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Subject: Volume 10, no 6: Sandy Petersen's RQ rules for Tekumel (4 of 7)
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	Rules and conversions for running a Tekumel campaign
	with the RuneQuest rule system.  By Sandy Petersen.

    Part 4: Cult and Temple spells:  Avanthe, Belkhanu, 
		Chegarra, Chiteng, Dilinala

    Tekumel and related materials are copyright M.A.R Barker 
    and used with permission 1-1-1994.   

    These rules and conversions are Copyright 1994 Sandy Petersen.
    All rights reserved.

    RuneQuest is the Avalon Hill Game Company's Trademark for its
    fantasy role-playing game.


A # indicates minimum pt value.

Spell Name
Breath of the Goddess (shared with Dilinala)
Climatisation (shared with Dilinala)
Envenomisation (8)
Well That Waters the World (6) (shared with Dilinala)
Zoification (5)

BREATH OF THE GODDESS (Avanthe & Dilinala) touch
Can be cast either as "exhalation" or "inhalation".
     "Exhalation" forms a bubble of breathable air around the
caster with a 1m radius per Intensity. It can be used underwater,
in poison gas, etc. It may repel hostile sea creatures. 
     "Inhalation" creates a bubble of vacuum within the radius.
Each living being within takes 1d(intensity) damage; no resistance
allowed. The caster is always inside. 

CLIMATISATION (Avanthe & Dilinala) self-only
Creates a pleasant climate in a 1m per intensity globe around the
caster, shielding her from temperatures from -40 C (-40 F) to 60 C
(140 F). It keeps off rain, snow, and wind (and dispells a wind
Vallation). The spell moves with her.

ENVENOMISATION (Avanthe) (8) touch
If overcome, the target (not a magic being) is infused with a
poison which can be activated whenever the caster wishes (so long
as the spell has not expired). Once activated, he dies painlessly
in 2 combat rounds. Alleviation cures the poison (considered to
have a POT equal to the caster's POW), but not Disenchantment. 

FRUCTIFICATION (Avanthe) instant, touch
Increases fertility. Effect varies with intensity. 
     1    An unproductive plant is made fruitful, and bears
          abundant fruit at its normal growing period.
     2    One barren (unintelligent) female animal is made
          fertile and capable of impregnation.
     3    As 2, but works on semi-intelligent beings.
     6    As 2, but works on females of the caster's species.

SEISMISM (Avanthe) 
Causes an earth tremor within a radius of the spell's Range. Anyone
within the circle of effect must subtract the spell's Intensity
from their DEX, then roll their remaining DEXx5 each round to
remain standing; if their die roll is more than twice the needed
roll, they take 1d6 damage and fall. Delicate objects have a 20%
chance per Intensity of breaking if their bearer falls. If cast
indoors, roofs, walls, and pillars have a 10% chance per Intensity
of being brought down. 

WELL THAT WATERS THE WORLD (Avanthe & Dilinala) S 6
A horizontal hole appears in the ground or other hard surface. It
produces 50 liters of water per extra Intensity. The water is of
extra-planar origin, so this spell can even be cast on the deck of
a ship.

ZOIFICATION (Avanthe) (5)
Makes plants take on a sort of half-life for the Duration, whipping
and snatching at those within a circle of effect 1m radius per
Intensity. Low growths -- bushes, shrubs, weeds, & grasses -- only
impede movement; victims must roll STRx3 to move or stand up, and
STRx5 to keep from being pulled down. 
     Saplings or trees do 2d6 damage per round (armor protects) to
anyone nearby, but do not impede movement unless there is
undergrowth present (which acts as described above).


Sorry guys, I haven't yet had anyone in my Tekumel games either want  
to be a worshiper of Belkhanu, nor oppose said worshipers, so I  
haven't got round to writing up his spells. 


Spell Name
The Gauntlet of Might
The Harness of the God-King
Higher Mastery (shared by Karakan)
Replication of Heroes (4) (shared by Karakan)
Swift Thrust of Death (9) (shared by Karakan)
The Valor of the Divine Kingdom

THE GAUNTLET OF MIGHT (Chegarra) touch
The target's hand takes on a metallic, glittering appearance.
Anyone struck by the fist takes 1 extra point of damage per
Intensity. Can smash open a door -- match double the Intensity vs.
the door's armor points. Also, cancels Barring and Broaching
(Vimuhla) if its Intensity is no more than 2 less than the
defensive spell. 

     Summons the 12-pt suit of armor worn by Chegarra's legendary
shield-bearer, Danuo, at the Battle of Dormoron Plain. It appears
before the caster and anyone can then don it, taking the usual
length of time. It cannot be dispelled by Disenchantment. 
     The user must not be a worshiper of Change, and must have at
least 90% in a melee attack and parry skill, or the armor returns
to its own plane in disgust and will never again respond to a
summons from the caster who has dishonored them. 
     For 5 Intensity, the large shield Chonkotuel also appears. It
has 20 armor points, which are never reduced due to damage.
     For 9 Intensity, the one-handed sword Arosuel comes. It has 12
armor points, which are never reduced due to damage, and does
double damage. It also can cast The Radiant Gaze at Intensity 6,
which it can cast for the user (using his MPs to power it).
     The shield and sword must be used by the armor-wearer.

The caster becomes recognized as leader of all friendly individuals
within Range, and they will obey so long as he gives "brave" or
"heroic" commands. The higher the Intensity, the higher their
morale is raised. This spell is most useful in a mass combat


Spell Name                    Type
Devitalization (see Vimuhla)
Punition (6)
Calcination (6)
Fist of Fire (3)
Infrangible Incandescent Orb (10) (see Vimuhla)
Panoply of Iron (6) (see Vimuhla)

CALCINATION (Chiteng) (6); instant
This silent, invisible spell burns a neat, flameless hole through
the target, doing 4d6 damage which he cannot resist. However, armor
protects normally. 
     The spell can be cast to burn a hole through any non-metal
substance. To do this, the caster must touch the target, and Range
in cm is the depth the hole reaches. The hole is 1/2 as wide as it
is deep, or narrower if the caster wishes.

FIST OF FIRE (Chiteng) (3); instant
Hurls a glob of molten lava from the heart of some world in the
Planes beyond. The caster's chance to hit is equal to his skill in
any thrown missile. If the missile hits, it does 1d6 damage per
Intensity (armor and shields protect normally), and sets
inflammable belongings ablaze. Anyone within 3m of the target must
roll DEXx5 or be splashed with some lava for half damage.

PUNITION (Chiteng) (6)
This favorite spell of the Company of the Edification of the Soul
causes incredible burning agony, but leaves no external mark. A
target that fails to resist must attempt a CON roll. If he rolls
over CONx5, he is incapacitated and, if questioned, will confess to
crimes, provide information, etc. If he rolls CONx5 or less, he
retains enough presence of mind to move or take non-combat actions
(but no spells). He can lie or equivocate if interrogated. If he
rolls CONx2 or less, he can ignore the pain.

Spell Name                    Type
Crown of Purity
Encapsulation (5)
Well That Waters the World (6) (shared with Avanthe)
Breath of the Goddess (shared with Avanthe)
Climatisation (shared with Avanthe)
Girdle of the Maiden

An intelligent being who fails to resist must reply truthfully to
one question that the caster asks. The spells Domination and
Eradicator of Veracity (Sarku) render the target immune to this
spell. Also, the Nyagga and Mihalli are immune to this spell. 

     1    works on members of the caster's species
     4    works on members of friendly species
     5    works on inimical species (Ssu, Hluss, etc.)
     7    works on undead
     8    works on androids, automatons, and animated statues

ENCAPSULATION (Dilinala) (5)
A target who fails to resist is put out of synch with this Plane.
For the Duration, he is a frozen statue, solid as steel, unable to
move or think, and immune to any type of damage, magic or
otherwise. Objects attached to the target (including other beings
in close physical contact) are included in the stasis.
Disenchantment frees the target. 
     It normally works on beings up to SIZ 20. Each additional
Intensity increases the SIZ affected by 5.

GIRDLE OF THE MAIDEN (Dilinala) C, touch
This spell is reversable. When cast in the "positive" mode, a faint
turquoise glow surrounds the target, who must be female. For each
Intensity, her Fatigue and Hit Points are increased by 1 for the
Duration. This spell is ineffective on beings lacking a clearly
defined female genre (hence, it won't affect Ahoggya, Pachi Lei, or
the hermaphroditic Mihalli).
     In the "negative" mode, it may only be cast on a male of the
caster's species. That male is then rendered incapable of attacking
any female in hand-to-hand combat for the Duration. He can fire
missiles or spells, and can attack females of other species. A
female not recognizable as such (in boy's clothing, cloaked), can
also be attacked. An affected male can parry, shout for help, etc. 

Spell Name
Concupiscence (6)
Emerald Paramour (5)
Imbition (4) (shared by Hrihayal)
Polychrest of the Third Octant (shared by Hrihayal)
Potence (shared by Hrihayal)
Rejuvenescence and Senescence 

CONCUPISCENCE (Dlamelish) (6)
The target experiences compelling, instant, and unbearable ecstasy.
If she fails to resist, she loses all sense of what she is doing
and is incapacitated. Normally, only beings capable of joy can be
affected by this spell. However, at Intensity 9, the spell affects
undead and creatures produced by magic. 

EMERALD PARAMOUR (Dlamelish) (5)
An incubus or succubus appears which the caster can send forth to
a specified victim, who must be known to the caster by name and
appearance, plus be within Range. When confronted by the Paramour,
the target must roll POWx5 or fall madly in love. If in love, he'll
do everything possible to remain with the creature, fighting off
his friends, resisting to the death, etc. In any case, the target
cannot bear to attack the Paramour physically or magically, though
he could try to flee or dispell it with Disenchantment or similar
     The Paramour is immune to all physical and most magical
attacks. Anyone within 1m of the Paramour loses 1 HP every 5
minutes. One thusly slain by the Paramour cannot be Revivified,
though Re-embodiment (Belkhanu) will restore him.

ENTHRALLMENT (Dlamelish) touch; duration in hours
This spell is indetectible. Each Intensity adds +5 to any attempt
made to impress or attract someone of one's own species. It is best
for skills such as Dance, Sing, Play (instrument), etc. 
     Can also be used to perform an outright seduction of an
unwilling individual. If the spell is not resisted, the caster
receives a 10% chance of success per Intensity. If the caster
succeeds, the target will reveal secrets, give orders, and
otherwise act according to the wishes of his erstwhile paramour for
several minutes after each sexual encounter.
     The spell can be reversed, in which case the target is made
subtly repulsive. 

POLYCHREST OF THE THIRD OCTANT (Dlamelish & Hrihayal) touch
Each Intensity raises the target's CON by 1. May be reversed. If a
target's CON is reduced to 0, he does not die, but becomes
incapacitated, though he remains fully conscious. In addition, if
CON reaches 0, the spell's effects become permanent (but can be
Disenchanted). This latter is employed as a punishment. The
helpless victim, still able to understand what is being done, is
placed in a featureless chamber, fed with Nutrification, and left
to go mad with boredom and solitude.

EMULATION (Dlamelish) C; touch 
The caster is disguised as another person. She can change her
apparent size by +8 or -4. Her stats don't change, and if a being
has more limbs than she, she cannot activate any "extra" limbs. She
cannot employ any special powers or language of the being she
resembles. Disenchantment restores her natural shape. Intensity
varies what she can imitate. 

     1    a member of the same species, sex, and approximate age.
          She cannot become a specific person, merely look
          different from her normal appearance.
     3    as above, but can emulate a specific person.
     7    a being of a different species, sex, or age, including 
          non-intelligent or semi-intelligent animals, but not a
          specific one
     10   as above, but can emulate a specific being.

IMBITION (Dlamelish & Hrihayal) (4); touch   
A defensive spell. If the user is attacked by an aggressive spell,
and successfully resists, the offensive spell's Intensity is added
onto the player's MPs (up to her normal maximum).

POTENCE (Dlamelish & Hrihayal) touch; Duration in hours     
For the Duration, the target has the stamina to maintain his or her
sexual powers, no matter how many encounters he or she may have.
This can be reversed to cause impotence instead. 

REJUVENESCENCE/SENESCENCE (Dlamelish) touch; duration in days
The target is rejuvenated for the spell's duration. She becomes
younger and has all the powers of her youth, while retaining the
knowledge, skills, memories, etc. of her present age. For each
Intensity, she becomes 1 year younger. This spell can be reversed,
in which case each Intensity increases the target's physical age by
1d6 years, possibly lowering stats.
     This spell can be made permanent. To do this, the caster needs
no Duration, but sacrifices 1 POW. A small blackish nut-like kernel
is created, which the target must keep within 50m. If the kernel is
taken beyond this distance, it crumbles, and the target at once
returns to her real age. This spell can be cast multiple times,
creating several kernels. 
     All forms of this spell (even the permanent one) are
vulnerable to Disenchantment.