RE: Editions of WB&RM / DP

From: Meints, Richard <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 08:48:57 -0400

Hello All,

Here are the editions I have:

1st edition - 8.5" x 11"
2nd edition - 8.5" x 11"
3rd edition - digest sized
4th edition - Chaosium Dragon Pass
5th edition - AH Dragon Pass
6th edition - Oriflam Guerre De Heroes

Some of these may not technically qualify as an edition if you only count rules changes as the qualification. If you prefer, some of them can be referred to as versions.

How much changed between each version I do not know. I've never sat down and done the comparison. Wulf bought a "digest sized" third edition from me. Most of my playing experience is with the Chaosium DP edition.

Hope that helps,

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From: Stephen P Martin [] Sent: Sunday, June 22, 2003 5:49 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Dragon pass counters - Gloranthaboard question

Hi Wulf,

> >Oh, I thot the original Hydra article was on the site. The original
> is from an early Wyrm's Footnotes which included a counter for it.
> >Stephen, would it be alright for me to scan the article to send to
> Wulf? Other ideas?
> >Rory's doc was sent to this list by Stephen on the 12th.
> The Excel file that was posted on the 12th was for DP. I already have
> DP itself (Chaosium ed.), my problem is deciding how to represent the
> Hydra's -ve MgF and it's possible responses to magical attack (with no
> Physical Agents or Spirits to destroy with the -ve MgF) with the
> earlier WB&RM combat system (which I prefer for it's simplicity and
> speed).

Daniel, can you just summarize any differences in factors?

> >Ah. Was wondering. I have all the battalia listings from the various
> >Wulf, which WB&RM version do you have? There were three.
> 2nd, bought from Rick Meints.

That would be the digest-sized one, correct? Not full 8.5" x 11". BTW, does ANYONE here have a copy of Third Edition WB&RM? I have never actually seen a copy.



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