range skills.

Intensity: determines the power of the spell.  Each MP added to the
spell increases intensity by 1.  See Spell Descriptions for details.

Duration: normally 1 minute.  Each additional MP spent for Duration
doubles this.  "Instant" spells (like Doomkill) cannot benefit from

Range: normally 10m.  Each additional MP spent for Range doubles the
spell's range.  You must be able to see your target to cast the spell at

Multispell: this lets you cast the spell at more than one target.  Each
MP spent in Multispell lets you target one additional individual.
Normally, all must be within range and within view of the caster.

Duration/Cost table		Range/Cost table
Duration	MP cost		Range	MP cost
1 minute	0		10 m	0
2 minutes	1		20 m	1
4 minutes	2		40 m	2
8 minutes	3		80 m	3
16 minutes	4		160 m	4
32 minutes	5		320 m	5
64 minutes	6		640 m	6
2 hrs		7		1.3 km	7
4 hrs		8		2.5 km	8
8 hrs		9		5 km	9
16 hrs		10		10 km	10
32 hrs		11		20 km	11
3 days		12		40 km	12
6 days		13		80 km	13
12 days		14		160 km	14
24 days		15		320 km	15
48 days		16		640 km	16
3 months	17		1300 km	17
6 months	18		2500 km	18

EXAMPLE: Christeng wishes to cast Doomkill, using 6 Intensity and 4
Range.  He cannot add Duration, because Doomkill does not permit it.
This spell will cost 10 MPs; 6 Intensity + 4 Range.  Christeng's
applicable skills are Doomkill 30, Intensity 55, and Range 20.  Since
Range is the lowest skill, he need simply roll 20 or less to succeed.

	For an attack spell to take effect, you must "overcome" the
defender.  To do this, you match your POW or MPs (whichever is lower)
vs.  the defender's POW.  Some spells must overcome some stat other than
POW.  You still use the lower of your POW or MPs to overcome him, unless
the spell description says otherwise.

Fertile and Barren Magic Areas
	Some parts of Tekumel have more inherent magic than others, and
spellcasting is altered thereby.  Spells cast within "fertile" lands
cost only 1/2 normal Magic Points.  Spells cannot be cast at all within
"barren" lands, and even magico-technological devices can only function
once, and then cannot be used again until returned to a more fertile
locale.  Spells cast within "semi-barren" lands cost twice normal.

	To learn a spell, one must spend 50 hours of training multiplied
by the spell's minimum point value.  In addition, the caster must
sacrifice 1 POW per spell he learns.  The spell starts at a skill
percentage equal to the learner's INT.