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Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2004 13:12:14 -0800

Hi Peter,

> 1. One core rules system. The current thought is to take the core rules
> and put them in a single booklet. This would include all the combat
> rules, magic, magical leaders, etc. Each game would probably include
> identical booklet.
> ....
> If there are rules that are problematic, I'd like ideas. If there are
> rules _that significantly add value to the game_, I'd entertain those
> well. I do not plan to include each and every special rule. But, for
> example, rules for stampeding herds would be cool, as is the rule for
> disrupting the top unit of a stack if you don't do at least enough
> to eliminate it.
> Would the rules be based on the old DP rules or the English rules
> that came with Dieux Nomades?

They are essentially the same rules set.

>I have some comments on the later
> rules covering multiple battles and which stacks can be attacked by
> ranged magic.

I don't recall any disputes or changes involved with the latter section, but there is some confusion in NG over battles, and the old DP rules _suitably clarified_ are what is planned.

> Basically, I prefer the old DP versions of those
> rules. I can elaborate if Dieux Nomades is the seen as the basis for
> the new rules.

For ranged magic, please do, as I don't recall any changes, only some clarifications to cover the spirits present in Nomad Gods, which do not have a range but otherwise use spirit magic like ranged magic. The two rules sets are supposed to be uniform.

Basically, the unified rules set will need to take into account the special units in Nomad Gods and Dragon Pass that are common to all the games, such as treasures, Range 1 spirits, and the like.

> Among new rules, the one in Raider's Digest about retreating
> attacking units before melee (but after missile fire) stood out as
> being fun. I haven't tried it, but I imagine there could be a game
> balance issue if it's applied to the Impalas. I guess it would also
> boost the effectiveness of the Grazelanders, which they could use.

Any such changes can be considered, but will be considered with caution.



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