Battle Report

From: CJ <cj>
Date: Mon Jan 16 13:21:58 2006

Robert McArthur wrote:
> Fortunately, I saw old friend the other day and we played my first DP in
> about 5 years (or more). Here's a little report: In case you couldn't
> work it out, I was Sartar in the full game (14 turns).

Thank you Rob for the wonderful battle report! I really enjoyed reading that, and it sounds like you absolutely hammered the poor Lunars. I play DP about once a week a the moment, but usually either scenario 2 or   3, or the first Magical one with hardly any ground combat troops, as I am still teaching the rules ot my friends, and also on grounds of time. I really want to play a full game. Maybe pbem might be an option, anyone point me in the right direction for this?

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