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From: CJ <cj>
Date: Mon Jan 16 13:53:42 2006

Thanks Rob!

>> 1.  Does this apply to Heroes/Superheroes?

> I always played that it did, and sometimes even played that leadership
> factors counted. I figured the idea amounted to the counterattack of the
> defenders once the initial attack has been beaten off (although of
> course the defenders can't lose anyone else so it's not entirely
> principled) hence heroes et al are as good as they would be in any
> normal attack.

By Leadership factors you mean the ! or !!? I always add those last, after all doubling etc, as a + to each unit. I can't recall what led me to that conclusion, but I think it is specified in the DP rules? I'll double check, I may well be wrong?

> It certainly played havoc when you fail to kill a superhero! IMHO I
> think the way I and other have interpreted the rules, which are
> definitely not universally canonical even though they probably are in
> one particular city :-), make this much more fun too. For example, if
> there's a superhero with 3-4 other "normal" units being attacked by a
> couple of stacks, the defender can order the superhero stack and they
> *must* be eliminated by the attacked from the top down - no other way
> possible (we play the same for magic).

Yes I think that si how the rules work anyway is it not? Ity always confused me. I like your version...

> I still have this secret desire to create a Java-based version of
> DP...every couple of years without having a person to play with/against
> I get all ready to do it then let it slide. Lots of thoughts about it,
> bits of code, never got around to doing anything about it. I'd much
> prefer to sit down at a table with a friend...

Maybe we hould get all these programmers together. :)

>> 2.  Does this mean the Sun Dome Templars quadruple in defence when
>>     working out combat factor for determing attackers losses?

> Not in my game. They're explicitly formed to double in defence (unlike
> anyone else). I treat their counterattack like anyone elses - double
> their written CF. Whether or not it's the rules, I find this works well
> in practice as they're a nasty group anyway to go against. Of course
> only Sartar ever gets them...

Ah yes, I get you. Yes that makes perfect sense.

Thank you for the clarifications!

cj x

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