ANOTHER DP question

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Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 14:49:44 EST

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 This is kind of an odd question: Reading the rules, I can't find anywhere  that it says that a magician can't use DSM if their spirit has been  destroyed. There IS a clause saying that they can't use DSM if their spirit  is elsewhere (defending another stack), but nothing that I found about  magicians being unable to use DSM if their spirit is actually gone.

I am not sure I can find the definitive rule either. I always played that if you had a range factor you got DSM. Mostly our magicians went back to their holding boxes rather than stacked with some other units, as they immediately became targets for enemy magicians.

As for Glorantho-accurate authentic representation, I wouldn't worry too much about it too much. DP is closer to HW than Runequest ever was (IMO), but is still a long way off being a "realistic" representation of Glorantha .


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