Re: Dragon Pass

From: Joerg Baumgartner <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 22:35:15 +0000

> I am sending this to the boardgame discussion list, too. Guys, Chris Lemens > has a question:

>>I spent part of the weekend playing Dragon Pass with my 10 year old
>>son. I don't think he'd ever seen cardboard chits or hex paper
>>before. We ran into an ambiguity in the rules, and I figure you might
>>know the answer.

>>We had lots of battles where he sat in his fortresses and slaughtered me
>>at the walls. In the melee rules, (e.g., does the defending
>>player only get to attack back with the top three surviving units that
>>were in the top three at the beginning of the battle or can the defender
>>use the top three surviving units after casualties are deducted, even if
>>these units were not originally able to fight?

> My understanding has always been that when the defender is attacking in his
> turn, he attacks with all of his units. When he is attacking back in your
> turn, however, I would have to read the rules closely. Daniel, got an
> answer to hand?

My understanding is that in any battle, only the front rank in any hex (three full units) are able to fight in melee.

As to fortresses, only the three units to the bottom of the fortress receive the defensive bonus or the choice whether or not to attack neighbouring hexes, and that any herd would always be outside of the fortress, as well as any unit atop it, regardless how far to the bottom it is located.

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