I need a favor

From: Joerg Baumgartner <joe>
Date: Mon Jan 16 22:33:16 2006

> Hey All,
> Can someone volunteer to scan in the Dorastor map from Cults of Terror at
> 150% and send it to me? (And, while you're at it, maybe scan in any and
> all other maps of Dorastor you have access to, such as the ones from
> Genertela Book, Dorastor: Land of Doom, etc.)? They do not need to be
> huge resolution -- 150 dpi ought to do it, and any color maps could be in
> grayscale if that is easier for you. (I have no limit on email
> attachments, that I know of, so can take even very large files, but
> uploading to a website for me to download is also an option. (My
> geocities site still exists, and can take up to 15 MB I think; I may have
> access to larger ones elsewhere if I search my email.)

> I want to try churning out a quick Dorastor map, and this is the scale my
> old notes tell me I was going to use when I got around to it.

If someone gives me the correct scale for e.g. the Oceans map and a couple of other overview maps of Glorantha, I can insert just about any map into any desired scale. Some rotation or vertical or horizontal stretching is not a problem. What I need are absolute coordinates from Magasta's Pool (or, failing that, from the City of Wonders).

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