From: Chris Ward <cw67q>
Date: Tue Oct 25 08:50:12 2005


Load & clear Daniel, good to hearf rom you. I've been looking at NG & DP again myself recently. Also picked up some of the HQ stuff I'd previously been avoiding. Still find the whole HQ/HW system a bit odd, but the actual backing materials and emphasis in the scenarios I've seen is IMHO at least as good as the best RQ products. Maybe my sceptacism is being eroded :-)

See you all later - Chris (back like a bad clack)

On 24 Oct 2005 at 23:08, Goihl & Fahey wrote:

> Waha!
> Still here, and hope you all are too.
> Been looking thru my NG stuff lately.
> More later...
> Daniel

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