Fwd: Dragon pass counters - Gloranthaboard question

From: Stephen P Martin <glorantha-board_at_rpglist.org>
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 11:09:34 -0700

Hi Wulf,

> >Still, here it is. I even took the time to correct the very few errors
> >could identify.
> Personally more interested in add-ons for WB&RM, as I just got a copy,
> but I have a full counter list for DP from a General magazine if you
> want a scan.

I have a battalia listing I can scan, but I would be VERY interested in seeing not just the list from General, but whatever other information they have on Dragon Pass. How old is the issue?

> Meanwhile, was the Hydra ever statted up for WB&RM? I can't decide how
> to do the -vs MgF chaos feature. Or whether to give the Bat a -ve, if
> I do decide to do so for the Hydra.

The Hydra is in the game!!! Its stats are in Rory's document, and you should have the counter, too.



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