OK, some more then :-)

From: Robert McArthur <rjmcarthur>
Date: Mon Jan 16 00:31:30 2006

Since the list may go away, now's a good time to ask a couple of questions as well as mention that I'm a bit of a way down the track of writing a computer-hosted version of DP (the AH version). It's not official and the idea wouldn't, up front, be to have a computer-controlled player. I started it as I haven't had anyone to play with for so long, and I really enjoy the game :-) I know that there's the gameboxs available for PBM play, but I think there's something specifically needed to cope with the complexity of DP play! So, just letting people know... early days yet of course. Oh, and this is for my own purposes only, no selling, nothing else. No copyright infringement (yet - when I actually play against someone then I'll have to start talking to Issaries of course, but I'd like something nice to show them when I do).

But, in implementing the beast, two quick, small questions: 1. why don't mountains, like hill-forests, double the CF when selecting casualties of physical magic? (p3)

2. is the underlying hex under Wintertop mountain or hills? I've looked at other sources and can't decide myself

There's lots more coming but those two were uppermost in my mind today for some strange reason :-)


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