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                        GLORANTHAN INDEX: THE SOURCES

                        Copyright 1994 Stephen Martin


Lucky Eddi                      White Dwarf 29		Oliver Dickinson
Griselda Gets Her Men           White Dwarf 30		Oliver Dickinson
The Great Chart Caper           the Big Rubble		Oliver Dickinson
Character Stats                 the Big Rubble		Oliver Dickinson
A Tasty Morsel                  White Dwarf 41		Oliver Dickinson
Shamus Gets a Case              White Dwarf 42		Oliver Dickinson
Hanufa's Little Sister          White Dwarf 43		Oliver Dickinson
All in the Family               White Dwarf 51		Oliver Dickinson
Down Among the Dead Men		Different Worlds 43	Oliver Dickinson
Bad Example                     Different Worlds 44	Oliver Dickinson
Good Advice                     Different Worlds 45	Oliver Dickinson
Wolfhead's Story                Tales/Reaching Moon 2	Oliver Dickinson
Serious Money                   Tales/Reaching Moon 3	Oliver Dickinson
Holding the Baby                Tales/Reaching Moon 4	Oliver Dickinson
That Love Business              Tales/Reaching Moon 5	Oliver Dickinson
Carving Up Carter               Tales/Reaching Moon 6	Oliver Dickinson
The Hero Bit                    Tales/Reaching Moon 7	Oliver Dickinson
Devil's Play                    Tales/Reaching Moon 8	Oliver Dickinson
Red Hot                         Tales/Reaching Moon 9	Oliver Dickinson
The Collected Griselda          The Collected Griselda	Oliver Dickinson


Note: Spirit Cults and subcults are listed only if they were published
separately from the long version or parent cult. Thus, the Humakti
subcult of Indrodar Greydog is listed separately, since it was not a
part of the Humakt III write-up, but Makla Mann is not; the Spirit
Cult version of Lodril is indexed, since it was published in Troll
Gods; etc. All listings marked "GoG" indicate the cult appeared as an
(incomplete) outline in Gods of Glorantha.  Since all of the cults
listed here are "official," authors are not given.

		Version	Source

Aldrya I			Cults of Prax
Aldrya III			GoG, Elder Secrets
Aldrya IIIO			Lords of Terror
Ancestor Worship (Generic)	see Daka Fal, Magra, Thed
Ancestor Worship III		Gods of Glorantha (incomplete)
"Ancient Great Mother" IIIO	Lords of Terror
Annilla	III			Troll Gods
Aranea (Hykim/Mikyh) II		Trollpak II
Aranea III			Troll Gods
Argan Argar II			Trollpak II
Argan Argar III			GoG, Troll Gods
Arkat Kingtroll			see Black Arkat
Asrelia (Spirit Cult) III	Troll Gods
Asreila (Cult Outline) III	Gods of Glorantha (incomplete)
Atyar				see Thanatar
Atyar IIIO			Lords of Terror
Aurelion			see Caladra & Aurelion
Bagog II			Cults of Terror
Bagog IIIW			GoG, White Wolf 22
Bagog III			Lords of Terror
Basmol				see Hykim/Mikyh
Black Arkat III			Troll Gods
Black Fang Brotherhood I	Runequest I
Black Fang Brotherhood II	Runequest II
Black Fang Brotherhood III	Gods of Glorantha (Thief Gods; incomplete)
Blackfinger (Spirit Cult) III	Gods of Glorantha (incomplete)
Black Sun III			Troll Gods
Bloody Tusk III			Elder Secrets, Broos #5
Bluegloom Cult			see Gloomshark
Boztakang (Spirit Cult)	III	Troll Gods
Cacodemon I			Different Worlds 2
Cacodemon II			Griffin Mountain
Cacodemon III			Elder Secrets
Cocodemon IIIO			Lords of Terror
Caladra and Aurelion II		Different Worlds 15
Chalana Arroy I			Cults of Prax
Chalana Arroy III		GoG, River of Cradles
City Gods (Generic) III		Gods of Glorantha (incomplete);
City Gods			see Pavis
Crimson Bat II			Cults of Terror
Crimson Bat III			Tales of the Reaching Moon 8
Curu				see Grain Goddesses
Daka Fal (Ancestor Worship) I	Cults of Prax
Daka Fal III			River of Cradles
Dendara	III			Runequest III Glorantha Book (see Ernalda), GoG
Donandar III			GoG, White Wolf 18
Dorasta	III			Dorastor: Land of Doom
Dorasta	IIIO			Lords of Terror
Dormal III			GoG, Tales of the Reaching Moon 10
Eiritha	I			Cults of Prax
Eiritha	III			GoG
Ernalda	III			Runequest III (Glorantha Book), GoG
Ernamola			see Grain Goddesses
Esrola				see Grain Goddesses
Flintnail II			Pavis
Foundchild (Hunter) I		Different Worlds 7
Foundchild II			Griffin Mountain
Frog Woman (Spirit Cult) II	Borderlands
Frog Woman III			Gods of Glorantha (Incomplete)
Frona				see Grain Goddesses
Gagarth	III			Tales of the Reaching Moon 4
Gbaji				see Nysalor/Gbaji
Geo (Non-standard)		Different Worlds 1, Tales/Reaching Moon 3
Gloomshark (incomplete)	I	Wyrms Footnotes 9
Gloomshark IIIO			Lords of Terror
Gorakiki (Hykim/Mikyh)II	Trollpak II
Gorakiki III			Troll Gods
Gore and Gash (Spirit Cult) III	Troll Gods
Grain Goddesses (Generic) III	Gods of Glorantha (incomplete);
Grain Goddesses			see Dorasta; see also Ernalda
Himile III			Troll Gods
Hombobobom (Spirit Cult) III	Troll Gods
Horned God/Man			see Spirit Cults
Humakt I			Cults of Prax
Humakt III			GoG, Tales of the Reaching Moon 5, {Tatou 8}
Humakt IIIO			Lords of Terror
Hungry Ghosts III		Tales of the Reaching Moon 9
Hungry Jack IIIO		Lords of Terror
Hunter (Generic) III		Gods of Glorantha (incomplete);
Hunter				see Foundchild, Zong
Hykim/Mikyh (Generic) III	Heroes 4; Gods of Glorantha (incomplete)
Hykim/Mikyh (Generic) III	{Maitres des Runes}
Hykim/Mikyh			see Aranea, Gorakiki, Swems, Telmor
Ikadz IIIO			Lords of Terror
Issaries I			Cults of Prax
Issaries III			{Maitres des Runes}, GoG, River of Cradles
Jakaboom (Spirit Cult) III	Troll Gods
Jeset (Spirit Cult) III		Troll Gods
Karrg (Spirit Cult) III		Troll Gods
Kogag (Spirit Cult) III		Troll Gods
Korasting (Spirit Cult)	III	Troll Gods
Krala				see Grain Goddesses
Krarsht	II			Cults of Terror
Krarsht	III			GoG
Krarsht	III			Lords of Terror
Krjalk III			Lords of Terror
Kyger Litor I			Runequest I
Kyger Litor IC			Cults of Prax
Kyger Litor II			Runequest II
Kyger Litor IIT			Trollpak II
Kyger Litor III			GoG, Trollpak III, Troll Gods, Elder Secrets
Kyger Litor IIIO		Lords of Terror
the Lamsabi (Thief God)		see Thief Gods)
Lanbril (Thief God) II		Pavis
Lemure IIIO			Lords of Terror
Lhankor Mhy I			Cults of Prax
Lhankor Mhy III			GoG, River of Cradles
Lodril (Spirit Cult) SC		Troll Gods
Lodril (Full Write-up) III	GoG, White Wolf 20
Madman of Sky Crater (SC) III	Gods of Glorantha (incomplete)
Magasta	III			Gods of Glorantha, Tales/Reaching Moon 10
Magra (Ancestor Worship) IIIO	Lords of Terror
Malia/Mallia II			Cults of Terror
Malia/Mallia III		GoG
Malia/Mallia III		Lords of Terror
Maran Gor III			GoG, Tales of the Reaching Moon 6
Mee Vorala III			Troll Gods
Mikyh				see Hykim/Mikyh
Moorgarki III			Troll Gods
Mostal (Non-standard)	II	Different Worlds 24
Mostal (Standard) III		GoG, White Wolf 15
Mostal IIIES			Elder Secrets
Mwara				see Grain Goddesses
Nomiama				see Grain Goddesses
Nysalor/Gbaji (Non-standard) II	Cults of Terror
Nysalor/Gbaji III		Dorastor: Land of Doom
Nysalor/Gbaji Notes		Lords of Terror
Odayla				see Hunter
Orlanth	I			Runequest I
Orlanth	Adv			Cults of Prax
Orlanth	II			Runequest II
Orlanth	III			Heroes 4
Orlanth	IIIF			{Runequest (French Edition)}
Orlanth	IIIR			GoG, River of Cradles
Pamalt III			Tales of the Reaching Moon 11
Pavis (City God) I		Cults of Prax
Pavis II			Pavis
Pelora				see Grain Goddesses
Primal Chaos (Non-Standard) II	Cults of Terror
Primal Chaos III		Lords of Terror
Qualyorni			see Moorgarki
Ralia				see Grain Goddesses
Rasout				see Hunter
Red Toad (Spirit Cult) III	Shadows on the Borderlands (incomplete)
River Gods (Generic) I		Alarums & Excursions 54
River Gods III			Gods of Glorantha (incomplete);
River Gods			see Zola Fel
River Horse (Spirit Cult) II	Borderlands
Robber (Spirit Cult) III	Troll Gods
Ruby Tree (Spirit Cult)	III	Gods of Glorantha (incomplete)
Sedaia				see Grain Goddesses
Selarn				see Thief Gods
Seshna				see Grain Goddesses
Seven Mothers I			Cults of Prax
Seven Mothers III		GoG
Sky River Titan (Spirit C.) III	Troll Gods
Snake-Eater (Spirit Cult) III	Gods of Glorantha (incomplete)
Sofal				see Hykim/Mikyh
Spirit Cults (Generic)		Borderlands, Gods of Glorantha
Spirit Cults     		(Horned God; incomplete)
Spirit Cults                    see Asrelia, Blackfinger, Boztakang, Frog
Spirit Cults			see Frog Woman, Gore & Gash, Green Man
Spirit Cults			see Hombobobom, Jakaboom, Jeset, Karrg, Kogag
Spirit Cults			see Korasting, Lodril, Madman of Sky Crater
Spirit Cults			see Red Toad, River Horse, Robber, Ruby Tree
Spirit Cults			see Sky River Titan, , Styx
Spirit Cults			see Swems, Vaneekara
Storm Bull I			Cults of Prax
Storm Bull III			GoG, River of Cradles
Styx (Spirit Cult) III		Troll Gods
Subere III			GoG, Troll Gods
Swems (Spirit Cult) III		Troll Gods
Taeterisus IIIO  		Lords of Terror; see also Trickster
Telmor (Hykim/Mikyh) IIIH	Gods of Glorantha (Hykim/Mikyh; (incomplete)
Telmor	            		Heroes 4 (Wolf-runners scenario)
Telmor III			Dorastor: Land of Doom
Telmor IIIO			Lords of Terror
Than/Thanatar II		Cults of Terror
Than/Thanatar III		Shadows on the Borderlands
Than/Thanatar IIIO		Lords of Terror
Thed II				Cults of Terror
Thed III			GoG
Thed III			Lords of Terror
Thief Gods (Generic) III	Gods of Glorantha (incomplete);
Thief Gods		        see Black Fang Brotherhood, Lanbril
Trickster (Generic) III		Gods of Glorantha (incomplete);
Trickster			see also Eurmal, Taeterisus
Tyram IIIO			Lords of Terror
Uleria III			GoG, Different Worlds 38
Vakalta	IIIO			Lords of Terror
Vaneekara (Spirit Cult)	III	Troll Gods
Vivamort II			Cults of Terror
Vivamort IIIO			Lords of Terror
Vrala				see Grain Goddesses
Waha I				Cults of Prax
Waha III			GoG
Xentha III			Troll Gods
Xiola Umbar II			Trollpak II
Xiola Umbar III			GoG, Troll Gods
Yelm III			GoG, White Wolf 16
Yelmalio I			Cults of Prax
Yelmalio III			GoG, Sun County
Yelorna	II			Big Rubble
Zola Fel (River God) I		see River Gods
Zola Fel II			Pavis
Zola Fel III			River of Cradles
Zong (Hunter) II		Trollpak II (Hunter)
Zong III			Troll Gods
Zorak Zoran I			Cults of Prax
Zorak Zoran II			Trollpak II
Zorak Zoran III			GoG, Troll Gods


Note: If a cult was also published in a more complete form, it is in-
cluded in the main listing, rather than below.

Babeester Gor	
East Isles Gods;
Immanent Mastery, Path of
Invisible God;
	Stygian Heresy
Red Goddess
Ty Kora Tek


Atyar II+			{Quest 4}		Michael Saliceto
Binstarnif Awe (subcult) III	Runequest Adventures 3	Troy Bankert
Caladra and Aurelion I		The Wild Hunt 47	Chuck Huber
Caladra and Aurelion III	Tales/Reaching Moon 7	Chuck Huber
Elmbark Trollbeater II		White Dwarf 63		?????
Erlin the Harper II		Different Worlds 13	Jane Woodward
Eurmal (Trickster) I		The Wild Hunt 55	Bill Masek
Gark the Calm II+		{Broos 6}		Mathias Twardowski
Genert II			Miser's Hoard 3		John E. Watkins
Gorangi Vak (subcult) III	Runequest Adventures 3	Troy Bankert
Harjoon Karsh (subcult)	III	Runequest Adventures 3	John Castellucci
Hueymakt Deathdrake III		Runequest Adventures 1	John Castellucci
Humakt III			{Broos 4}		?????
Indrodar Greydog (subcult) III	Tales/Reaching Moon 5	David Hall
Jaldon Toothmaker (subcult) III	Runequest Adventures 3	John Castellucci
Knerain	II			Adventurer 7		Mark Fletcher
Quackodemon III			Runequest Adventures 2	John Castellucci
Ratar, Worshippers of II	Dragon 51		Eric Robinson
Red Goddess II+			{Broos 5}		F. Weil/R. Bachelot
Rune-Dancers I			Wyrms Footnotes 9	Dennis Sustare
the Spear (Orlanth Subcult) I	Dungeoneer 14		Steve Marsh
Three Feathered RivalsIC	Alarums & Excursions ??	Mark Chilenskas
Three Feathered RivalsIT	Different Worlds 3	Ray Turney
the Tiger II			Different Worlds 9	Steve Perrin
Tokaz Varaz I			Wyrms Footnotes 7	Steve Perrin
Uleria I			Dungeoneer 14		Steve Marsh
Valatash Walker (subcult) III	Runequest Adventures 3	Troy Bankert
Vargov (subcult) III		Runequest Adventures 3	John Castellucci
Zelan the Beast	II		Different Worlds 8	Ron Weaver


Aeolus (outline) III		Griffin Island		Chaosium Inc.
Apollo II			Different Worlds 5	Geoffrey Dalcher
Crom Cruach II			White Dwarf 48		Ian Bailey
Dionysus II			Different Worlds 22	Michael Knolb
Dwarf God (outline) III		Griffin Island		Chaosium Inc.
Elf Goddess (outline) III	Griffin Island		Chaosium Inc.
Enuk Manamee II			Different Worlds 17	Greg Wilson
Gestetner (satire) I		Different Worlds 6	Greg Costikyan
Grandmother Sky (outline) III	Griffin Island		Chaosium Inc.
Green Man (Spirit Cult)	III	Eldarad the Lost City	Avalon Hill
Hilme (outline)	III		Griffin Island		Chaosium Inc.
Indlas Somer (satire) II	Different Worlds 16	Angus MacDonald
Kali II				Different Worlds 11	Greg Costikyan
Kernu II			White Dwarf 49		Ian Bailey
Magma the Volcano God I		Dungeoneer 14		Rudy Kraft
Nik-El II			Questworld		Chaosium Inc.
Odin II				Different Worlds 26	Angus MacDonald
Panash II			Questworld		Chaosium Inc.
Snake-Brother (Spirit Cult) III	Eldarad the Lost City	Avalon Hill
Taigaluk the Hunter II		Different Worlds 28	Greg Wilson
Vrang 2jhomang II		Questworld		Chaosium Inc.


The order of some entries has been inferred from unofficial sources
such as advertisements and previews; some inaccuracies are thus

	White Bear & Red Moon (I)
	Wyrms Footnotes 1
	Wyrms Footnotes 2,3
	White Bear & Red Moon (II)
	Nomad Gods		
	Wargaming 3	
	Wyrms Footnotes 4
	White Bear & Red Moon (III)
	Dragon Pass Conventions for Perilous Encounters
	Runequest I		
	Wyrms Footnotes 5	
	Balastor's Barracks
	Trolls & Trollkin	
	Creatures of Chaos 1	
	Apple Lane I		
	Wyrms Footnotes 6	
	Militia & Mercenaries	
	Different Worlds 1 (Feb/Mar)
	The Wild Hunt 38 (April)	
	Different Worlds 2 (Apr/May)	
	Snake-Pipe Hollow I		
	Cults of Prax		
	Dungeoneer 11 (May/Jun)	
	Different Worlds 3 (Jun/July)
	Wyrms Footnotes 7 (Jul)		
	Foes (July)		
	The Wild Hunt 42 (Aug)	
	Alarums & Excursions 48 (Aug)
	Different Worlds 4 (Aug/Sep)	
	The Wild Hunt 44,45 (Oct,Nov)	
	Broken Tree Inn		
	Runequest II		
	Dungeoneer 14 (Nov/Dec)	
	Hellpits of Nightfang (Dec)
	The Wild Hunt 46 (Dec)		
	Different Worlds 6 (Dec/Jan)	
	The Wild Hunt 47 (Jan)
	Alarums & Excursions 54 (Feb)
	Wyrms Footnotes 8		
	Different Worlds 7 (Apr/May)	
	Gateway Bestiary (June)		
	Duck Tower
	Wyrm's Footnotes 9 (Jun/Jul)
	Apple Lane II
	Gryphon 1
	Plunder (Aug)
	Different Worlds 9 (Aug/Sep)
	Wyrm's Footnotes 10 (Fall)
	Dragon Pass I
	Wyrm's Footnotes 11 (Spring)
	Griffin Mountain (May)
	Cults of Terror
	Wyrm's Footnotes 12 (Aug)
	Thieve's World
	Wyrm's Footnotes 13 (Oct)
	Different Worlds 15 (Oct)
	Different Worlds 17 (Dec)
	White Dwarf 29 (Feb/Mar)
	Wyrm's Footnotes 14 (Apr)
	White Dwarf 30 (Apr/May)
	Trollpak II
	Different Worlds 21 (Jun)
	Soloquest (Jun)
	Different Worlds 22 (Jul)
	Scorpion Hall (Jul)
	Different Worlds 24 (Sep)
	Snow King's Bride (Nov)
	The Wild Hunt 80 (Nov)
	Dragon Pass II
	Different Worlds 27 (Mar)
	Different Worlds 28 (Apr)
	Big Rubble
	Different Worlds 29 (Jun)
	Runequest Companion
	White Dwarf 41 (May)
	White Dwarf 42 (Jun)
	White Dwarf 43 (Jul)
	Different Worlds 32 (Dec?)

NOTE: French and other foreign editions of Runequest III supplements
for the most part have not been included, due to their general
unavailability in the United States and my low ability to read them.
Those that are included are difficult to date, and are listed under
the parent source. Other foreign sources of official information have
not yet been fully documented, and will (hopefully) be incoporated at
a later time.

	Heroes 1
	White Dwarf 51 (Mar)
	Different Worlds 35 (Jul/Aug)
	Different Worlds 36 (Sep/Oct)
	Heroes 2
	Runequest III	
		Runequest (French)
		Maitres des Runes	
	Heroes 3,4		
	Different Worlds 38 (Jan/Feb)
	Heroes 5,6	
	Heroes 7	
	Gods of Glorantha
		Les Dieux de Glorantha
	Griffin Island		
	Different Worlds 43 (Jul/Aug)
	Different Worlds 44 (Nov/Dec)
	Different Worlds 45 (Mar/Apr)
	Gloranthan Bestiary		
	Apple Lane III	
		Les Monts Arc en Ciel
	Snake-Pipe Hollow III		
	Runequest III Errata (3 Mar)
	Trollpak III		
	Into the Troll Realms		
	Troll Gods		
	Spacegamer 85 (Jan/Feb)		
	Breakout 34 (Mar-Jun)		
	White Wolf 15 (Apr/May)		
	Elder Secrets		
	Haunted Ruins		
	White Wolf 16 (Jun/Jul)		
	White Wolf 18 (Oct/Nov)		
	Tales of the Reaching Moon 2		
	Tales of the Reaching Moon 3
	White Wolf 20 (Apr/May)
	White Wolf 22 (Aug/Sept)
	Tales of the Reaching Moon 4 (Dec)
	Tales of the Reaching Moon 5 (Apr)
	Tales of the Reaching Moon 6 (Sep)
	Tales of the Reaching Moon 7 (Feb)
	Sun County
	The Rough Guide to Boldhome
	Tales of the Reaching Moon 8 (Aug)
	King of Sartar
	River of Cradles
	Tales of the Reaching Moon 9 (Jan)
	Shadows on the Borderland
	Dorastor: Land of Doom
	Tales of the Reaching Moon 10 (Aug)
	Collected Griselda
	Runequest III Perfect Bound
	RQ Con Program Book
	The Fall of Boldhome
	The Glorious ReAscent of Yelm


Note: Only two of the following "Heroquests" (Waha's Quest and
Fragment 1645) were published by Greg Stafford (although Alebard's
Quest is a write-up of a HQ run by Greg Stafford), but all provide
some insight either into the Heroquest process or the world/myths of
Glorantha. Some of the following are descriptions of a Heroquest run
or story, rather than an actual quest. Some of these articles listed
are among the most difficult to find. Quests listed in the Article
listing or which were part of a scenario pack (a total of 6) are
considered "official," and are marked here with (O). Other quests
listed here are non-Gloranthan and/or unofficial.

Quest/Article		Source				Author

Alebard's Quest		Alarums & Excursions 54		Bill Keyes
Alebard's Quest(O)	Tales of the Reaching Moon 5	Bill Keyes
Ancestor Quest		Tales of the Reaching Moon 3	Jon Quaife
Asrelia's Hut (O)	see Fragment 1645
Assassin/Anti-Chaos	The Wild Hunt 41		Steve Marsh
Berserkergang Path (O)	Tales of the Reaching Moon 7	Sandy Petersen
Black Fang Heroquest	Runequest Digest (electronic)	Steve Maurer
Blue Boar Heroquest	Tales of the Reaching Moon 7	Dave Dunham
Blue Moon Heroquest	Alarums & Excursions 46		Steve Marsh
Darkbinding		The Wild Hunt 42		Steve Marsh
Dreamquest (O)		Soloquest			Alan LaVergne
Drepnirquest		The Wild Hunt 43, HeroQ. Rules	Steve Marsh
Elovere's Quest		The Wild Hunt 57		Steve Marsh
Five Foes		Tales of the Reaching Moon 1	David Hall
Fragment 1645 (O)	Tales of the Reaching Moon 7	Greg Stafford
Golden Barge Heroquest	Tales of the Reaching Moon 4	Steve Gilham
Hawkeye's History, Pt 6	The Wild Hunt 162		John T. Sapienza
Hellmouth		The Wild Hunt 38		Steve Marsh
Hill of Gold		The Wild Hunt 53		Steve Marsh
Hill of Gold, Part II	Alarums & Excursions 61		Steve Marsh
Hill of Gold (comments)	Alarums & Excursions 65		Steve Marsh
Kinor/Blood God		The Wild Hunt 39		Steve Marsh
Old Hare Riddle		Tales of the Reaching Moon 7	Jon Quaife
Pavis Quest		Different Worlds 45		Anthony Gresham
Pyramid Text		The Wild Hunt 50		Steve Marsh
Renallian Breaker/BricksThe Wild Hunt 42		Steve Marsh
River Ritual/Sun Folk(O)Sun County			Troy Bankert/M. O'Brien
Silver Fox Quest	Tales of the Reaching Moon 7	David Hall
Skygames		The Wild Hunt 40		Steve Marsh
Skygates		The Wild Hunt 38		Steve Marsh
Stonequest		???				Lance J. Purple
Stormwalk		The Wild Hunt 46		Steve Marsh
Uleria Quest/Sacred Mar.The Wild Hunt 48		Steve Marsh
Victor Garlend's JourneyThe Wild Hunt 52		Steve Marsh
Waha's Quest (O)	Different Worlds 4		Greg Stafford
Web/Net-Weaver's Quest	The Wild Hunt 55		Steve Marsh