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Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 21:45:24 -0800

Howdy All,

> > But I can't keep myself from mentioning another thing I'm
> > uncomfortable about in the NG rules: Physical Magic. It looks like
> > Elemental Demons placed by a Great Spirit on an enemy stack can
> > attack twice in a round - once in the physical magic sub-phase, and
> > then again in the Rally Phase (if there are enemy units still in the
> ?? Why would they attack in the rally phase?
> In, the Great Spirit sets an Elemental Demon on a stack in
> the Physical Magic phase, and combat ensues immediately. Unlike a
> spirit, the demon remains on the stack. It's ignored till the rally
> phase, when combat occurs according to the Creatures of Chaos rule,
> 12.2, presumably to resolve the situation of enemy units occupying
> the same hex.

Elemental Demons are physical agents, just like the cannon ball or the sylph. They attack using the rules for whatever "type" of entity they are, but then do not attack again during the rest of that turn. IIRC. Don't the elemental demon rules specifically tell you how to deal with them being on a hex with enemy units? (Don't have my copy to hand right now.)


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