Questions about NG

From: Karin Goihl & Daniel Fahey <>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 11:01:37 +0100

>2. Lots of the map seems to be a little "off"--in particular the High
>Tumulus where Tada's Warriors can be summoned looks to be spread across two
>hexes, and a lot of the rivers run almost directly down hexsides, so that
>actually move "along" the river you'd have to move in a zigzag fashion. It
>seems like if the map was shifted a small bit down and to the left it would
>be a bit more understandable, but the various ruins etc. all seem to be
>perfectly centered on their hex. Does anyone have any thoughts about this
>aspect of the NG map?

Yeah, this is bothersome. In the email game we just somehow deal with it. At least the Altars and Oases are in definate hexes. There's not much river anyway, and hardly any road. We usually have lots of activity around the Block and marsh area, and that's where this skewing screws us up, but we get by somehow. Yes, a new map would help. Anybody got lots of time?


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