Careless Tork Costs Lives

From: Joerg Baumgartner <>
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2004 17:27:35 +0100 (CET)

>> Sheng's invasion of the moon.

>> Keep in mind that this map is grotesquely inaccurate in many respects.

> I picked a size for the hexes based purely on how to fit it on a board
> with a reasonable space for movement. Squeezing anything into hex map
> format warps everything to some extent as well. Besides, I never
finished it.

Actually, I think that the old Traveller hexmap icosahedrons make a great gameboard for the moon, escpecially when used as twenty triangles put together for the ideal "projection" (i.e. leave the gaps where movement across is least likely, and alter the number of hexes on each triangle as you see fit). The hexes represent marching distances for the invaders (flyers and jumpers, IIRC). The moon would have to be yet unscarred, and Sheng would need to get an earth-quake like exotic magic to leave those scars. Any guesses what targets Sheng scratched away?

You might have two maps - one in the Middle World and one for the moon. The Middle World map might be an abstracted map (combining certain areas on the DP scale into single hexes - e.g. 12 hex radius megahexes like the Tarsh Glowline).

Arcane Lore mentions a five-layered map of the Holy Country for one concept stage of the Real MoLaD boardgame. One might use several maps for that, or steal a concept from the old Avalon Hill boardgame "Magic Realm" and toggle certain parts of the map into (various) levels of Heroplane.

Another interesting project might be the Invasions of Wonderhome and the Surface World, linking Underworld and physical world.

I'd be very interested to get my grubby paws on Keith's Genertela-wide hexmaps, too...



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