New DP and NG versions (was Land of Thunder)

From: Paul Aebersold <>
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 11:44:16 +1100 (EST)

I really like the idea of a core rule system with individual game "extras". This makes updates much easier to handle. I would also like to see the NG production standard at the same level as DP (color map, etc). One issue I have is are the new versions aimed at collectors or players? Ie are the reprints going to the collector type editions (think Divine Right 25th Ann. Ed) or a "normal" edition. I would prefer the normal edition as I see this a way of getting new players into Glorantha. Thus I see the emphasis of getting the games out and improving NG rather than spending money on redoing the DP map. (could only minor changes be made rather than a full rework?) The flip side is that new players to HeroQuest/Glorantha will see the DP map and may get confused and annoyed by the inconsistencies.

For rules the big change I would like to see is more examples. There are almost none in the (Chaosium) DP rules and some of complex issues (eg. multi-hex combat on both sides) would be much clearer with an example or two.

On the monetary side of things, to overcome the upfront production costs could a preorder system be setup to cover some of the initial costs? Is it legal to allow preorder for a product that doesn't exist?

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