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Subject: Volume 10, no 6: Sandy Petersen's RQ rules for Tekumel (3 of 7)
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	Rules and conversions for running a Tekumel campaign
	with the RuneQuest rule system.  By Sandy Petersen.

    Part 3: Common Spells: shared by several deities

    Tekumel and related materials are copyright M.A.R Barker 
    and used with permission 1-1-1994.   

    These rules and conversions are Copyright 1994 Sandy Petersen.
    All rights reserved.

    RuneQuest is the Avalon Hill Game Company's Trademark for its
    fantasy role-playing game.


Common Spells: shared by several deities
A # indicates the point value of a Fixed spell.

Spell Name		Temples
Acceleration		Avanthe, Belkhanu, Dlamelish, Hnalla,  
Karakan, Vimuhla
Adornment		Avanthe, Dlamelish
Artfulness		Avanthe, Hnalla, Ksarul, Thumis
Benefaction (9)		All but Karakan, Sarku, and Vimuhla
Blade of Inexorable Disjection (4)	Karakan, Vimuhla
Blessing of the Planes	Belkhanu, Hnalla, Ksarul, Sarku, Thumis
Comprehension (5)	Hnalla, Hru'u, Ksarul, Thumis
Derangement (8)		Belkhanu, Hnalla, Hru'u, Sarku
Dessication		Avanthe, Hru'u, Ksarul, Sarku
Doomkill (6)		Hnalla, Karakan, Vimuhla
Empowering and Enervation	Avanthe, Dlamelish, Karakan, Vimuhla
Enhancement and Debilitation	Karakan, Sarku, Vimuhla
Excellence		Karakan, Vimuhla
Far-Seeing		Karakan, Vimuhla
Guarding (6)		Belkhanu, Hnalla, Hru'u, Ksarul, Sarku,  
Hands of Kra the Mighty (4)	Avanthe, Belkhanu, Dlamelish, Sarku
Intrepidity (2)		Karakan, Vimuhla
Missile of Mettalja (4)	Ksarul, Thumis
Necromantic Domination	Ksarul, Sarku, Thumis
Pestilence (3)		Avanthe, Dlamelish, Sarku
Prorogation		Avanthe, Dlamelish, Hru'u, Ksarul,  
The Radiant Gaze	Karakan, Vimuhla
Reanimation (9)		Hru'u, Sarku
Sagacity		Ksarul, Sarku, Thumis
Silver Halo of Soul-Stealing (5)	Belkhanu, Hru'u
Speculum of Retribution (4)	all but Belkhanu and Vimuhla  
Stealth			Belkhanu, Hru'u, Ksarul, Sarku
Tranquilization (6)	Avanthe, Belkhanu, Hnalla
Vapor of Death (6)	Hru'u, Ksarul, Sarku, Vimuhla
Visitations of Other Planes (10)	Belkhanu, Hnalla, Hru'u,  
Ksarul, Sarku, Thumis


touch     (Belkhanu, Hnalla, Karakan, Vimuhla) 
Increases target's DEX by 1/Intensity. This spell can be reversed.

(Avanthe, Dlamelish)
Increases target's APP by 1/Intensity. The reverse form of this
spell is indetectible to the target.

touch     (Avanthe, Hnalla, Ksarul, Thumis)
The target is able to recall a non-stress, non-magic skill
accurately. The target's chances of success is increased by
5/Intensity. This spell won't work in any kind of stress situation.
Thus, it can't be used in combat, or to help someone to Swim who is

touch, instant      (All but Karakan, Sarku, and Vimuhla)
Restores the user's MPs to maximum minus 1d6. Each time this spell
is cast, an additional 1d6 is subtracted from the maximum, until
the user goes a full day without casting it. The 9 MPs used in
casting Benefaction are restored, too.

touch     (Karakan, Vimuhla)
Creates a brilliant sword of ruby-hued energy which does 3d8 damage
and has 15 AP for parrying (but can't be broken). If the target
drops the blade, it dissipates.

touch     (Belkhanu, Hnalla, Ksarul, Sarku, Thumis)
Strengthens the target's stats for magic resistance (only) by

self only      (Hnalla, Hru'u, Ksarul, Thumis) 
Lets the caster understand a foreign language, written or spoken.

(Belkhanu, Hnalla, Hru'u, Sarku)
The target, which must be an intelligent creature, goes insane. No
effect on those under an Intensity 3+ Control of Self spell. 

touch, instant      (Avanthe, Hru'u, Ksarul, Sarku)
Part of the target's body dries up, causing damage equal to
Intensity. The victim cannot resist. This damage can only be cured
by magic. If the victim loses a third or more of his HP in a single
casting of this spell, a limb is withered permanently unless fully
Healed within the hour.

instant, no Multispell   (Hnalla, Karakan, Vimuhla)
Produces a noisy, brilliant explosion, doing a basic 3d6 damage
over a 3m diameter area. Each additional Intensity increases damage
by 1d6 and the diameter by 1m. Thus, a 9 Intensity spell does 6d6
damage over 6m diameter. Affected non-living objects are normally
destroyed, and buildings can suffer structural damage. 
     Doomkill is unreliable. If the caster fumbles, the blast fails
to leave his hand, and centers on him! If he receives a critical or
special success, it works perfectly. Otherwise, it over- or
undershoots a number of meters equal to the last digit on the d100
rolled (even numbers overshoot, odds undershoot). Thus, if 57 were
rolled, it would undershoot by 7 meters. 

(Avanthe, Dlamelish, Karakan, Vimuhla)
Increases target's STR by 1/Intensity. This spell can be reversed.

(Karakan, Sarku, Vimuhla)
Increases the AP of a piece of steel by 1/Intensity per 2 ENC.
Thus, 13 ENC of steel mail takes 6 Intensity. Sarku's version of
this spell works on copper, rather than steel. When the spell
expires, if the item has taken more damage than it can now handle,
it shatters.
     This spell can be reversed to damage, rather than enhance,
weapons and armor. 

touch     (Karakan, Vimuhla)
The target's combat skills are increased by 5/Intensity.

no Intensity   (Karakan, Vimuhla)
Provides the caster with a "telescope". Objects up to the spell's
Range are seen as if only 1m away.

no range  (Belkhanu, Hnalla, Hru'u, Ksarul, Sarku, Thumis)
Forms a 30m diameter magic-proof circle around the caster. No spell
may enter or leave, but physical beings and missiles can cross the
border. Magical creatures (demons, automatons, etc.) can't cross
the boundary unless they are inside when the spell is cast (in
which case they can leave, but not re-enter). This enchantment is
stationary -- it does not move with the caster.

instant   (Avanthe, Belkhanu, Dlamelish, Sarku)
The Hands have a STR of 10 per Intensity.  They can be used to
perform any simple but crude act of strength, or they can be used
vs. a target, who is seized by an invisible vice, as though by
great pincers. If the target fails to resist with his STR vs. twice
the spell's Intensity, he is crushed to a pulp. In any case, he
suffers damage equal to 1 per Intensity. 

(Karakan, Vimuhla)
Makes a willing target fanatical -- he can no longer parry or
dodge, but his attack is increased by half-again and he is immune
to fear. Additional Intensity has no effect. 

instant   (Ksarul, Thumis)
A silent, invisible bolt of psychic force is fired at the target.
The caster may choose to slay or stun. If he chooses to slay, match
the Intensity vs. the target's POW. Success kills and failure stuns
for 1 round. If he chooses to stun, success knocks the victim
unconscious for hours, while failure stuns for 1d6 rounds. If the
target's POW is 10 or more higher than the intensity, this spell
has no effect. 

(Ksarul, Sarku, Thumis)
Controls undead beings. Intensity 1 is sufficient to dominate Mrur
and Shedra. Intensity 4 dominates intelligent types of undead. The
targets can be commanded to flee, remain immobile, perform simple
tasks, and give guidance (so far as they are able). However, they
cannot be ordered to commit suicide, to fight against other undead
under the caster's control (though they'll fight others not in
his/her power), or emerge into daylight, brightly lit rooms, or
even into inhabited areas by night.

touch, instant      (Avanthe, Dlamelish, Sarku)
Causes the victim to contract a deadly, contagious plague.
Alleviation or Disenchantment must be cast within CON minutes, or
death is inevitable within CON hours. There is a 90% chance of
infecting any other being of the same species who touches the
corpse or its possessions. Huge bluish welts appear as soon as the
spell takes effect. Even if the victim recovers, his garments &
possessions are contaminated and must be cleansed. Water and Ve
paste are best for disinfection, as does fire. This plague is
species-specific, and other species can safely handle a corpse.

(Avanthe, Dlamelish, Hru'u, Ksarul, Sarku, Thumis)
Lowers the target's SR by 1 per Intensity. If his SR drops below 0,
he hits only every second round on his normal SR. For instance, a
character with a SR of 6 who was hit by a Prorogation 7, would
strike on 6-7 = 5 every other round. More intensity can reduce him
further, even to hitting only every third round. 

instant   (Karakan, Vimuhla)
A visible, hissing blast of energy, scarlet for Karakan, and
orange-red for Vimuhla. This flame does 2d(Intensity) damage. Thus,
Intensity 10 does 2d10 fire damage. It sets inflammable things
alight, including clothes or hair.

touch, instant      (Hru'u, Sarku)
Brings a corpse (dead less than a week) back to a semblance of
life. Wounds and damage are not healed. The reanimated lich has a
greyish skin and emits a faint odor of putrescence. He possesses
all his skills, but STR, DEX, and APP are 1/2 normal. After a week
of half-life, he begins to decay, losing 1 point off STR, DEX, and
APP each day thereafter. When he reaches 0, he "dies" again, and
can never be revivified (though he could be turned into an undead).
The Revivify spell automatically works on a Reanimated person. 

touch     (Ksarul, Sarku, Thumis)
Raises target's INT by 1/Intensity. This spell can be reversed. 

instant   (Belkhanu, Hru'u)
A glittering circlet of energy spins through the air. If a struck
target fails to resist, his spirit is borne away forever into the
Unending Grey, leaving him a mindless automaton whose every action
must be specifically commanded. Disenchantment is useless -- only
Revivication or Re-embodiment can restore the soul. Physical
defense or cover is futile, but the Silver Halo is deflected by
Warding, Seal Upon the Powers, Muniments of Excellence and similar
spells. The Halo does not work on soulless beings (demons, etc.)
     For each Intensity above 5, subtract 5% from the victim's
chances of resisting.

no range  (all but Belkhanu and Vimuhla)
Creates an invisible shield around the caster. If he successfully
resists a spell directed at him, the hostile spell is redirected
back onto the enemy magician. He is permitted to resist as usual.
     This does not block physical weapons or objects. 

touch     (Belkhanu, Hru'u, Ksarul, Sarku)
Each Intensity increases all the target's Stealth skills by 10.

(Avanthe, Belkhanu, Hnalla)
Everywhere within the Range is surrounded by an area of calm. Rain,
wind, and snow cannot enter; ocean waves are stilled; and even
earthquakes cease within the spell's range. Useful aboard ships.

instant, no range   (Hru'u, Ksarul, Sarku, Vimuhla)
A visible fog of noxious gas appears 1m in front of the caster and
rolls directly away at a speed of 1m/sr.  The fog is roughly 1m in
every dimension, +1m for each Intensity over the initial 6. The
exact effects vary with the temple.

Deity     Vapor Type
Hru 'u    Purplish-gray nerve gas. Breathing creatures die in 2
          rounds unless they resist with their CON. Control of
          Self protects. Alleviation cures the target.
Ksarul    Bluish-black suffocating gas; breathing creatures take
          1d8 damage, and continue to "bleed" 1 pt per round
          internally until death. Control of Self protects.
          Healing, but not Alleviation, cures and stops all damage.
Sarku     Green-brown corrisive gas, causing 3d6 damage. Armor does
          not protect, but wet cloth reduces damage to 1d6.
          Immersion in water prevents damage. 
Vimuhla   Reddish-brown smoke; breathing creatures die in 4
          rounds from fumes. On round 1, one feels drowsy. On 2,
          he falls unconscious. On 3, he goes into a coma. On 4,
          he dies. Alleviation, Control of Self, and rolling
          CONx3 all cure and/or protect the victim. 

(Belkhanu, Hnalla, Hru'u, Ksarul, Sarku, Thumis)
The caster can see an interplanar nexus point and go through it,
taking companions with him. He can see through the point and get an
idea of what lies on the other side (i.e., whether there is
breathable air or immediate harm awaiting).