Fwd: Dragon pass counters - Gloranthaboard question

From: Wulf Corbett <glorantha-board_at_rpglist.org>
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003 23:08:48 +0100

On Sun, 22 Jun 2003 14:48:50 -0700, Stephen P Martin <ilium_at_juno.com> wrote:

>> 2nd, bought from Rick Meints.
>That would be the digest-sized one, correct? Not full 8.5" x 11". BTW,
>does ANYONE here have a copy of Third Edition WB&RM? I have never
>actually seen a copy.

That's correct. It's actually the only edition I've seen, the one our RPG club had many years ago (which disappeared along with a former president, a copy of the game 'Intruder', and the bank balance) was the same.


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