Re: [HeroWars] RE: Delecti's Plans

From: Robert McArthur <>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 11:12:08 +1000

"Meints, Richard (R.J.)" wrote:
> Several people have asked about or commented
> on Delecti's Plans for the Hero Wars...
> Like in the game Dragon Pass,
> his military strength can shift the tide
> of battles. Some people may just "buy" him
> off so he leaves them alone.

I have to say that in no DP game I've played has Delecti been more than a strange sideline. Only once has more than one zombie been created. That may reflect more on my play (:-) than Delecti, or it may reflect on the strength of Delecti represented in the game. If Delecti is going to 'shift the tide of battle', and those battles are similar to the DP game ones, then _don't_ take the DP version of Delecti as canonical - he's (it's?) not good enough (IMHO).

HW &DP content: it would be a really nice idea for Delecti to be able to be able to influence Argrath while he had the banner, or be especially dangerous and/or in trouble around dragons and dragonewts, etc.

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