Re: Quick questions

From: Robert McArthur <rjmcarthur>
Date: Tue Jan 17 00:15:02 2006 wrote:
> I like that idea, very much, though of course I'd want it to be 10/20, or
> 12/24, for consistency with normal changes when disrupted (i.e., some
> factor of 2).

Perhaps a rule which says each SH can go berserk 2 (or 3 or ?) times each game. Then there's some skill in deciding whether to "use up" one of the times or not.

> Also, try to get access to 2 or 3 WMD units (Crater Makers, Cragspider,
> Ethilrist and the Hound, etc.), then hit the superhero with them in
> successive turns, hoping that eventually he'll fail his heroic escape.

SH are immune to the WMDs and save 3 units. So, at least, you're always going to be up against SH+3. Unless you dragon :-)

> Again, I like the concept of wounds -- no matter how often the superhero
> escapes, if he takes a WOUND from a major unit, after 5 wounds he cannot
> return.

I agree (mostly). One of the things that irks me a little is that while skill/tactics count for a fair bit, there's probably still a little too much on the random (dice) side. A slight re-arrangement would be good IMHO.

> ALTERNATELY, for superheroes and heroes both, give them a decreasing
> escape roll. The first time they are killed, give them a 3/6 or 2/6 roll
> as normal. The second time they are killed, the roll is reduced to 2/6 or
> 1/6. The third death for a hero is permanent, as is the fourth for a
> superhero.

Mmm. That's a good thought! It would take almost no rule changes/new tables. I'd like to playtest it but it's got a lot of potential.

> Doesn't solve the problem of killing them, but limits how many times you
> have to do it.

Good in conjunction with other (potential) rule changes.

BTW, is anyone else totally unhappy with Hungry Jack? I've only ever seen it come on the board once, and that was in a 28 turn game with the obvious winner totally bored. Any suggestions on how to get it working?


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