Careless Tork Costs Lives

From: Stephen P. Martin <>
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 09:22:11 -0800

Hi Guys,

>>Everyone attacks Dara Happa! Prax and The Holy Country, Balazar/Elder
>>Pent, perhaps Charg and Fronela. Lots of independents to disrupt
>>things. I'd
>>like to see assaults coming from every compass point into the Lunar Empire.
>Wow. That's lots of counters. I think I'd suggest trying the Dragonkill
>first for this sort of mayhem.

Do you have a scenario write-up for this?

BTW, I long ago developed beginnings of battalia for most of the Holy Country based on old notes of Greg's. Never typed them in, though, and certainly never finished them.

>>Daniel mentioned that you had hex-mapped most of Genertela. Are there
>>still kicking about?
>Well, not really. I have onem and made one copy of it. It is hard to put
>together because you need a large floor space, like a sports hall or

Keith, needless to say I'd like to see these. :)

>I mounted sections on A1 sized mounting cardboard. I then matt varnished
>them, painted them in bright translucent colours, added large text and
>varnished with a gloss varnish. For the Crater I cut a hole in the map - I
>was going to cut a hole on the cardboard and have some sort of moon
>mounted on a wire but left it. I once tried to do the moon based on the
>map from TotRM and using the Traveller style world hex map - thought I
>could run Sheng's invasion of the moon.

Keep in mind that this map is grotesquely inaccurate in many respects. It is not a properly scaled projection, in the first place (when put together, it is a football, not a globe), the force lines are childishly conceived (they are drawn straight across the paper, not marked as they should be on a globe projection), and of course we now know what more of those places are.

Plus, Greg is adamant in not wanting to determine a scale for the Red Moon -- it is an Otherworld, so has no true scale that can be related to the Inner World, and if he says how big it is, some materialist will use math to determine its exact height, something Greg does not want done. :)



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