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From: CJ <cj>
Date: Mon Jan 16 20:20:22 2006

Sorry it's CJ, or Christian Jensen-Romer. CJ is what people normallyu call me as the danish is a bit clumsy. Christian as in the religion, Jensen pronounced with a Y sound for J and Romer as in Roma. Chris is fine though. The x is just a kiss sign off i adopted years back when writing to my now wife, and do out of habit on all e-mail correspondence!

I'm a very dull chap, 36, a parapsychologist working on awful TV, most recently a series called Most HAunted, and have written for Call of Cthulhu, Cthulhu Live, and have an Ars Magica 5th ed supplement out in April, delayed from October.

I first played DP in the Avalon ill edition in 85, and am still a huge fan of the game. I currently am running weekly games of HeroQuest and RuneQuest.

A brief bio, to introduce myself. Be great to hear about you chaps too, as I am new to the gloranthan board games community...

all the best

buserian_at_juno.com wrote:
> Hey, cjx, is there another name we can address you with? Or at least give
> me a pronunciation guide? :)

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