Questions about NG

From: Stephen P Martin <>
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 10:28:31 -0800

Howdy All!

> 1. There are a number of spirits that say, "although this is a
> spirit, it may use spirit magic". Does this mean that the unit fights
> normal melee combat but its MgF fights in the spirit magic combat
> like most spirits? Does it mean that it also has the option of using
> MgF in a physical magic attack?

Without looking at the rules, I seem to recall that this was the intent, yes.

> 2. Lots of the map seems to be a little "off"--in particular the High
> Tumulus where Tada's Warriors can be summoned looks to be spread across
> hexes, and a lot of the rivers run almost directly down hexsides, so
that to
> actually move "along" the river you'd have to move in a zigzag fashion.
> seems like if the map was shifted a small bit down and to the left it
> be a bit more understandable, but the various ruins etc. all seem to be
> perfectly centered on their hex. Does anyone have any thoughts about
> aspect of the NG map? Many of the ridges are similarly somewhat hard
> ascribe to a particular hexside. These grey areas would be more
> understandable if the DP map was similarly vague in places, but it's

The French simply did a very bad job with this map, compared to the DP one. They got three holy places in completely wrong hexes, and used a really bad color scheme. But Keith is correct -- Oriflam somehow managed to use the wrong scale hex grid when they made the map, and because of the separation in location between graphic artist and production staff (as well as translators, also off-site), they simply didn't catch it. Or didn't know enough to know it was a problem.

Part of the reason for the difference between the DP and NG games by Oriflam is that the DP game was previously published, and they were simply translating it. The NG game was created for them from scratch, rules, map, counters, and all. So their working materials were much rougher, which probably made production more difficult.

Perhaps our Cyberboard Guru could inform us of his progress on getting that map on-line?


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