ANOTHER DP question

From: Chris Ward <>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 09:07:48 +0000

Hi All,

At 10:27 11/02/02 -0800, you wrote:
>This is kind of an odd question: Reading the rules, I can't find anywhere
>that it says that a magician can't use DSM if their spirit has been
>destroyed. There IS a clause saying that they can't use DSM if their spirit
>is elsewhere (defending another stack), but nothing that I found about
>magicians being unable to use DSM if their spirit is actually gone.

I had initially thought that a magician with a spirit could choose to attack at RF1 himslef ie without using the spirit, or at a greater range using the spirit (the spirit could also be used at RF1). - I thought this because of the many counters with simple RF1s and no controlled spirits in NG. Based on this I let magicians use DSM and OSM at RF1 once their spirit was gone.

-I now think this was incorrect and that magicians with spirits can only attack (with magic) via those spirits*. I still think they should get DSM even when the spirit is elimed though.

*Assuming they are not stacked with a NG medicine bundle and playing with our variant rules wherebye an RF0 unit can attack at RF1 in that case. ,On the tribal battalia and game balance, this is a recurrent subject (right, Stephen ? ;-))

Some of us think there is a strong imbalance and modify things in various ways. Others see imbalances and prefer to leave them. Still others see no imbalance.

In the NG email game which Daniel runs there are a number of changes to battalia, UI think the most important are:

-many impala clans have a ** missile factor and more (all?) have MF6 -all sable clans are at +1 CF (personally I think sable are the weakest batallia unaltered) they also started with 3 more clans and an extra herd as we felt they should be the 2nd largest tribe rather than 2nd smallest. -all bison clans are at MF4
- morkanth cf2ers are assistant shamans or magical clans and get certain benefits. - they have an RF of 0 and can use DSM (plus see above about stacking with Med bundles). They get an increased chance of summoning spirits (starting from a lower base rate of 1/6 for all clans, they and shamans get 2/6, all get +1/6 chnace for an Med bund; personally I like a base chance of 2/6, but agree that the official rate of 3/6 is pretty high). Finally like the moro shaman, they can carry out the FIX INT ritual on captured praxians clans (only). This is a cermonial magic analagous to the RQ spell and turns those captives into a new herd man herd. - I think the Llama CF3s were given javelins (missile factor of *)

Basically without changes bison are stronger than everyone else, followed by Llama (who can have problems due to shortage of numbers). Sable and to a lesser extent impala are weak. ALthouigh set up positions and alliances can change things greatly.

Not everyone agrees though (most notably Stephen).

See ya - Chris

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