Land of Thunder

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Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 15:56:24 -0800

Hi Wulf,

> >Do you really think the WB&RM system went faster? I don't see the
> DP system as taking longer, except for things like the diplomacy
> part in a full game.
> Yup. No counting out casualties after the result, no checking for
> disrupted units. The concept of archery over 5 mile hexes is ludicrous
> anyway. Having played both, I find WB&RM far faster.

Well, I can tell you it is never going to happen -- we are not going back to WB&RM rules. First of all, each edition had a distinctly different set, which were evolving towards DP the whole time. And the whole point this time around is to make sure the games are 100% compatible, using the same rules. WB&RM and NG are not compatible in that respect.

> >DP doesn't have more than a few more pieces than WB&RM.
> Even apart from the extra units, every magic unit adds an extra
> counter for it's effect (although NG did that with Shamans and

Different type of magic. And these additions do not make the game longer -- on the contrary, they make recordkeeping easier, since you don't have to remember what stack your magician is attacking or supporting.



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