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Subject: Volume 10, no 6: Sandy Petersen's RQ rules for Tekumel (7 of 7)
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	Rules and conversions for running a Tekumel campaign
	with the RuneQuest rule system.  By Sandy Petersen.

    Part 7: Cult and Temple spells: Sarku, Thumis, Vimuhla, Wuru

    Tekumel and related materials are copyright M.A.R Barker 
    and used with permission 1-1-1994.   

    These rules and conversions are Copyright 1994 Sandy Petersen.
    All rights reserved.

    RuneQuest is the Avalon Hill Game Company's Trademark for its
    fantasy role-playing game.


Spell Name
Bulwark of Amber 
Depuration (shared by Durritlamish)
Eradicator of Veracity (3) (shared by Durritlamish)
Hebetation of the Intellect (8)
Necrofacture (3)
Summoning of the Spectral Hosts (shared by Durritlamish)
Vermiculation (5)

BULWARK OF AMBER (Sarku) self only
The caster is surrounded by a sombre brownish blow. Whenever a
hostile spell is aimed at him with an Intensity less than the
Intensity of the Bulwark, he gains 1 MP per Intensity of the
incoming spell. This does not operate against "Eyes" or
non-aggressive spells. 

DEPURATION (Sarku & Durritlamish)  touch; instant
A piece of unenchanted steel is "purified" and turned into soft
copper. This halves its armor points. Each Intensity permits the
transformation of 1 kg at a single time.

ERADICATOR OF VERACITY (Sarku & Durritlamish) (3); touch; instant
The target is normally an inanimate object. The spell can be
canceled with Disenchantment, but this must be done before any
other spell on the object can be dispelled. Effects vary with

     3    Allows caster to create a false history for the object
          (making it appear non-magical, if desired) to foil the
          Elicitation spell.
     5    Makes the object appear to have another spell on it
          (caster's choice)
     7    Target is a living or undead being, whose Magic Bonus
          and # of spells known can be made to appear anything
          desired. Used to fool Elicitation.
     9    Makes an object indetectible and impenetrable by any
          form of Elicitation
     10   One living or undead being is given a new identity,
          though he is unchanged physically. Elicitation or
          Perception of the Energies cannot reveal his true 
          nature, nor can Domination force him to do so. He
          cannot cross any "Enchantment" barrier (Sphere of
          Impermeable Quiescence, Guarding, etc.). "Ceremonial"
          barriers are no obstacle. 

One living or undead intelligent being is rendered mindless for the
Duration. Only autonomic body functions continue to operate.
Disenchantment dispels the effect.

NECROFACTURE (Sarku) (3); touch
Creates an undead creature from a corpse of the caster's species.
For 3 extra Intensity, the creature can be of any intelligent
species except an "inimical" one. Intensity 3 produces Mrur.
Intensity 5 produces Shedra. Intensity 9 produces Jajqi.

Sends forth a hissing, mournful call that is heard by undead within
Range, who must come in obedience and obey the caster's will for
the Duration. Intensity controls.
     1    Mrur are summoned.  
     4    Mrur and Shedra are summoned. 
     8    all undead beings are summoned.
     If an undead being is already under the control of a Priest of
Sarku, it obeys the will of the sorcerer with the higher POW. If it
is under the control of a Priest of Ksarul, it leaves him for a
Priest of Sarku for this spell's Duration. 

VERMICULATION (Sarku) (5)     
An area of ground 3m across is covered with the tiny, wriggling
Worms of Death for the Duration. This cannot be cast on a vertical
surface or a creature, but must be on the substrate. Anyone
standing in or walking through the area must roll DEX x 5 each
round or a worm eats through his boot and enters his bloodstream,
after which it does 1d6-1 damage per round thereafter. Metal-shod
boots prevent this. Climbing onto a piece of furniture or other
object will also save one from the worms. 
     Intensity 9 summons the Worms of the Night. These can
penetrate earth, stone, and wood, but are blocked by metal. Two
rounds enable them to climb up over shoes, clothing, etc., and
enter the body. Once they enter, they bloat at once, causing 1d6
damage the first round, 2d6 damage the second round, and death the
third round. 
     Alleviation will rid the victim of either worm type, and
Healing cures the damage. 

Spell Name     Type
Benignity (shared by Ketengku)
Discerner of Enchantments (shared by Ketengku)
Gate of the Gray Pentacle (2) (shared by Ketengku)
Preserver of Wisdom
Sagacious Acquisition

BENIGNITY (Thumis & Ketengku)
One hostile being is made neutral towards the caster for the
Duration. The target won't attack, nor issue commands to others to
do so. If threatened, he'll defend himself. If constrained by
outside factors, he may act to the caster's detriment, though still
not feeling any ill will. For instance, a hangman is required by
his superiors to hang his prisoners, and will do so. The spell is
mainly for use in turning a confrontation into a neutral situation,
such as permitting the caster passage through a hostile area. The
Intensity determines who is affected. 
     2    a member of the caster's species
     5    a member of any friendly intelligent species
     7    a member of a "neutral" species (Mihalli, Nyagga)
     8    a semi-intelligent or unintelligent animal
     10   a member of an inimical intelligent species

DISCERNER OF ENCHANTMENTS (Thumis & Ketengku) instant
Must be directed at a spell or magic item. The exact effects vary
with Intensity.
     1    identity, description, and strength for a Universal
     3    identity, description, and strength of any Common
     5    identity, description, and strength of any Temple
     6    identity, description, and number of charges of an
          "Eye" or other magico-technological device.
     8    removes the spell Eradicator of Veracity (Sarku)

GATE OF THE GRAY PENTACLE (Thumis & Ketengku) (2); no Range
A whirling, iridescent, pearly nexus point appears 1m before the
caster, and moves directly away at a speed of 10m/round, vanishing
at the end of its Duration. It can engulf SIZ 10 per Intensity.
Instead of increasing SIZ affected, additional Intensity can be
used to speed up the nexus at a rate of 10m/round. Any small-enough
being touched by this interplanar gate disappears into it and can
only return through Visitations of Other Planes or
Transmogrification (Belkhanu). The destination is random (roll
     D10  Destination
     1-2  an airless interstice between the planes (only Divine
          Intervention can restore the victim to existence)
     3    a Demon Plane, uninhabited world, or planet occupied by
          another race
     4    another time and place on Tekumel itself
     5-6  another location on Tekumel, but same time period
     7-8  same time period, but no more than 2 km distant
     9-10 same time period, but no more than 300 km distant
     This spell can be canceled by Disenchantment, or the target
can resist.  

GUIDING (Thumis) self only
The caster is infallibly guided back along his/her previous route
without recourse to maps for the Duration. He cannot become lost or
confused by secret doors, hidden trails, or other physical methods
of deception, so long as he passed through them before. Interplanar
nexi, teleportation, and magic barriers block this, such as the
Sphere of Impermeable Quiescence, Guarding, the Inimitable Defender
(Hnalla), the Ritual of the Purified Sphere (Hnalla), the
Vindication of Instability (Hru'u), and similar shields. This spell
does not inform the caster of the existence of secrets, traps, or
ambushes that were not detected in coming. 
     At Intensity 8, the caster is made aware of the presence of
Traps along his path, but not how they work. "Traps" includes any
mechanical or magic device made to deceive or harm the party.     
spell is immune to Disenchantment. 

PRESERVER OF WISDOM (Thumis) touch; Duration in years 
The target is a book or scroll, made of any common material (paper,
parchment, wooden plaques, slate, etc.). This spell preserves such
a document for a lengthy period of time. Intensity affects the
preservation value.
     1    preserved against insects, rot, and mildew 
     2    restores tensile strength to a volume that has become
          brittle with age
     3    waterproof
     4    fireproof (except against magic fire); also protected
          vs. molds and fungi; even magic ones, such as Affable
          Blight of Lord Uni (Ksarul)
     5    magical "alarm" that sends a silent psychic signal up
          to 300m, to the person or group designated by the 
          caster, if the book is touched without permission
     6    made proof against interplanar transportation. Cannot
          be teleported, inserted through a nexus point, etc.

SAGACIOUS ACQUISITION (Thumis) Duration in hours
Halves the time needed to learn a skill or spell. The spell must be
operational throughout the entire training or research period. Can
be used to help learning through experience, in which case the
spell must be effective from before the skill is used (the check
mark gained) and for one week thereafter. When used in this latter
manner, the chance of the skill check failing is halved.

Spell Name
Devitalization (shared by Chiteng)
Devotion to the Flame (5)
Barring and Broaching
Bolt of Imminent Immolation (9)
Carpet of Conflagration (7)
Inexpugnability (7)
Infrangible Incandescent Orb (10) (shared by Chiteng)
Panoply of Iron (6) (shared by Chiteng)

This spell comes in three varieties.
     Physical Bar: Cast upon an aperture of any type, which is
sealed by an opaque dull-orange barrier for the Duration. This
spell cannot be dropped until it expires, unless canceled by the
reverse version of this same spell, Disenchantment, or the Gauntlet
of Might (Chegarra). No form of physical damage can breach the
barrier. Each Intensity permits the spell to affect 1 square meter
of aperture area. 
     Magical Bar:  As per Type One, but cast on a door, gate,
drawbridge, portcullis, or other physical entry point. This version
makes the gate proof against all spells except Doomkill. No
protection is provided against physical missiles, fire, or other
non-magical breachings.
     Broaching: This is the reverse spell, useful solely for
breaching magically sealed openings. It cancels out an aperture
under the Physical Bar version of this spell, Warding, or the
Obsidian Obelisk. It does nothing to the Muniments of Excellence or
the Pearl-Gray Citadel (Ketengku). The sealings of the demon Tkel
also resist this effect.

BOLT OF IMMINENT IMMOLATION (Vimuhla) (9); instant
A bolt of lightning strikes a random target within a 3m diameter
circle, the center of which is chosen by the caster. If anyone in
the circle carries iron, it strikes them in preference. Should the
spell overcome the target's CON, he is electrocuted and all his
non-metal possessions are incinerated. Any tree within the circle
of effect must be included as a possible target. 

A small river of molten lava (3m wide, 6m long, 30 cm deep) appears
1m in front of the caster and flows away from him at a speed of
1m/round until it reaches its extreme Range (or its Duration
expires), when it dissipates. It flows around corners and down
staircases, and takes 1 round to burn through wooden barriers. Each
additional Intensity adds 1m to width, 1m to length, and 10 cm to
     It is invulnerable to Disenchantment, and cannot be dropped by
the caster once created. It is frozen solid by Congelation (Hru'u),
and by a Vallation of water, ice, or grave earth. It is also
blocked by the Obsidian Obelisk (Ksarul), the Muniments of
Excellence, the Pearl-Gray Citadel (Ketengku), or by Barring and
Broaching (Vimuhla). 
     Those engulfed in the river take 4d6 damage per round until
dead or escaped.

DEVITALIZATION (Vimuhla & Chiteng)
Permanently drops the target's STR or POW (caster's choice) by 1d3
per Intensity. However, costs the caster 1 POW per Intensity as

DEVOTION TO THE FLAME (Vimuhla) (5); touch
The target goes berserk for the Duration. His HP are doubled, and
he becomes immune to Fear and the effects of Deadly or Serious
Wounds, and keeps fighting till his HP reach 0 (and he dies). His
attack is increased by half-again and he cannot parry or dodge. He
cannot cast any spells while berserk.

INEXPUGNABILITY (Vimuhla) (7); touch 
The target must be a fighter carrying an edged steel weapon. The
weapon takes on a faint flame-like nimbus of orange light. So long
as the target wields this weapon, he cannot be hit with another
edged melee weapon; each time an opponent's blow would do damage to
the target, he takes no damage at all, and instead the opponent
takes 1d3 pts of damage! This offers no protection against blunt
weapons, missiles, or the Weapon of the Prince of Valor (Karakan),
nor does it protect against magic damage.

INFRANGIBLE INCANDESCENT ORB (Vimuhla & Chiteng) (10); self only
The caster is surrounded by a 3m diameter globe of crackling
flames. Those inside are unharmed by the heat. If the caster moves,
the globe moves with him. Anyone outside who is touched by the orb
takes 3d6 fire damage. Those inside cannot use melee weapons. Those
outside can shoot missiles within, or use long-hafted melee weapons
(which take 1d6 damage per round from the fire). The sphere is
opaque from outside, reducing outsiders' chances of hitting. It is
translucent from within, however, and those inside can shoot
missiles with 1/2 normal chances. 
     By concentration, he can levitate himself and the sphere 10m
per round. Disenchantment cancels out the sphere. 

PANOPLY OF IRON (Vimuhla & Chiteng) (6); touch
The target is suffused with a steel-gray hue and surrounded by a
halo of reddish light, like the glow emanating from a forge. This
spell provides the target with 8 points of armor. He cannot wear or
carry any metal. The target cannot cast any spells or use
magico-technological devices or the spell cancels.

Spell Name
Amethyst Expurgation (3) (shared with Hru'u)
Confusion (shared with Hru'u)
Eater of Souls (3)
Gray Hand (7)
Vindication of Instability (shared with Hru'u)

AMORPHIA (Wuru) no Multispell
A circular pool of rolling, sparkling, primeval chaos appears at
the site designated by the caster. The site must be empty of any
structure, individual, or object. It is 1m in diameter per
Intensity. Any being entering this pit of other-planar energy is
totally destroyed. The pool is hard to see in the dark, and if the
light is dim (moonlight, torchlight, etc.), a Search roll is needed
to spot it. Disenchantment destroys the pool.

Appearing 1m before the caster is a hideous automaton, gnarled and
knobbed like a stick of blackened, ancient wood. The caster must
take 1 round to point out and name the target. The name must be
known, or the spell flops; it is thus useless against animals,
strangers, and beings who lack personal names. The Eater pursues
its target to the limit of Range and Duration. The Eater of Souls
will fight others in its way, struggle past obstacles, break
through doors, and move mindlessly forward against any odds, trying
to catch and attack the target. If the target is slain, the
murderous being attempts to consume his organs, taking 2 minutes to
do so. If it succeeds, the target cannot be revivified nor can his
Spirit be contacted in the Isles of the Excellent Dead. The Eater
can be dispelled by Disenchantment.
     The Eater comes armed with any weapon the caster chooses. Per
Intensity, the Eater of Souls has STR 2d6, SIZ 1d6, Attack 20, and
2 armor pts. It always has DEX 20, CON 30, and Move 50.

GRAY HAND (Wuru) (7); touch; instant
If the target fails to resist, he is reduced to a pile of gray ash.
In its basic version, the spell can only penetrate 1 pt of armor
and cannot affect a creature larger than the caster. Each
additional Intensity can be used for one of the following:
     a. penetrate an additional pt of armor
     b. drop the target's STR & CON by 1d3 (only meaningful if
Revivication is attempted)
     c. permit the spell to affect 6 extra SIZ pts of target