Old ASCII Hex Maps

From: buserian_at_juno.com <buserian>
Date: Mon Jan 16 20:05:25 2006

While I wait for Joerg to answer me back, I'll ask the list.

Many, many moons ago, I received four computer printouts of Gloranthan geography painstakingly mapped to hexes using ASCII characters. Joerg Baumgartner DID post a total of seven maps to the Glorantha Digest (or somewhere similar) back in 1993 or so, BUT these are different. They are labeled as columns 4 through 7. I am wondering if anyone else has them, knows for certain who made them, and can tell me if columns 1-3 or 8+ (the latter for Prax) exist.

The printouts each about 120 hexes high by 10 hexes wide, and are labeled as follows:

"Column 4: Western edges of Dragon Pass (Hydra Hills, Ormsgone Valley,
Black Hourse Country), Skyreach Mountains, eastern Esrolia with Nochet, Caladraland"

"Column 5: Western Elf Sea, western Balazar (Soldier Ferry, Elkoi),
Dragon Pass (Tarsh, Grazelands), the Shadow Plateau, Choralinthor Bay and Rightarm Islands"

"Column 6: Redlands, Madara's River, Seronde River, eastern Elf Sea,
Central Balazar (Trilus, West Plain, High Bridge, Dwarf Hat), Dragon Pass (Stinking Forest, Dwarf Run, Upland Marsh, western Sartar), Volsaxiland and Footprint, western Heortland"

"Column 7: Central Balazar (Brothers Hills, East Plain, Valley of
Hammers), Greatway, Cliffhome, Vale of Flowers, eastern Sartar, Storm Mountains and God Forgot Islands (The eastern columns from Nomad Gods are to be changed in some hill hexes)"



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