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From: Matt Thrower <glorantha-board_at_rpglist.org>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 13:19:44 +0000


I acquired a copy of Dragon Pass a little while back. I've been hankering after it for ages since it was a description of the game that I came across in a magazine many years ago which started me off on a lifetime of fantasy gaming. Anyway after my first couple of games, I've a few questions about the game (it's the AH edition).

  1. Do counters destroyed by the chaos magic of the crimson bat count as the requirement for feeding the bat on each black & dying day? In other words, does the bat simply have to be in contact with a non-magic immune stack in order to be fed? If the bat is in a stack, do any casualties taken by an enemy stack fighting against it count toward feeding the bat?
  2. If sacrificing to the Hydra, does the sacrifice have to take place each time the Hydra moves, or only once?
  3. In my counter stacks, there appears to be a Sartar counter which isn't listed in the Battalia. It's part of the Sartar Free Army set and is labelled "Gold-Gotti" on the rear. Has this simply been omitted from the battalia, or is it not supposed to be in the game? In either case, what does it represent.
  4. I presume that a stack can only move at the rate of it's slowest member and can only use a special movement ability if all the counters in that stack have the appropriate rune? I guess this has to figured on an "honour" basis.
  5. For a game that pays so much attention to flavour (and benefits hugely as a result) it seems a little odd to me that the chaos-hating Sartarites are allowed to ally chaotic creatures like Hungry Jack, Hydra and Delecti and his Zombies. Is this an omission for the sake of the game, or did I miss something in the fluff?
  6. How the hell does anyone remember all the rules for the various exotics? The main ones are bad enough :)
  7. Any other commonly asked rules queries?


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