Quick questions

From: CJ <cj>
Date: Sun Jan 15 23:20:14 2006

  Hi chaps, I have some Dragon Pass rleated questions which I will ask on the morrow, a i am tired tonight. One quick one - I know Nomad Gods and Dragon Pass saw print, though I only own DP - was teh Holy Country game ever made? I believe it was to be called Masters of Luck & Death? Has anyone made their own games covering other parts fo the empire or Glorantha? Are there any other Gloranthan board or card games, official or unofficial I might enjoy? I note Greg Stafford mentions THREE boardgames in one biography - I have only ever seen two. Was the other one the Holy Country game, or something else?

And any plans to reprint DP or NG? If not, why not?

OK, quick DP rules Question. I understand defensive doubling, but do the Sun Dome Templars Double again their Combat FActor when rolling after removeing losses after being attacked, giving them a X4 CF multiplier? Or am I misunderstadning this?

And for those who own Nomad Gods, what is it like? I have haeard it si not as good as Dragon Pass, but any infoon the game wouldbe of interest. I am keen to buy a copy - one occasionally sees the French edition on e-bay, but I'm still interested to hear your opinions till I can lay my hands on one.

Oh last thing - someone recently mentioned a Credo variant. Anyone tell me more about this? I have been trying to geta copy of Credo th card game for years if anyone can help let me know. "Same Substance, Different Substance!" Appeals to my training as a theologian. :)

cheers chaps! just trying to get these asked before the list disappears on me! (I only joined two weeks back...) cj x

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