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From: buserian_at_juno.com <buserian>
Date: Mon Jan 16 01:42:57 2006


On Mon, 16 Jan 2006 11:31:15 +1100 Robert McArthur <rjmcarthur_at_gmail.com> writes:
> Since the list may go away, now's a good time to ask a couple of
> questions as well as mention that I'm a bit of a way down the track of
> writing a computer-hosted version of DP (the AH version). It's not
> official and the idea wouldn't, up front, be to have a
> computer-controlled player. I started it as I haven't had anyone to
> with for so long, and I really enjoy the game :-) I know that there's
> the gameboxs available for PBM play, but I think there's something
> specifically needed to cope with the complexity of DP play! So, just
> letting people know... early days yet of course. Oh, and this is for my

> own purposes only, no selling, nothing else. No copyright infringement
> (yet - when I actually play against someone then I'll have to start
> talking to Issaries of course, but I'd like something nice to show them

> when I do).

A bloke named Troy Selyem was working on a computerized version of DP back in the early 90s, but he disappeared all of a sudden, and I never could find him again. And I think there was another person doing one up, but I don't recall the details.

> But, in implementing the beast, two quick, small questions:
> 1. why don't mountains, like hill-forests, double the CF when selecting

> casualties of physical magic? (p3)

Because the rules don't say they do. :)

I imagine part of the reason, actually, is that the effects are SO extreme -- how would being in a hill-forest or mountain help you if a meteor crashed and devastated a 5-mile radius area? How would being in these save you from the heat, smoke, and flames of a 55 square mile pillar of fire?
> 2. is the underlying hex under Wintertop mountain or hills? I've looked

> at other sources and can't decide myself

I would call it mountains, myself. But I guess that it IS important, isn't it, since not all units will always be inside a fortress. Good question, I'll have to save this one!


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