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Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 20:02:05 -0700

Ahoy hoy

> Who are you?

Someone with some time on their hands who is focusing their attention/creativity on glorantha and specifically Dragon Pass(which takes up about 10% up my map). I played DP alot probably 15 years ago and it has always lingered on in my memory. Now after immersing myself into its background I am becoming a little/lot addicted.

>I'm surprised you speak of NG as being 30 years old as most of us use
>the Oriflam edition which is still sometimes found.

I admit to inflating the number for effect because I feel a little frustrated at trying to get a copy! Currently the copy on Ebay is at $100. Seems steep when I just need a copy of the rules/battalia!

>We should discuss this all further. Where are you?


>Keith Nellist has also done a hex map of most of Genertela. There have =
>been various attempts at making battalia for many areas of Glorantha.

I've spent about two months researching everything I could find on the net. I found some areas, but mainly just the Holy Country and the Elder Wilds/Balazar.

There is nothing about DP/NG that does not interest me greatly. Are there archives earlier than 1992 still kicking around?

>You should come to the Tentacles con. What do you drink?

Gin and Ginger please!

David Corbett

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