New DP and NG versions (was Land of Thunder)

From: <(>
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 15:54:29 -0800

Hi Wulf,

> >>I would also like to see the NG production standard at the same
> >>level as DP (color map, etc).
> >
> >NG has the same standard as DP, including color map. Do you mean by
> NG only the original one?
> Please, above all, don't turn the maps into the technicolour mess that
> DP was.

If we do not redo the DP map, but instead keep it, then the NG and any other maps will be done in a similar manner. Having said that, if we do end up redoing the DP map, indicating tribal or national allegiance by some means other than color is an option, though color is the easiest way to indicate it, IMO. And it is important.

Also, the worst of the technicolor sections was Tarsh, and that was bright red for a reason -- the Glowline.

Mor muted colors would perhaps be possible. Indeed, given that NG uses color to indicate terrain and DP politics, is a problem that will need to be resolved one way or another.


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