ANOTHER DP question

From: Karin Goihl & Daniel Fahey <>
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 14:07:38 +0100

>In the NG email game which Daniel runs there are a number of changes to
>battalia, UI think the most important are:
>-many impala clans have a ** missile factor and more (all?) have MF6

All Impalas have double missile factor in the email game. They really need this, and more. They get absolutely thrashed in melee.

>-all sable clans are at +1 CF (personally I think sable are the weakest
>batallia unaltered) they also started with 3 more clans and an extra herd
>as we felt they should be the 2nd largest tribe rather than 2nd smallest.

I still haven't found a good way to increase the effectivity of the Sable tribe.
They are seriously weak in combat, compared with Bison, Morocanth, and High Llama. Even with the +1 CF I give them they only barely hang on in melee, and their missile factors hardly help. Any ideas?

>-all bison clans are at MF4

Yeah, but that hardly hinders them. In combat they eat all others alive. In the current game, so as to weaken the Bison so they'd not be so much stronger than the others, I only gave the Bison player the two 6 5 5 units after he'd suffered some losses. I said they were not normal clans, but Bison mercenary bands which had been serving in Dragon Pass.

>They get an increased chance of summoning
>spirits (starting from a lower base rate of 1/6 for all clans, they and
>shamans get 2/6, all get +1/6 chnace for an Med bund; personally I like a
>base chance of 2/6, but agree that the official rate of 3/6 is pretty

1/6 is good. We're in turn twenty and the cup has been nearly empty for several turns.

>- I think the Llama CF3s were given javelins (missile factor of *)

Yeah, not that they need strengthening, but they're not as strong as Bison, so I gave them a little boost.

RQers just showed up. Gotta quit now.


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