Questions about NG

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Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 12:40:05 -0800

I see. Thanks again, everyone.

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> Hmmm. Does that answer mean "Yes, they use spirit magic and fight like
> regular unit as well" or "Yes, they have the option of using physical or
> spirit magic"?

While any combat is optional, they do have two actions in combat - not different from e.g. the Stormwalkers or the Bat.

>> 1.  There are a number of spirits that say, "although this is a physical
>> spirit, it may use spirit magic".  Does this mean that the unit fights in
>> normal melee combat but its MgF fights in the spirit magic combat phase,
>> like most spirits?  Does it mean that it also has the option of using
>> its MgF in a physical magic attack?

> Without looking at the rules, I seem to recall that this was the intent,
> yes.

As I recall these discussions with Stephen, the MgF is used for a spirit magic attack if the Range factor is not underlined, and for a physical magic attack (against the CF of the opponents) if it is.

The Great Spirits use their agents (as soon as they are captured) in the Physical Magic phase, in whatever combat mode the agent has (chaotic for disease, attack vs. MgF for MgF only agents, attack vs. CF using physical magic terrain modifiers for CF only agents). This feels strange, but that's what Stephen told me.

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