Fwd: Dragon pass counters - Gloranthaboard question

From: Wulf Corbett <glorantha-board_at_rpglist.org>
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 20:14:50 +0100

On Fri, 13 Jun 2003 11:09:34 -0700, Stephen P Martin <ilium_at_juno.com> wrote:

>> Meanwhile, was the Hydra ever statted up for WB&RM? I can't decide how
>> to do the -vs MgF chaos feature. Or whether to give the Bat a -ve, if
>> I do decide to do so for the Hydra.
>The Hydra is in the game!!! Its stats are in Rory's document, and you
>should have the counter, too.

What's Rory's document? I don't know what you mean there. I think either I'm missing something, or you're thinking of DP, not WB&RM. There are other additional units on the Glorantha site, in fact the page about prisoners even mentions the Hydra, but I can't find the Hydra.

I was wrong about the batallia list, it's not FROM the General, it's a set of photocopied pages from the Avalon Hill print of Dragon Pass (mine is the Chaosium print), and they include an ADVERTISEMENT for The General, and I had forgotten these were from the later rules set... sorry to mislead you.


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