rules clarifications?

From: Stephen P Martin <>
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 22:23:18 -0700

Hi All,

This email address is getting more and more clogged with spam, so I will likely shut it down for several months soon, to get all the spam bouncing. But if I do I'll switch over to my address. Or make a new one for this. :)

> ancestors- do these count as major units? They seem to be, since they
> movement, magic, and combat factors. But if this is the case, how can
> ancestor unit cross chapparal, since it has to be carried by another
> unit?

Being a major unit is not dependent on any other factor, such as dependence on support. Previous answers all seem correct to me.

> seasons- if one player decides he would like it to be winter season,
> does this change? Or does it? (I guess this is a sneaky way of asking
> time length a turn represents)

A turn is supposed to represent a day, and I can see why herd movement seems problematic. I think treating the MF of herds as a maximum is appropriate; if they only move one random hex each turn unless stacked with a clan or other appropriate unit, or are directed by magic, that would be fine. They should be able to move their full MF one turn without harm, but perhaps a second full move then disrupts them. It seems like it might be a good idea to make their disrupted MF be 1 (or 0?) for all herds, to represent that they cannot be moved until they are gathered. Like stampeding them would do.

If the herd is moved its full MF, then allowed to rest one turn (moving no more than 1 MF, directed or not), they should be OK and able to move again. BUT, if the herd is stacked with certain appropriate units (such as Dew Maid or White Princess), perhaps they ought to be able to move their full MF. In fact, I have always disliked how Dew Maid and White Princess had such similar effects in the game, this might be a good way to differentiate between them.

> combat- if a unit, oakfed for example, attacks an emeny stack during
> physical magic phase, may it also attack during the spirit magic phase?
If a
> unit attacks using missle fire, may it (or must it) also attack during
> melee?

Without double-checking the rules, I am pretty certain that a unit capable of both physical attacks and magic can do both in a single turn. That was the way it was in the original game (where, however, the two modes were treated as a single attack IIRC), and I am pretty sure we wanted to leave it that way in the revamp. Pretty much the only units that are capable of this in Nomad Gods are the great spirits.

The above is generic only, not intended to apply specifically to Oakfed, and does not take into account the overly complicated but way cool way the elementals work. :)

As for missile fire, a unit can use missile fire and also be involved in the melee, no problem. Whether or not it can or must attack is determined completely without regard to its status as a missile unit. Thus, it might be able to attack, but not have to, or its position might require that it attack.

Basically, in all such areas of the rules, each rule deals with the unit independently unless a specific unit for some reason says that it is an exception. Thus, I can imagine a unit that could split its CF between missile fire and melee, taking its 3 CF in any given turn as 0 CF ***, 1 CF **, 2 CF *, or 3 CF. Could be kind of cool.

So that people know, and perhaps as a way to get some life into the list for awhile, Issaries is in the process of speaking with a boardgame company about producing new editions of Dragon Pass and Nomad Gods in English, as well as Shadows Dance and possibly even Masters of Luck and Death (though personally I don't think the Holy Country is anywhere near enough done to think about right now). So, I MIGHT, in a few months, entertain suggestions for changes to the global rules set, and to the rules for specific games. BUT NOT NOW, please, as I will not even read any such thing until HeroQuest is released, Hero's Book is laid out, and I have passed my National Registry paramedic certification. :)



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