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Greg's Board Game redits would be DP, NG and King Arthur's Knights.  

Also, NG and DP were the only Gloranthan wargames published. Chaosium never got very far into development of "Masters of Luck and Death", or the "Shadows Dance" boardgame they mentioned a couple of times in their "future projects" section of Wyrm's Footnotes.  

Chris Gidlow, whom I am in contact with, actually has a number of variants for Credo that he has produced. He occasionally has sold them at Convulsion and Continuum in the past. There is Credo 0, Credo 2, and Sword of Islam. I have a couple of these. They are interesting expansions and Chris does a decent set of components so they are playable.  

Most of the Nomad Gods Gloranthan background info on Prax is reprinted in the Borderlands & Beyond book published by me, Moon Design Publications. After several printer delays the books are being shipped this week to all those that pre-ordered.  

I don't think NG or DP will get reprinted any time soon.  

Hope that helps,
Rick Meints
Moon Design Publications  

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>was teh Holy Country game ever made?


>I note Greg Stafford mentions THREE boardgames in one biography - I have >only ever seen two.


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