ANOTHER DP question

From: Steve Hope <>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 10:27:10 -0800

This is kind of an odd question: Reading the rules, I can't find anywhere that it says that a magician can't use DSM if their spirit has been destroyed. There IS a clause saying that they can't use DSM if their spirit is elsewhere (defending another stack), but nothing that I found about magicians being unable to use DSM if their spirit is actually gone.

Is this the case? It's defensible, though a little odd, if you visualize the loss of a spirit just being the the ability to project your magical power at a distance (requiring, I guess, enough concentration that you're not able to defend yourself against magical attacks). But from my dim recollection of the way magic works in RuneQuest, it doesn't actually seem like it's the right way for magic to work in Glorantha--I would think that if a magician's spirit dies, that's it and the magician can't use DSM any more. But it's not clear from the rules.

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